JBL Under Armour Flash In-Ear Sound Isolating Truly Wireless Headphones - Black


  • Awesome - Until they stop working

    from Kitchener on 10 octobre 2019

    I thought these headphones were fantastic for the first 3.5 months I owned them. They stayed snug in my ears, sounded great, no issues connecting, rarely cut out... then the right earbud stopped working. I emailed customer support 4 days ago, and despite the claim on the website that says they will respond within one business day, I have yet to receive a response. I’ve had sets of wired headphones last for years without issue but I’ve now owned 2 pairs of Bluetooth Headphones and both pairs stopped working after a few months with only moderate use. The other set was a pair of Bose, so I’m not talking about cheap headphones either.

  • Great earphones!

    from Kelowna on 24 septembre 2019

    I love these earphones, especially since I got them on sale. I was looking at buying airpods, but the sound quality is poor and they are overpriced! These are perfect and isolate sound at the gym and at school quite well. I can only wear them for maybe an hour to an hour and a half tops, they get uncomfortable passed then. But overall great sound, price is reasonable, high quality, and dont fall out during physical activity!

  • I would not recommend

    from Belleville on 29 juillet 2019

    I bought the products 20 days ago already one ear phone won’t charge and they have a hard time connecting to Bluetooth. The sound is subpar and the hearing features just lower the music.

  • Good for workout

    from Toronto on 23 juillet 2019

    Good for workout and service. Less battery and big box but great with sound.

  • Excellent

    from Ottawa on 19 juillet 2019

    Excellent pair of buds. Fit very well and secure in both ears. Sound quality is excellent. Only complaint would be lack of controls.

  • Great headphones for working out!

    from Saskatchewan on 10 juillet 2019

    Pros: Great comfort and they are very secure . Great for music with beats and low end. Amazing battery life at 4+ hours. Cons: Not the greatest all type of music. Not ideal for using with helms or headbands. Might need to adjust to find the right fit.

  • Solid unit works well for heavy runs/workouts

    from Vancouver on 7 juillet 2019

    Solid piece of equipment works just as it says it well. Save your money by the under armor rather than the rocks edition. Unless you want to support his name brand.

  • Really Solid Headphones

    from Canada on 5 juillet 2019

    Awesome build quality and the sound is quite good. No issues with connectivity and they create an incredibly tight seal in your ears - no issues with them falling out. They are quite minimal in your ear and don't look out of place like some other truly wireless earbuds out there. I see some people knocking the case because it is larger than other truly wireless devices but that is personally a big selling feature for me. The case is very solidly built and uses magnets to hold open/shut and keep the earbuds inside. You can definitely keep it in your pocket despite what some reviews say or you can just stick it in your gym bag/backback. A couple additional nice features are the ambient aware modes, you can quickly toggle this on and off to hear your surroundings - a nice feature because the seal blocks out a lot of noise (a big plus for noisy gyms, the bus, planes, etc.). It also comes with a one-year subscription to MapMyRun which I don't think is advertised well enough. Definitely recommend, especially on sale!

  • Finally found a perfect ear fit wireless buds

    from Montreal on 3 juillet 2019

    I first got the Airpods(Gen 2) but they kept falling off, they didn't stay on at all. From there a got the BeatsPro wireless, they stayed on my ears but after a while they would hurt because they aren't made for someone wearing glasses. After finding some ear hooks for Airpods i decide to exchange the Beats again for a second round with the AirPods the hooks were definitely an improvement but still after about 10 minutes they would start falling of my ear again.. After watching hours of youtube reviews i settled between the Jabra and the JBL UnderArmor, but what sold me on them is that they were a bit cheaper and these also have a little hook to help with the fit. If you have weird shape ear canal these are by far an amazing choice and the sound is incredible i found them better than my old Beats X.

  • In-ear sound isolating truly wireless headphones

    from Sudbury on 1 juillet 2019

    Product fits nicely into ears. They are comfortable and don’t fall out. The sound is good. They have been great to do my run outdoors and on the treadmill, for doing weights and high interval workouts. No issues with this product so far.