Leef iAccess 3 microSD Reader


  • Much needed accessory for iPhone
    by Londonman

    on 18 octobre 2019

    Great compliment to iPhone X Fast and responsive. Much needed accessory

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  • Not good

    from Toronto on 31 août 2019

    Do not buy this item. It does not read properly, constantly disconnects whenever it does load. Most of the content on your MicroSD does not read/display. It’s a rip off.

  • Ehh not so great!!
    by Andre

    on 2 juin 2019

    This device only works with software and not with iOS! The software is terrible and doesn’t function correctly! I’d pass on this one!

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  • Helpfull
    by Edmund

    on 20 octobre 2018

    Now I can transfer files or pictures between phones and laptops or memory bank fast and easy anywere

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  • Easy to use
    by Bonecrshr

    on 24 septembre 2018

    Does what’s it’s designed to do with easy to use app. Love the fact that you can swap the mini SD since most of these type of devices have fixed memory

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  • Didn't do what I bought it to do
    by simplyist

    on 27 juillet 2018

    Probably works great if it was to do what I wanted

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  • Great down load storage device for videos
    by Rubberducky

    on 21 juillet 2018

    So far this has been a better storage than some more expensive ones that stop importing videos

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  • Not Very User Friendly

    from Kitchener, ON on 17 juillet 2018

    Hi I just purchased this product last week to clear off my wife's Iphone which has 64 GB capacity of her pictures and videos. It took 3 attempts to make it perform the task. It kept saying it could not find the Micro SD card. Finlly I managed to get it to copy and then it would only copy 9,999 picture/files. My wife's iphone has over 19,000 pictures/files on it... I took it back to Best Buy and even the Geek Squad guys could not get the card to function properly. Long story short i got a full refund.The only problem is... my wife still needs to have her phone data taken off of the phone. she want something that she could also plug into her ipad etc... to view the far, everything is backed up onto the laptop. As for the Leef convenience and ease it does neither.

  • Excellent product
    by Kstewart

    on 13 juillet 2018

    Live this product it’s a lifesaver for my iPhone footage

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  • Not what I wanted
    by Lonz

    on 25 avril 2018

    Bought this to remove pictures from my phone. But it isn’t a storage device. It only adds items “TO THE PHONE”.

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