LEGO City: Mountain Police Headquarters - 663 Pieces (60174)


  • Excellent Play Value
    by randd

    on July 27, 2019

    Kudos to the designer(s) of this set, excellent job! Saw this on the shelf and was immediately impressed by the number of play features provided. TWO helicopters, motorbike, and off-road police car, break-away jail, cave, office, and garage. Provided many hours of fun for my family already. Excellent value.

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  • Nice Product

    from Surrey, BC on December 29, 2018

    Very good product. I bought this product on sale for about 70 dollars.

  • Awesome value
    by CLetus3584

    on December 27, 2018

    We bought this set for my son and we love it, the build was fun and all the people that come with it for the price was amazing. We picked this kit up from Walmart for only 72$ for us it was a no brainer. I am a lego parent and fan as well since I was a kid and this is my first kit since I was a child and I am amazed at how far it all has come since I was a kid. This was super fun build for us as a family. I would def recommend this kit to a friend

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  • A bit disappointed
    by ayberkpro

    on July 17, 2018

    We bought this for my sons 8th birthday, who is a Lego fan. Truth to be said, he was overjoyed with excitement when he got his present. Unfortunately not for long, as one piece from the lego bag number four was missing. I tried to assemble with another part, but it kept on falling apart. And then another missing part from bag number five, he is already upset and crying. Can we please order the missing parts, as I don’t want him giving up on one of his favourite activitie and spoil it for him. P.S. we didn’t open bag 6 yet, hopefully no missing pieces there. Thank you very much in advance and hope to hearing from you soon

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  • Okay but not great
    by Jackmcvn

    on March 20, 2018

    Okay product but not great. Quality of finish of many pieces lacking as bits stick out when should be an expected flush finish. A little disappointed with the base too - as base plate is numerous small plates joined together this creates a weakness when even just building let alone playing with with my 8 yr old boy. (? What happened to Lego’s large and sometimes 3D countoured &/or relief Base plates which were sturdy and gave you a good strong base to build upon?)

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  • A fun and rewarding build with my son
    by khavinsky

    on March 17, 2018

    When I first got a look at the new mountain police online I wasn't convinced, however my son absolutely loved the characters and fun look, and my wife absolutely had to get log man. This set has a lot of cool surprises making it a great build with others, it also boasts some pieces for the collection. Pros: Nothing repetitive to build and the set always had another layer to construct which my son loves. You get some awesome Minifigures and cool color bricks. Last but not least you have many hours in play value with all the scenes to reanact and stories to tell. Cons: As with all City sets the price always seems out of proportion, although with most City you do end up with a good amount of cool pieces. Net launcher is still a mystery to me, and I wish we could have built another cool off road bad guy truck instead of a helicopter, well that is what my son said. Verdict: A great addition to the Police line, and once you have the pieces on the table the value really shows. And log man!!!

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  • Fun family experience
    by stevesheriw

    on February 18, 2018

    Before today, we did not have any actual police stations to inhabit our "town", so we picked up this set. It does not disappoint with the number of vehicles, minifigures, and fairly decent structure. The jail, garage, and station use a lot of large parts, so the build quickly progresses. There are some fun details, such as the fish tank, the police radio, and the net launcher. The launcher has major playability and can shoot the new a reasonable distance. The garage has plenty of space for both police vehicles, and a separate assembly is built for the helicopter pad. The largest vehicles are the two helicopters: one for the police and one for the bad guys. The red chopper has a hook and chain to initiate the breakout from the jail. The police ATV and motorcycle are fairly standard for city police vehicles. Another separate build features a small part of the mountainside containing the hidden gold bars. The minifigures are a large part of the reason why we bought the set. The printing is very detailed, and my favorites are probably the police chief, the log man, and the bad guy pilot with the flight goggles. I do wish that the striped jail shirt was not printed beneath the flight jacket, because that sort of limits the guy's role in the Lego world. You cant just use him to pilot other vehicles without him coming across as an escaped criminal. The usual accessories are included in this set, such as the crowbar, handcuffs, walkie talkie, binoculars, and flashlight. The star of the show is of course the mountain lion. The location of its cave makes you wonder if the police took advantage of this in case anyone escapes the jail. The big cat can be launched outward with a play feature to simulate a charging mountain lion. This was another big factor in choosing this set as it is one of my favorite wild animals. Overall, it was fun building this with my son. There is lots to do with the set since there are four vehicles, 7 minifigures, the big cat, and a decent sized structure built into the mountain. Kids, and even some of us older ones should enjoy this set without a problem.

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  • Meme Review: Set 60174
    by MemeReview

    on January 24, 2018

    Set 60174 'Mountain Police Headquarters' comes with 663 pieces, 7 minifigures (8 if we're counting the mountain lion), and several exclusive pieces. The main build (The Police HQ) comes with one extra-large prison cell, an office/watchtower, a small garage, a cave for the included mountain lion, and a rotating net launcher. Four vehicles are included, the likes of which are two helicopters, a jeep, and a motorbike. There are also two smaller side builds, including a small 'stash' for the gold bars, and a helicopter pad for the police helicopter. The included minifigures are as follows: A criminal helicopter pilot A criminal in a jail uniform A criminal wearing the oh-so-beautiful tree trunk piece A police helicopter pilot A police motorbike rider A sheriff And one ordinary mountain police officer. On top of that, there's an exclusive mountain lion, using the 'big cat' mold rarely seen. Overall, it's a great set with a large number of play features, builds, minifigures, and pieces.

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  • Excellent set but a bit small
    by MontyB

    on January 9, 2018

    I’ve built this set this evening it looks ace and it’s nice to see that the designers have taken a different approach from the narrow, stacked look of 60141. I especially like the little garage compartment for the motorbike. There’s even a little hat stand for the helmet, brilliant. Once built it does look quite small as it’s more compact than many of its predecessors which, I think, makes the price seem a bit high. Also I was a bit disappointed as there aren’t any of the new leaf parts included (just the old ones that break really easily) but then this did come out in 2017. I love the lion and the hollow log guy so five stars.

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  • did it all for...a mountain lion
    by koppola

    on January 4, 2018

    yeah, as the title states, I got this set for another big cat to add to my collection. the mountain lion is yet another good looking big cat and i'm glad i have it (though the tiger from jungle air drop is still the best looking). as I look at moutain lion, I wonder if my wife is crafty enough to get some dark brown fuzzy fabric and sew a lion's mane to pull over it's neck to make it look like a African lion??? maybe a light adhesive? guess i'll ask after i'm done here. as for the builds: the police station is our first ever police station, and since we're out-doors people it works great for our style of play (eh, only gripe i'll make is that i wish it was aimed more as a ranger station, less police station). the upper office and balcony is really kind of a cool play area and great for watching for forest fires and gets the most of our play time. the police truck is a really cool vehicle, though i wish it was a full 6 stud wide build (it's on my "to do" list). the helicopters are interesting builds and a great size for a child to swoop around, but they don't get much play time right now (we have the heli from the high speed chase set which is way better looking to hunt down bad guys) there's a lot to say good about this large set, so really to keep it short all i can say is if you have children (or a love of large cats) get this set. you and your children won't regret it! p.s. hoping for a siberian tiger to be added to the big cats one day. um...please?

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