LG 36" 26.9 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Water & Ice Dispenser (LMWS27626S) - Stainless Steel

Model Number: LMWS27626S
Web Code: 14500113

LG 36" 26.9 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Water & Ice Dispenser - Stainless Steel


Keep your foods fresher for longer in this LG 26.9 cu. ft. French door refrigerator. Advanced technologies like Smart Cooling and ColdSaver deliver consistent temperatures so your food retains its quality and flavour. It boasts a sleek stainless steel finish that resists smudges to give your kitchen a clean, modern look.
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Keep your foods fresher for longer in this LG 26.9 cu. ft. French door refrigerator. Advanced technologies like Smart Cooling and ColdSaver deliver consistent temperatures so your food retains its quality and flavour. It boasts a sleek stainless steel finish that resists smudges to give your kitchen a clean, modern look.

Always cold and fresh

  • 36" French door refrigerator boasts a spacious 26.9 cu. ft. interior, giving you plenty of room to store fresh and frozen foods for weeknight meals or elaborate dinner parties
  • Linear compressor reacts quickly to temperature fluctuations to maintain consistency
  • Smart Cooling uses sensors and vents to maintain the interior temperature and humidity automatically
  • ColdSaver Technology with LG's Door-in-Door allows you to access favourite foods without opening the entire refrigerator
  • Fresh Air Filter removes odours while the Multi-Air Flow design keeps your food fresh anywhere in the fridge

Convenience and style

  • Stainless-steel finish is smudge-resistant and cleans easily so you can keep it looking like new
  • Freestanding design offers simple installation for a quicker, easier way to update your kitchen
  • Integrated water and ice dispenser means you always have access to a glass of filtered water at the touch of a button


  • Width: 90.81cm (35.75")
  • Height: 173.67cm (68.37")
  • Depth: 80.65cm (31.75")

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Fresh Food Capacity (Cu.Ft.)
18.2 cu ft
Refrigerator Type
French Door Refrigerators
Installation Type
Reversible Doors
Colour Family
Stainless Steel
Smudge Resistant Stainless Steel


Width (Inches)
35.75 in
Height (Inches)
68.37 in
Depth (Inches)
31.75 in
90.81 cm
173.67 cm
80.65 cm
130.18 kg

Additional Dimensions

Height - With Hinges (Inches)
69.75 in
Height - Without Hinges (Inches)
68.38 in
Depth - With Door Handles (Inches)
34.25 in
Depth - Doors Open 90 Degrees (Inches)
46.5 in
Depth - Without Door Handles (Inches)
31.75 in
Depth - Without Doors (Inches)
27.88 in


Total Capacity (Cu.Ft.)
26.9 cu ft
Freezer Capacity (Cu.Ft.)
8.7 cu ft
EnerGuide Rating (kWh/Year)
636 kWh/yr


Number of Shelves
4 Split
Adjustable Door Bins
Fruit & Vegetable Crisper
2 Humidity Crispers
Water Dispenser
Ice Maker
Ice Dispenser


Freezer Shelves
Defrost System
Frost Free
Water Filtration

Smart Features

Wi-Fi Connectivity
App Enabled
Touchscreen Display
Built-in Camera
Voice Control
Works with Amazon Alexa
Works with Google Assistant
  • User Manual

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  • What a surprise!
    Reviewed by Room to spare - June 17, 2022

    This LG refrigerator is not what I had in mind when my 18+ years old, shelf depth fridge gave out. I wanted one similar to what I’d had. After shopping around and looking at different refrigerators, I gave in to purchasing a standard, double door LG fridge unsure the added depth and wide opening was what I wanted. What a surprise! The standard fridge did not stick out from the counter as much as I thought and the wall near the refrigerator did not interfere with French doors at all. It was a perfect fit! And best of all, there is so much more room inside the new LG refrigerator I will have to buy more groceries to fill it!

