Katie Traditional 5-Piece Dining Set - Grey/Harris Pebble - Only at Best Buy

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*Final Clearance. This Katie bundle features a 5-piece set to transform your dining room into a warm, inviting space for family dinners. The table's sturdy build and round design is great for smaller spaces while comfortably seating 4. For added elegance, the bundle's pair of Frankie chairs feature a fine silhouette and curved back to create a comfortable yet stylish seat.

Bundle Overview

Here's what you'll get:
  1. Frankie Contemporary Polyester Dining Chair - Harris Pebble/Grey - NOT SOLD SEPARATELY

  2. Katie Traditional 4-Seating Round Dining Table (Box 2 of 2) - Grey - NOT SOLD SEPARATELY

  3. Katie Traditional 4-Seating Round Dining Table (Box 1 of 2) - Grey - NOT SOLD SEPARATELY

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