Lexar JumpDrive S75 256GB USB Flash Drive - White


  • Like a charm

    from Duncan, BC on 29 juillet 2016

    I have 120 movies and 1200 of my itunes songs on the unit. It is placed in my Dlink DIR-890L,broadcasts onto 2 PS4's,X One, 3 wireless smart TV's,cellphones, ipads without a hitch. Visitors get password and they can pick and choose what they wish to watch. 3-4 units watching at a time. Has been working for a year and a half. I load it directly from my desktop when i need to update movie list.Very much recommend it ,at this price point is a great deal. I paid (price) for mine and thought that was a great price.

  • Beware!

    from Laval, QC on 26 juillet 2016

    After just 3 weeks, the unit wasn't readable anymore. Lost a lot of data!

  • Like the size

    from Labrador City on 5 mai 2016

    I wanted to back up files after having problems with my PC. I am a back-up guy but I must have missed a step during the back up & was unable to get a lot of my files back. No big deal. I got the important stuff. However, I had several gigs of photos & videos. Rather than have to retrieve them, I copied them to my Lexar so now I only have to search for the files. I like the encryption feature. It takes longer but great for important files.

  • very slow

    from Toronto, ON on 5 février 2016

    It's advertised speed is: 150MB/s Read - 60MB/s Write. I have tested its speed many times, the actual Maximum speed that I got is: 28MB/s Read (max) - 13MB/s Write (max). The maximum speed (read or write) is not even close to 1/4 the advertised speed. It's also inconsistent, the write speed varies from 2 to 13. Very disappointing.

  • Useless

    from Ottawa, ON on 31 janvier 2016

    The first flash drive I bought died short after. The replacement I got works on and off. I had the same problem with some 64 GB of the same brand that I brought previously. There are good chances that the same thing will happen to you so do not store any crucial files in it.

  • Good and bad

    from Toronto, ON on 21 janvier 2016

    Fast, lots of storage but very fragile looking case, no cover to protect from dust and any potential impact on the opening without a protective cap.

  • Large storage for a small price

    from Comox, BC on 14 janvier 2016

    Can't beat [price] for a fast USB3 256gb thumb drive. It works great.

  • Amazing stroage capacity

    from Calgary, AB on 13 janvier 2016

    I purchased this around Christmastime, and I like it alot. Its loads fast and easier to use than an external hard drive. The sliding connector makes it easy to connect and keep safe. One dislike about this is it sticks out a long way (I have a laptop, so it can be an issue). You can catch it with a hand or arm. It is a minor point however, so doesn't affect my review much.

  • Good product

    from Victoria, BC on 13 janvier 2016

    Great . Fast shipping no problems

  • Good for music collection

    from Abbotsford, BC on 13 janvier 2016

    I bought this to back up my music collection for use at work and in the car. The capacity makes it ideal for this purpose. I'm getting write speeds of about 40 MB/s when copying music files, which means it takes just under five minutes to transfer 10 GB of data. The drive does get quite warm when writing a very large amount of data at once. I don't want to risk burning it out, so I copied my files about 10 GB at a time, giving the drive 5-10 minutes to cool down in between copies. I deducted half a star for the above and another half star because the build quality seems flimsy for the price. The plastic case is very light and thin and doesn't seem like it would take much abuse.