    Review originally posted on lg.com

  • Space Galore!
    Reviewed by Kogo - September 5, 2021

    Refrigerator installed on 8/24/21. We opted for the ice maker in the bottom freezer compartment and the water dispenser inside the refrigerator because we wanted more storage space in the door. Glad we did we have ample space to store our food and condiments. The controls are easy to see and operate. Lightning in the refrigerator part is excellent, upper freezer good, however the lower freezer does not have a light. Not really a big inconvenience as far as I’m concerned. Regarding the refrigerator doors the left side closes easily but the right door although it swings easily you have to exert some pressure to make sure it is full shut. A good feature of the unit is a chime that sounds if the door has be left ajar or after you have the doors open for one minute. I have heard the chimes sound a number of times due to not closing the right door fully. My wife would like the fruit and vegetables drawers to be deeper however I personally think they are just right. If they are deeper one would have the tendency to pile fruits on top of each other which I think is a bad idea and leads to spoilage. I would like the lower draw under the fruit drawers to be divided. That way you can open one door to gain access. Right now both doors have to be wide open to access the lower drawer. However we didn’t find any manufacturers that designed their products that way. The only one BIG complaint I have is the ice maker. It takes forever to make ice. There is a control called “Ice Plus” that you can activate to make ice faster but it really doesn’t seem to work that well. And it shuts off after 24 hours. I was told by a technician to lower the freeze temperature down 3-4 degrees. That didn’t seem to help much either. Overall we really like the appearance of the refrigerator and the functionality of it. I would recommend this refrigerator for purchase.

    Review originally posted on lg.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Great
    Verified BuyerReviewed by Moriah - January 5, 2022

    I like this fridge. It was on sale for cyber Monday and it was a good half way point for us on cost. I have no complaints so far. It’s a deeper & wider fridge so I have plenty of space on the shelves to fit plenty of items of food, I can also move the shelves to make things fit better. It has great shelving on the doors and you can fit a lot in them which is surprising. I don’t like small narrow fridges or side-by-side fridges I like space! This also has plenty of space in both freezers. So this was a good purchase for me.

    Review originally posted on bestbuy.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
    Ease of Use:

  • Lots of space; need light in lower freezer drawer
    Reviewed by Shiloh2021 - August 27, 2021

    We had an old side-by-side refrigerator/freezer that was about 20 cubic feet in capacity, so this one is like a dream come true for us in terms of the additional space! I chose this appliance because I did NOT want water and ice through the door (too many reviews and experiences from friends who have had trouble with those features). This refrigerator has an automatic ice maker in the top drawer of the freezer that is easily accessible and works well. On the inside left wall of the refrigerator, there is a little spout where you can get cold filtered water simply by pushing on the pad. It does not take up storage space as so many of the “in door” features do. The controls are easy to see and adjust and the lighting in the refrigerator and top freezer drawer is great. They do need to put a light in the bottom freezer drawer though-there is none and it would be really nice to have light there too. This unit is fairly quiet when it is running - you do hear the ice maker when it puts more ice in the bucket, but that’s something that is true for any ice maker. The only problem I have had w it’s the ice maker is that if you pull out the top freezer drawer when the unit is making ice, the ice will land in the bottom drawer. The only other thing that is a bit of a drawback is that the shelving is not as flexible as I would really like. In order to put tall things on the shelves, you have to either arrange the shelves so that one of them has only a very narrow height, or you have to take out a shelf - there is no way to slide a shelf back for a taller space. But the door bins are very deep and tall items fit in those very easily. I was looking for a wel-built, reliable, large refrigerator without a lot of bells and whistles, and this refrigerator really fits my needs.

