Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Wireless Charging Dock - Heather Grey

Model Number: ZA970065CA
Web Code: 15662181

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Wireless Charging Dock - Heather Grey


Stop snoozing the alarm and become a morning person thanks to this Lenovo Smart Clock 2. It comes with a Good Morning Routine mode that will start your day off right by providing weather information, commuting stats, your calendar, and much more. At night, the Good Night Routine feature winds down your day by letting you turn off lights, lock doors, play some music, and more.
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Stop snoozing the alarm and become a morning person thanks to this Lenovo Smart Clock 2. It comes with a Good Morning Routine mode that will start your day off right by providing weather information, commuting stats, your calendar, and much more. At night, the Good Night Routine feature winds down your day by letting you turn off lights, lock doors, play some music, and more.

  • Smart Clock can connect to the rest of your smart home setup seamlessly for an excellent integration
  • Good Morning Routine shows the current weather, your calendar, commuting information, news, and much more to stay updated
  • Good Night Routine lets you switch off lights, lock doors, play music, and more to help you unwind after a long day
  • Wireless charging pad can be used to charge up to 2 devices at once for added convenience
  • Built-in night light adds a soft glow to help you see at night if needed
  • Google Assistant is built-in to make connectivity seamless
  • Compatible with Chromecast for hours of videos, music and films streaming made easy thanks to a simple voice command
  • Uses Wi-Fi with no hub required for a quick and easy setup
Smart Clock
Heather Grey
Voice Control
Voice Assistant Built-In
Google Assistant
Arlo; Google Assistant; Hue; Nest; Ring; SmartThings; Wink
Manual Control
Gesture/Motion Control


Works with Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa
Works with Apple HomeKit
Device Compatibility
iOS; Android


Screen Size
4 in
Ambient Light Sensor


Receiver Type
Plug-in On/Off
Wifi - No hub required
Wireless Technology
802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 4.2
Built-In Camera

Audio Features

Microphone Type
1 x Farfield microphone array
Audio Output
1.5" 3 W speaker with air duct design


Operating Voltage
Sleep Aid
Guided Breathing


21.97 cm
8.28 cm
10.69 cm
500 g

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  • Love this Smart Clock & Color Bulb
    Reviewed by kraymond777 - November 5, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I absolutely love this Smart Clock plus color bulb from Lenovo. Very easy to set up. After I took it out of the box it was simple set up, connecting my google home to this smart clock syncing it together to activate my google. The installation was effortless. I love that it tells me the time and I can ask google anything. I chose to play music and its nice to be able to listen to music from this smart clock. Its very cute and small perfect for your bedroom nightstand or counter top. The clock tells the time and its bright and colorful. I love that I can pair it up with my favorite streaming music sites too. I would highly recommend this Product from Lenovo its awesome. I love the smart technology I love that it tells not only the time but can do so much more. The Smart color bulb was simple set up as well. I love that I can control my lighting within the app I would also recommend this color bulb. it really is nice and sets you in the mood. These products are of really great value, The features are amazing, they perform well and I would highly recommend both. They are fantastic and fit nicely in my home. You definitely wont be disappointed with this Lenovo Smart Clock 2 + Lenovo Color bulb.

    Review originally posted on lenovo.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Gives my bedroom a vibe
    Reviewed by witchykitty39 - November 3, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I could not be happier with my Hard Bundle with Lenovo Smart Clock 2 and Lenovo Colored Bulb. This set is awesome, and makes my bedroom "smart". My Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is hands down my favorite clock that I've ever owned. The display is big and bright and the alarm is loud enough to wake me up, unlike the alarm on my phone that I often sleep through. Since the clock is "smart" I can choose between quite a few faces for my clock. I can even use pictures in my Google photos as my clock face, which I think is super cool. I can also pick the alarm tone, much like you pick a ring tone on a cell phone. The alarm is easy to set, and when it goes off it tells me the temperature, weather forecast and the news. I can also sync it to various music streaming websites and play music through my clock. As a music lover, this is my absolute favorite feature. The speaker is nice and clear, and this clock actually has better sound than my laptop. My young daughters have fun asking Google, through the clock, to tell them silly jokes. This smart clock works using the Google Home app. This app is free and easy to download and I was able to quickly and easily sync my clock to the app. The back of the clock also features a switch to turn the microphone off and on. There are also volume up and down buttons on the top of the clock. Also included in this bundle is a Lenovo Smart Color Bulb. This light bulb fits any standard lamp or light fixture. To use this bulb, you must download the Lenovo Link Pro App. The app is free and downloads quickly. I was easily able to sync my bulb to the app, once the app was downloaded. This app gives me various options for my smart bulb. It lets me adjust the color and brightness and it even syncs the color changing of the bulb to music. I use the music sync option every night, along with the music option on my Lenovo smart clock, to help myself unwind before bed. Using the clock and bulb in this way sets a whole vibe for my room, which I love. My two oldest daughters have already told me they want this set for their bedrooms for Christmas.

