LEGO City Trains: Passenger Train - 677 Pieces (60197)


  • Great set, poor sticker quality
    by Legodad12345

    on January 15, 2020

    Just got this set for Christmas. Love 99.9% of it. Had to give it 4 stars on one really bad issue. The new stickers TLG has come out with are just not that good. Looks at my picture attached vs the actual box and older versions of this set. The new transparent stickers just don't have enough color to block out all that yellow under neigh. Have come to expect better quality from Lego and these stickers are a significant down grade from previous offering. Most disappointing as older version of this set (2018/19) had superior stickers. That said, the set looks great else wise. Good build. Kids love it. New Power Functions 2.0 works great. Already had a few crashes no issue with motor or controls. Track good. Small side builds are good. Could always use a few more figures but those are easily enough to add. Just can't fix that darn sticker problem.

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  • My first LEGO set in 10 years
    by Whaleudder

    on January 14, 2020

    I really enjoyed building this. The instructions were very clear and it runs like a dream. If you have never seen a LEGO train in real life (like me) then you may be shocked by how big this train actually is (if you are familiar with model railway its larger than O gauge). The only thing I would like would be if the lowest speed was a little slower for slow work/shunting. Would recommend to anyone and everyone. I genuinely cant believe they can make this at such a low price!

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  • Great play value, good design
    by Semloh99

    on December 30, 2019

    This set was purchased for my 5 year old grandson. He & I love it. His dad had the older 9v trains from the early 2000s and we found a cache of the older metal track. It was great to be able to use the old track to greatly expand the set and have it run all over the dining room. The color and details of the model are up to the usual Lego standards. I particularly like the accessories for the dining car. It would be nice to be able to purchase a set with additional cars and/or a non-powered locomotive. Longer battery life would also be useful, but all-in-all a good buy and hours of fun. I plan on re-motoring the older 9v trains from my son's collection and build a bigger railway.

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  • off track
    by candicerobinandowen

    on December 30, 2019

    we bought 60197 +60205 together. the position of the front wheels of the train isn't right. the wheels keeps fall out of tracks when it's truning or speed up. Dont' have any problems when it goes in a straight line.

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  • Good base set, great if you add more track.
    by Skarnir

    on December 26, 2019

    I bought this set for my Nephew (aged 6) as a Christmas gift. The build is pretty straight forward enough, I gave him a hand with the engine and his dad helped with the trailers. Pro's: The Bluetooth controller has variable set speeds and can be programmed for more than one train set. The over all construction is nice and solid, so won't disintegrate easily if it falls off of the track. Train carriages have nice detail and easy access roofs for play. Cons: The 6 battery power brick makes the Engine piece top heavy, making it very easy to topple over at higher speeds. Needs more track. The set could have been massively improved with the addition of a least 2 more straight piece's. for the price I would have liked a little more track. Tips: Don't forget this set requires 10 AAA batteries to operate, 4 for controller, 6 for the engine. younger builders may need help depending on build ability. A small screw driver will be require to open the battery compartments (philips or flat head will work). I would suggest buying extra track sets 60205 and switch tracks 60238, these additions will massively improve your base set.

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  • Enjoyable Introduction to Power Functions
    by Rister

    on October 8, 2019

    I've recently returned to the Lego hobby, and this was my first powered build. Aside from the fun of building a Lego set, actually playing with it and seeing the train run around the track was a real pleasure. Even combining extra tracks from the 60238 and 60205 sets really expands on this fun, despite needing a very sizeable space. I look forward to adding more trains, and powered sets to my collection.