    Review originally posted on lg.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Good AFTER service request but more needed
    Reviewed by MVSD - September 29, 2021

    I have been using this refrigerator for almost three months. LG wanted a review of this fridge three weeks after I got it. Had I reviewed the product back then it would have been one star and potentially a refund. A week after the refrigerator was delivered I started to notice icing. Thought it was a fluke so I wiped off the ice and monitored it. Sure enough ice came back forming on the edges again two days later. I couldn’t confirm if it was because we opened and closed the door too often or our food was blocking the vents (I did my research on LG’s website). Short of just clearing out the entire bottom shelf and then testing it, I could not believe that would help find the answer. We were going for 5 days vacation so I decided to clear the vents of any food blockage from the middle shelf, make sure the edges were free of water and ice. The bottom shelf was just barely full, not overloaded. We went on our vacation, came back and bottom shelf had ice build up again! The middle shelf started to build up with ice too! I just scraped the ice off and wiped it dry again. This went on every other day for weeks. I finally got fed up because online reviews seemed to be bad from some reviewers. I bought this LG fridge (based off friends advice and experience) because it was replacing a HORRIBLE Samsung refrigerator that had inner back panel icing up design flaw issue after 5 years usage. Yeah, right after my warranty expired. Samsung ignored me so I decided to immediately dispose their product. I will never buy another Samsung product after their lack of service (even though I WANTED to pay for repair service, they continue to state that my product was out of warranty!). Ooph, off my Samsung soapbox, sorry. I used LG’s online service request to initiate a repair. They offered service availability after two days or any day after for me to schedule the service call. I was surprised they could get back to me that quickly. At first I was going to schedule a Thursday but after reading the horror stories online from other customers who said they waited weeks for service, I decided to do two days (Wednesday) in case I had to escalate the call on Friday. In any case, surprise, I received a call on Wednesday within the service window time frame! I wasn’t expecting the call at all. The service guy, Neo, showed up and was super polite and courteous. I showed him the fridge and explained the issue. He probably has already been prepped for this issue because he explained fairly quickly that it’s a design flaw and easy fix. He already had the silicon lube with him and said it just required a dab to the gap on the bottom shelf door sides (see photo with arrows). Just smudge the silicon alone the gap line (it does NOT have to be the entire gap line, just the putter edges gap). That’s it, that’s the answer to the bottom shelf icing up! I have been monitoring this solution for a few weeks already before wanting to write this review. I have to say the results are true, it really did fix the issue. The bottom shelf and middle shelf no longer ices up. Note: Pay ATTENTION and make sure your food packages are not getting caught between the door seals when you close the shelf! This will cause icing to build up since the door is no longer sealed tight as designed. One negative thing (but not a deal breaker) is that the LG built-in thermometer does not seem to be accurate. I have several different external thermometers that I stuck into the fridge and freezer. I had to adjust the LG settings down at least 3 degrees to get my expected temp. I wanted to set the fridge to 36 F but LG settings had to be configured to 33 for it to get close to 36 (it fluctuates between 36-40 if I look at my external devices). Freezer is set to 0 but shows around 4 F degrees on the bottom shelf and 0-5 F middle shelf. Ice cubes doesn’t melt and food seems to be very cold. This works for me. Talking about ice cubes, the ice maker is slow like everyone else mentioned. The sensor to detect the level of ice is a bit off. It seems to be true that the sensor is located towards the back of the ice bucket. So if the ice tray dumps ice towards the back and the front is low on ice, it will think that the ice bucket is full and not dispense any more ice. You have to manually scoop the ice from the back towards the front to even it out. I’m ok with this so I’m not going to complain for perfection. Summary: - Repair the design flaw and the fridge will not ice up. - Built-in thermostat is not accurate but you can adjust it lower to compensate. - Ice maker is slow to make ice (but enough for two people who occasionally uses ice). - Ice maker senses incorrectly that the ice bucket is full. The bucket should have a slant at the back to prevent ice cubes from piling up towards the back of the bucket. - I would stay away from Samsung refrigerators. Customer service was excellent! Fast! It was ridiculously friendly/professional and Neo was knowledgeable where the first fix was the correct fix. Now we wait for the test of time to see how well this refrigerator holds up. I’ve got the long term warranty and I have a cell phone so I will be ready to make that call ASAP if I need it! LG, you better be ready for my call(s)!

    Review originally posted on lg.com

Product Category
Major appliances
Return/Exchange Period
30 days