    Review originally posted on lenovo.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Smart Bedside Companion
    Reviewed by Kelby - September 8, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] ----- Summary ----- Verdict: Both functional and attractive, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is a welcome addition to my nightstand. Because it’s an alarm clock, smart display, speaker, and charger all in one little device, it declutters and makes my nightstand more useful. If you’re interested in a Google Assistant-enabled smart clock, this one should be at the top of your list. Pros: - Attractive design - Google Assistant - Wireless charging dock - 4” color touchscreen - Loud, crisp audio - Nightlight Cons: - No video streaming ----- Details ----- Design: What I love about the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is that it provides a neat, centralized location for my tech. In addition to the wireless charging dock, there’s a USB-A port on the back that can be used for another device. I use that to charge my smartwatch. Other aspects of the design include volume up/down buttons on the top of the alarm clock, a microphone mute switch on the back for privacy, and a built-in nightlight. The nightlight is a ring around the charging dock under the display, and it’ll illuminate on voice command or when manually turned on from the touchscreen. I like that it’s a subtle light that illuminates my side of the bed but doesn’t disturb my wife. The fabric exterior of the alarm clock is a nice touch as well. Setup: Just a few minutes after unboxing, I had the Smart Clock 2 setup. I’m familiar with setting up Google Assistant devices in the Google Home app, but even if you’re not, the guided setup is quick and simple. I always appreciate an easy setup process. Alarm: The Smart Clock 2 wouldn’t be complete without functional alarm features. Thankfully it doesn’t disappoint. Multiple alarms can be set on a repeatable schedule and there’s a variety of customizations available like snooze length, alarm tone, setting it to slowly brighten the screen 30 minutes before wakeup time, and a Good Morning routine that can trigger when you shut off the alarm. Morning or night routines can be customized to brief you on weather or news, play music, control smart lights, and more. It’s all I could ask for in an alarm clock and more. Touchscreen: Other than being an effective alarm and displaying the time, the 4” color touchscreen on the Smart Clock 2 has different pages you can swipe between to see additional information like weather, your commute time, or quickly access Spotify playlists. My only wish is that video streaming was supported on the screen. I’m not going to watch a full movie on such a small screen, but being able to watch short YouTube videos would be nice. Audio: For its size, the audio produced by the Smart Clock 2 is good. I was pleasantly surprised by how loud it can get, as well as how crisp and clear voice responses and music are. If your main intent is to just listen to music, there are better alternatives for that, but with everything else packed into this little device, the audio was good enough for me.

    Review originally posted on bestbuy.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Needs Another Update
    Reviewed by Shae - September 9, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] As far as design, it’s a great size for a nightstand clock. It’s small, portable, and does just enough assisting with small daily tasks, such as an alarm, “Hey, Google”, weather, music, etc. It doesn’t have all of the functionality that a bigger unit/monitor would have but it performs great for those smaller more important tasks. There are a few things I’ve noticed, which I’m sure are just software updates. I’ve found several times throughout the day, also in a span of a few days, I would notice the unit restart itself. It is always random. It doesn’t change my settings but it will just cut off and then back on with its logo and then on again as if nothing happened. When the software becomes more stable then I’ll be able to give it 4.5 stars. There’s not many settings to adjust. You can easily change the clock face and color. You can set to be awaken by music of your choice or some of the music options they offer. It is a touch screen so easy to do everything with a swipe or just ask your Google Assistant. The display automatically adjusts to the light in the room and will be barely visible at night. I have to really focus to see the numbers at night when the room is pitch black so this shouldn’t bother sensitive people because of how dim the light gets. I love that about it. I’m not light sensitive though and it doesn’t bother my husband. The sound quality is not bad at all for this smaller device. It can get pretty loud, and it’s responsiveness to volume adjustments are fast. It’s not the best or most clear sound but it is just right for this. I mentioned responsiveness above when it comes to changing volume but it’s really responsive when speaking to assistant or just swiping through screens. Haven’t experienced any lag there. Love it’s portability. We can remove it from its dock and place it anywhere else throughout the home if need be. We are able to move it around effortlessly. The clock portion has to be plugged in to work, so depending on your home outlet setup, it can render it less portable for some, since it isn’t totally wireless. The dock itself functions as the wireless charger for your devices. It will only charge if the clock is attached to the base, as the power is only being supplied to the clock. When you place the clock back on the base or a device on the charging pad, the light on the dock will light up briefly. It’s a soothing not too bright light. The base itself is not large and can only hold smaller devices one at a time; Phones and watches. I notice that as I put my phone on it to charge it would stop charging shortly(seconds) thereafter. I would have to remove and replace my phone on it until the charging sign stayed on. I have multiple devices and it does this to all of them. It’s frustrating to put your device, especially your main phone to charge and wake up the next day and it’s on 2% because it failed to charge on this base. It does work however, you just have to play with it and watch it for 10 plus seconds to make sure it’s charging before you walk away. Oh and for those with a case, especially a case which allows wireless charging, it does work once you get it to charge. I have one with a case and one without. If it wasn’t for the two biggest problems I’ve experienced with this unit (charging and random resetting) it would be awesome. Especially if you’re looking for something with a smaller footprint than other assistants and something that’s a bit more portable. Also, eliminating extra charging cords on your nightstand but for now I’m sticking with my cords because I simply cannot rely on this charging pad. I say it’s worth it after these kinks are fixed with maybe another update because the initial update so far hasn’t fixed everything. Also this could just be my unit so I say give it a try, it’s perfect as a bedside clock and you can turn off the speakers anytime.

    Review originally posted on bestbuy.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Great alarm clock and wireless charger
    Reviewed by ShawnInKB - September 15, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Simple and intuitive to use. It was easy to link to google assistant and is a great bedside alarm and wireless charger. You can listen to music or white noise just like you would on a google home. It has a night small footprint and easily charges my iPhone fully overnight. Best of all for me - the clock auto dims to a perfect setting at night. I like the bedroom to be very dark at night and this works well for me. You can still see the time, but it’s very faint and does not project light into the room.

    Review originally posted on bestbuy.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Product Category
Smart home products
Return/Exchange Period
30 days