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  • Nice intro to mechanisation, so much potential
    by ChopperNZ

    on October 4, 2019

    I bought this set for my 6+ year old son - he'd been wanting it for some time. He was fine assembling the parts together to build each carriage and the locomotive, provided I kept and eye on him - picking up the odd missed part. (best not to have any other distractions in the background) The trouble started trying to get the remote control to authenticate with the hub controller, located in the locomotive, that runs the motor assembly. Given there is next to no written explanation in the provided assembly guides / instructions on what the various LED light colours mean (there are multiple colours to confuse you) on the Hub, it took more than 20 mins to get the remote controller to authenticate e.g. green LED on both the controller and the hub controller (Hub 88009). The motor unit is quite powerful, so much so, when going at full speed, the train derails itself spectacularly!! There is no sleep (automatic power down mode) so the Hub controller will drain a new set of AAA batteries doing nothing in a day if you don't shut it off - you won't find these instructions in the supplied documentation - tried Lego forums.) The real headache started when trying to authenticate the Apple IOS (iPAD) Powered Up App. App installed fine, but the user interface is seriously lacking - it becomes apparent from playing with the App that Lego don't get software and really need help writing a better user interface. (perhaps they got a 3rd party to write this one?) We tried multiple times to authenticate the Hub controller to the iPAD App, each time the App wanted to download new firmware to the Hub - that's OK, but being a slow Bluetooth connection it take 10-20 minutes (Patients is a virtue here). On three occasions the iPAD Powered Up App crashed during the download process, first at 88%, the second at 15% and the 3rd at 76%. After rebooting the iPAD it worked a 4th time - taking approximately 18 mins. Wow - way slow! Wasted over an hour!! (Be prepared for the App to crash and leave your train running - with no way to control it - the supplied remote controller needs to be re-authenticated - else grab the train and hold down the button for the Hub controller until shuts off.) When using the Apple IOS iPAD Powered Up App; selecting the 60197 soft button you get into the control buttons for the train set. Of which 3 are useful. The Rest seem to control future functions that don't exist (yet) - really disappointing as there looks to be some really fun features. Living in New Zealand the local retailers tend to be clueless on most of the Lego product range, let alone questions about why things don't work or where can I buy the other enhancements for the train set. Your only lifeline here are the various Lego forums. (Lego documentation is largely silent on the various functions on the 'green' Hub button let alone things you can buy to add extra fun.) There is a lot of potential here, Lego just doesn't seem to recognise the potential value - yet. But please fix a few things, 1st - the hub needs a simple power off button. 2nd it needs to go to sleep (power down) if it hasn't been used for more than 15 mins. AAA batteries aren't cheap!! And that Hub loves batteries like no tomorrow. 3rd, Where are the instructions on how to use and operate the 88009 Powered UP Hub? 4th, the Apple IOS Powered Up App needs a better user interface design, run faster and stability testing against common in-use Apple IOS releases 5th, Please thoroughly test your software (SW) and firmware (FW) - it's buggy - Writing great SW/FW isn't like designing and injection molding a plastic brick!! (Cautionary note - keep other Bluetooth devices away from the Hub and remote controller - things go a bit awry when they all get close together.) Last note, the build quality, look and feel of Lego blocks and the Lego system is second to none (just the SW needs some investment.)

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  • Trains are cool
    by STEv5037

    on August 15, 2019

    This train is very cool to play with, but easy to put together.

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  • Train for grandchildren
    by AmmaJill

    on August 4, 2019

    Train was purchased for my grandchildren. The battery placement was the only part my 8 yrold grandson needed assistance. He loves the train. I did buy extra track, just wish there was a few more choices for an "x" piece and that the "wiggle" pieces could be purchased separately.

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  • Good Buy for the money
    by Builder76

    on August 2, 2019

    I bought this train set around Christmas time, I wanted a train going around the base of the tree. It was awesome and perfect. My daughter who played with it for the first time loved and loves it still, eight months later, yes the tree is down. I do wish there was a caboose for the train,and I hope there will be more trains, and train sets to come in the future. I know there were more train sets in the past, I hope those come back too with the very simple remote control of his set. That is the real reason why my daughter likes this set. I'm going to add the Cargo Train set to this one and really blow my daughter's mind... lol

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