JBL GX862 5 x 7/6 x 8" coaxial speakers


  • Great sound!
    by JO40

    on 29 octobre 2019

    I bought these speakers for my F150. They fit perfect and sound great.

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  • Gx862 speakers
    by Woodwkr02

    on 25 octobre 2019

    Decent speakers with good sound. Not alot of bass but overall a quality product.

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  • True Bass And Powerful Sound
    by SantiagoG6

    on 16 novembre 2017

    Got these to match my front speakers and they sound just as good but more powerful. JBL speakers are the way to go. They provide that bass thats loud but smooth to where you really can feel every part of the track your listneing too. I get excited almost everytime I go to my car now just to turn the music up!!

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  • Good sound on a budget
    by Randall8958

    on 6 mai 2017

    I replaced my factory installed speakers with these and the sound was great! Really nice highs and adequate lows.

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  • Great
    by Shug

    on 12 mars 2017

    Sound quality is much more improved over stock speakers

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  • Great replacement for stock speakers
    by rhdad42

    on 23 septembre 2016

    We installed these in my son's 2002 Mustang along with a new head unit, and the difference is dramatic. While they don't have the deep, booming bass that a lot of teenagers seem to want these days, to my ears the sound is smooth and balanced. Highly recommended for those looking to upgrade.

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  • Great sound
    by Jim C

    on 15 juillet 2016

    Was looking for a good replacement for my stock speakers in my 2002 Ford Taurus, and these are a excellent replacement. Great bass and clarity in all ranges. Tried several speakers and these are by far the best for the Taurus. Looking to add the bass pro slim 8" woofer for that added thump. You won't be disappointed!

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  • Very Clean sounding
    by Bjay

    on 11 janvier 2015

    So after blowing my rockford speakers, I decided to try these out. Bought them from best buy and installed right away. I have my speakers amped and wow, they sound super clean and the highs are refined.

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