LEGO Star Wars: Millennium Falcon (Hard to Find) - 7541 Pieces (75192)


  • by Legotron10

    on January 11, 2020

    Took me a lot longer than I thought, all the details and size of this set makes it one of the best lego sets ever.

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  • Great Buy
    by GSEalex

    on December 26, 2019

    This thing is awesome!! The excitement of opening each box and pulling out the different bags and then slowly seeing this come together. As both a Star Wars fan and Lego fan it was the best of both worlds. I will say this was more challenging then most builds but again worth it when it all comes together. I have seen quite a few people that are upset with it being fragile and while I will somewhat agree its not like the thing falls apart just from looking at it. If you are careful when moving you should have no issues getting this thing in its final resting spot.

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  • Amazing
    by Thomas5003

    on December 15, 2019

    completely speechless, this set is amazing. This set is not one that you play with, purely just for display. very fragile

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  • Amazing detail, Decent build
    by Schmid

    on November 30, 2019

    The amount of pieces and the massive set of instructions is almost overwhelming when you first open the box and begin to get started. However, once you get started it is a fairly easy build overall without too many challenging parts or difficulties in getting them to fit. I’ve run into much more challenging builds over the 30 years I’ve been building LEGO but most of that has always been with the Technic sets. To be perfectly honest, the build did get a little boring through some parts as there are so many sections that feel a lot like the same thing after you’ve constructed the main interior areas. This is pretty much my only reason for giving a four out of five rating. The amount of detail put into this set is phenomenal though and contains several famous areas from the famed Millennium Falcon. It’s so massive and heavy that you can’t truly play with the set much but in the end this is a show piece rather than a play piece.

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  • Nice set, No problems
    by teacherpat

    on November 29, 2019

    This set is challenging, but it is suppose to be. Detail is great, it's neat seeing a part that looks like a pair of handle bars on a bike turned into something completely different. As far as people talking about missing pieces, All of my pieces were there, but I have build a lot of Lego kits and the very few times I've had something missing Lego is very good about making it right. This is a grown up model for display, if you are building it for your kids to play with then you have bought the wrong version of the Falcon. I've leaned mine up for display with no problem, but if you have a problem of parts falling off, buy some kragle and fasten them together. All in all it was fun and enjoyable and I would love to build it again. What a stress reliever

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  • The Crown Jewel of my Collection.
    by Runminndor

    on September 20, 2019

    I've been a Lego Star Wars collector for over 15 years, and I own almost all of the more prominent sets that have come out since I started collecting, with special emphasis on the highly detailed UCS sets, but when it comes to the 75192 UCS Millenium Falcon, they all pale in comparison. The set takes quite some time to build even for someone with experience, but I must say that every minute spent building it is most welcome, for the build itself is extremely fun and challenging in a rewarding way. Where it most shines, however, it´s when it´s finally complete; the set itself is massive which makes it a perfect display piece, but the ammount of detail put into it is what immediately draws your eyes onto it and doesn't let go. This is an exact scale replica of the most popular vehicle in pop culture history, but with the incomparable Lego charm we all know and love. Keep in mind that, despite actually having a couple highly detailed interior spaces, this is by no means a play set, and is rather meant for display so I would not recommend it for children at all. This is in my opinion the best set Lego has ever produced, and I must say that you´ll likely regret missing the chance to have it for yourself if you're a Lego Star Wars fan!

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  • Be sure you know what you are getting into
    by DukeStickyWig

    on September 18, 2019

    Like most of the people who have submitted reviews on the BIG Falcon kit, I waited a long time to get mine. As the others, I was excited to put together this monster. I have over a hundred Lego kits, mostly in the Creator and Technic series. I have a form of arthritis and my doctor strongly supports my building kits as a way to maintain the use of my fingers and hands. I found this kit to be extremely difficult yet fun to put together. But it is very slow. I had trouble with subassemblies fitting together and disassembled and reassembled many of them. Some went together better and several just wouldn’t stay in place. There is one subassembly that has to be installed from under the main body which is mostly complete. I had to put the main structure up on two 2 by 4’s to get enough clearance to get the subassembly and my hands into the area to install it. I really wanted to stand this on its side so it could be displayed on a shelf. It didn’t take long to see that is impossible. Too many of the top plates just slide right off if the body is tilted even slightly. It can only be displayed sitting on it landing gears. At the local retail outlet, they had one on about a 30-degree side angle for display. I talked to the clerk and asked how they got that to work. She said they had to have it glued together to get the parts to stay in place. Mine has been disassembled and stored back in the box. Someday I will build it again. Not for the display factor, but just because I love the challenge. I have the original smaller Falcon for a display.

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  • by Red13

    on September 18, 2019

    Love it! Fun build! People who c it for the first time dont realize it's legos. Looking for lego to do another super star destroyer

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  • Made the Kessel Run in about 32-40 hours
    by Adark

    on September 16, 2019

    I am not fully complete with this set, still have the top section to assemble. But thus far, this set has been amazing!! I have been building legos most my life, I have about 20 full set just sitting around, and the detail and genius of this set has amazed me. The way they make certain things work and mount is true ingenuity. I predict my full build time will be about 38 hours, so make some time. But the real thing to remember is the sheer size of this ship. You’re going to want to get a bigger table for this center piece. Have fun, and build on!

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  • A LEGO set for expert builders
    by ALennon06

    on September 10, 2019

    Set 75192 is an excellent set to behold. Even though, you can't physically pick it up and play with it. That, and some pieces fall off. Maybe not for children eight and under. This set takes building to the extreme for LEGO builders. The interior is excellent. The blue engine lights are great.

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