LG 86" 4K UHD HDR LED webOS Smart TV (86UM8070AUB)


  • Replacement Control
    by Lostsole23

    on February 8, 2020

    I can't locate the control. How do I order a new one?

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  • Exactly what I expected!
    by Devo2020

    on February 7, 2020

    We were waiting for the technology to get better on larger TV's and our patience paid of on this. Crystal clear and crisp graphics. Connected to my surround sound system with ease and love the ease of functions on it. Loving it every time I turn this puppy on!

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  • Somewhat disappointed
    by Chanley28

    on February 7, 2020

    I bought this TV with the super bowl in mind and even bought a new HDMI 2.1 cable to make sure the picture was as good as I could get it, and was very disappointed in picture quality after paying as much as I did for this TV.

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  • Large & in charge!
    by Piney Chris

    on February 3, 2020

    Wanted a huge TV screen for our living room for a great movie theater experience so we opted for this massive 86", 4K TV from LG. The image is great and no distortion from deep angles. The features are plentiful and easy to use.

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  • Natural Picture and Vibrant colors
    by Anonymous reviewer

    on January 30, 2020

    I boughtthi9s slightlyb over a month ago after carefully examinng asll the brands available. The price point was right all the reviews said it was an outstanding TV. I still went into the purchase with some reservation. But WOW! It outperforms any TV I have ever had! It is crisp - you can really see the 4K difference, and it has amazing viewing angles. I wopuld recommend it highly.

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  • What can I say?
    by Jcim

    on January 11, 2020

    I love it. So far so good. The magic remote takes alittle to get used to it doesn’t always go where you point it. It has tons of apps built it. The colors are very bright and bold seems to have depth to the picture. The sound is ok for my sized room. I am very happy with this tv.

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  • Awesome product, great price!
    by Kcacres

    on January 8, 2020

    I bought this for my husband for xmas and he (we) absolutely love it. From watching football games to playing videos games we have no complaints yet what so ever at all. Exceeded my expectations for sure.

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  • Functions that don't work
    by brokenbones

    on January 4, 2020

    Overall, I'm satisfied with this TV. However, not all functions work and this is very frustrating. I'm unable to use the screen sharing function with my laptop. I want to project my photos onto the TV screen, but even the technician who set it up couldn't do it; yes, it is supposed to work. I can get it to pull up only photos in certain folders, but they appear tiny and out of focus. When I enlarge them, all other functions (advance, slide show) don't work. One photo at a time and increasing size on each individually. My most important photos are on my desktop and it won't even recognize them. Totally dissatisfied.

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  • Love This TV
    by Candew

    on December 30, 2019

    The colors are superb, I sit 10ft from the screen and on this 86 and can find no problems at all and i thought it might be to big at the store when looking at it. At 18 ft from kitchen it still perfect. Sound is good, setup was easy, love the remote, so far it fulfills all my fantasies. Especially during this football season.

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  • Size vs quality value
    by wh0aty

    on December 27, 2019

    Good tv. Not great visuals, but it is good. I preferred to have a larger tv and sacrifice a bit on the quality while staying under budget. Which allowed me to upgrade components of my audio system. It's a good value for the tv that you get.

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