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  • Model #: OLED55C7P
  • Web Code: 10620657
  • Release Date: 03-01-2017


Open your eyes to a world of endless entertainment made spectacular with the 55" LG C7 OLED TV. 4K resolution and OLED pixels deliver unprecedented contrast, colour, and clarity to scintillate your senses. You don't just have to see it to believe it; Dolby Atmos-enabled audio lends multi-dimensional, theatre-grade sound to your movies and more.

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Pixel-perfect technology

  • Stunning 4K UHD resolution is 4x that of Full HD, so you see amazingly vivid colours and picture details that'll blow you away
  • 4K Upscaler analyzes and upgrades regular HD content in a multi-step process that optimizes images for pristine detail and clarity
  • OLED technology features self-lighting pixels that bring vibrant colour, rich blacks, and infinite contrast to bring all your Spielberg classics, F1 highlights, and safari documentaries to life

Breathtakingly detailed

  • HDR helps the TV produce billions of colours, so what you see on screen is what you're meant to see
  • LG Active HDR with Dolby Vision supports all major versions of HDR -- Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HLG -- to optimize your viewing experience and futureproof the TV
  • ULTRA Luminance boosts peak brightness to make picture quality even more dynamic
  • Billion Rich colours feature enables precise colour adjustment across the spectrum, resulting in richer colour and greater detail
  • Cinematic Colour offers an extensive spectrum with vibrant shades and lifelike hues to bring the cinematography of your favourite movies to life
  • LG's Perfect Black Panel with an anti-glare coating allows for all 8.3 million OLED pixels to turn off individually for perfect black and infinite contrast so that every intricate detail is visible, even in the darkness
  • The impeccable combination of Cinematic Colour and infinite contrast deliver an ideal viewing experience from any angle
  • Other enhancement technologies include Tru Colour Accuracy and Pixel Level Dimming

Do more with webOS 3.5

  • webOS 3.5 Smart operating system lets you access apps, record what's on screen, pair your Bluetooth devices, use the TV as a music player, browse the web, and more
  • Included Magic Remote makes it easy to navigate the TV and its Smart OS

Powerful audio, abundant connections

  • Hear powerful, cinematic, full-range audio from the 2.2-channel 40W speaker system
  • OLED Surround with Dolby Atmos technology creates the impression of sound coming from all angles to deliver a cinematic 3D audio experience
  • 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports let you connect a range of devices, including Blu-ray players, game consoles, and USB thumb drives

What's in the Box?

  • TV set
  • remote controller
  • AV gender
  • owner's manual
  • batteries for remote controller
  • screw (head + stand)
  • cable management

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)

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  • from haiti



  • from Toronto, ON

Make sure you calibrate it yourself !!

You'ii be disappointed if you don't !! Hopefully you've done your due diligence. At LEAST on OLED tech itself. Got the 55" out of the box and hooked up in less than 15 min. You'll need 2 people to lift into place...not that it's heavy, it's the the screen is only 1/4 in. thick glass and didn't want to encourage a crack. Once it's on and running, head to the settings menu and go through EVERY setting to familiarize yourself with what each function does. This is paramount to understanding what you have just blown all your money on !! Remember... there is NO backlight on this TV !!!! Don't compare it against you're old tv or any other non-OLED screen. This is a completely different animal. Won't look the same because it's not supposed to !!! Stay up late and play with the settings...turn stuff on/off to see what's changed or not always have the factory reset option as a safety net. I have mine tuned so perfectly now that some scenes actually look 3D !! So don't be afraid of tweeking and run the "pixel refresher" once in awhile !! lol. You'll see what I mean when you get in there and play around :-) This is an AWESOME television, well worth the price. And way easier to set up than you think. I've only had it 4 days now and both the picture and sound are fantastic. And if you're wondering, had a 50' LG LED before this one...not even in the same class as the C7P !! If you're on the fence about it, just buy this tv !!! You won't regret it one bit if you play with the settings and truly make it yours.

  • from Sherwood Park, AB

Best TV of 2017

Pros: Bright, Vivid and standard settings are very close to calibration. Supports major formats of HDR like Dolby Vision, HDR10 as well as Active HDR (similar to HDR10+). Uses same panel as every other 2017 LG OLED, including the Signature series, but each model changes design slightly and adds things like a soundbar. Wide viewing angle and meets UHD Premium certification. Some people say OLED's won't get as bright as some LED which is true, but the perceptive contrast from the true blacks overcomes that, not to mention this TV can get brighter than most LED backlit TVs such as the Sony X800 series, or other mid range LED TVs. Web OS is still the quickest TV OS, and the magic remote makes navigation much quicker and easier with the "Wii like" remote. Cons: Image retention can occur after long time viewing of static content such as news logos, or game huds. However responsible usage should negate these issues as long as you watch a variety of content. The trade off is well worth the best picture quality you can buy. Also, why LG hardwired the power cable on a high end TV is beyond me.

  • from Halifax, NS

Best TV you can buy.

Not sure what the negative reviews are referring to. I have had no issues with screen burn and the TV has a screen saver that comes on automatically if you freeze an image. Colors are absolutely amazing. Super slim bezel looks very nice on the wall.

  • from North Vancouver, BC

Love this TV!

I really don't get all the negative reviews on this TV. After researching it most of 2017, I got one on Black Friday on sale, and am so pleased with it. Read CNET, Digital Trends and other reviews. Digital Trends proclaimed it to be the best TV for 2017 and it is. The out of box PQ is so amazing that Ive left it at that and not tweaked any settings. Netflix and YouTube 4k videos look awesome as well as all sports and regular tv channels. I have had no issues with burn in etc, and highly recommend picking one up.

  • from Saint Catharines, ON

expected more...

I did quite a lot of research and decided I would wait until Black Friday 2017 and purchase the overall highest rated television on the market; the LG OLED 55C7P. I was not happy with this OLED television.The picture on FHD was blurry, the screen was dim, the blacks showed little detail. The motion blur was awful on sports. The upscaling was non-existent. I rented a movie online, American Made, from our local cable company and the soap opera effect ruined the movie. I called LG customer service and they worked with me for 45 minutes to make adjustments with no resolution. I was advised to return the television. One thing that was good was the sound. I returned it within the thirty days to my local Bestbuy and have since received a full refund less shipping cost. Bestbuy great...television not so much.

  • from Langley, BC

Disappointing....amazing picture, but...

I bought this OLED tv right before Black Friday, price was 2k and I felt it was worth it, quality picture with very good plus the discounted pricing. BUT two weeks of owing this tv I started noticing a blueish oval type of shape at the bottom right corner. I went back to BestBuy in Langley and for my good luck the LG Sales Rep was at the store. He did a straight exchange and I brought the second new tv home. This new one developed the same thing, but it took close to a month this time. I went back to the store here in Langley and after going back and forth with one of the salesperson and him with his manager, the manager came out and didn't want to take the tv back. I could exchange it for another one, that was the only option. At this point, for me, that's not an option because the tv is not performing as advertised. Picture quality is amazing, but there is this ghosting problems with OLED tv's plus the fact that it is happening to me twice already. This is a 2,000 tv and I am expecting it to be close to perfect, but nothing even close to that. Just be aware of this C7 OLED tv and the problems that come with it. This problem was always coming up with a black screen and with the menu on, I wish I could upload the photos.

  • from Oakville, ON

ON OFF. Make up your mind!

Within 12 hours of having the tv, it would shut off, then turn on. Sometimes just turn off. 50% of the time I would have to unplug the tv so it would turn back on. The remote only worked 50% of the time. The power button on the back of the tv did not work. Called LG and they said to call Best Buy and get a new one. Since I bought the tv online through PayPal, I was not able to exchange the tv. Best Buy would only let me return it. The price of the tv had gone up in price since I bought it, so I just returned it. I guess there's no return policy like Costco. Looking for a new tv now.

  • from Kelowna, BC


Picked one up Boxing Day. Been watching 4K and HDR content from the built in Netflix and YouTube since. Cable box content and BluRay look amazing as well. The absolute black level and decent brightness make for a nice, punchy image. This will not be the perfect TV for everyone in every situation though. Image retention and screen burn are a possibility with OLED screens, so some care needs to be taken to avoid that.

  • from Toronto, ON

Best TV ever!

The BEST I have ever seen. Black contrast almost makes you want to wear sunglasses for the brightness of Dolby Vision! The sound is amazing and interactive apps make it so simple nobody should have a problem. Voice commands make it even easier! Again....the BEST

  • from Vancouver, BC

Burn-in isn't a concern

So to the people who are ALLOWING this set to 'burn in'... You've got to be doing something completely unusual and out of the box to get any of the burn-in you're talking about. Not only does the LG's OS have a lovely fireworks screensaver that comes on in plenty of time to avoid this, but it's also fully adjustable. I mean, unless you're sitting with the Simpsons paused for hours at a time... everyone will be fine. Plus, every network carrier has the ability to make sure the screen shuts off when not in use (or when paused for a lengthy time). Burn-in is a non issue if you're living in the 21st Century.

  • from Innisfail, AB

Overall disappointed

The picture is excellent, no complaints whatsoever, However, a major disappointment is how reflective the screen is just like the old plasma. We never thought to consider this and nothing was mentioned at Best Buy. We will have to change our living room curtains to address this. The old Samsung LCD had no problems. We have some serious issues with set up and ease of use. The user manual is very scant on details and poorly written. This applies to both set up and using he TV. Had we not documented our set up on old TV, would have been very difficult. T Having difficulty connecting accessories. We have two hearing assistance devices that worked with old TV, but we can't get more than one at a time to work with this one. So far we have not been able to view pictures or video using a USB flash drive. Error message for one that it requires formatting, the other was recognized but message indicated the picture and video formats (jpeg and mp4) were not supported. This is very disappointing for such a high end TV. Another thing we haven't figured out is how to play music through wifi apple tv without the TV scrolling a screen saver. This is probably to avoid "screen burn in" which OLED tv's are more prone to. The Best Buy reps were good enough to mention this but the more I read about on other review sites, the more concerned I get. Nothing against Best Buy, although I wish they would have mentioned the screen reflectivity. I am disappointed in LG though. I thought a high end TV would improve user options for using accessories, but so far we have seriously lost ground to our 10 year old Samsung LCD.

  • from Richmond, BC

Tv burns in very easy

The blacks are great the colour is great but OLED has image retention problems and it does not take very long for a symbol or a logo to burn its self into the tv besides the image retention the tv is great

  • from Victoria, BC

Zero Regrets

Coming from an 11-year-old 42" Panasonic plasma, this TV is a fantastic upgrade. I have not noticed any pixel defects, banding, tinting, image retention, or any other problems in my two weeks of ownership. (And NO, I am not going to put the TV under a microscope looking for problems; that way madness lies.) There is a reason why all the professional reviewers are praising the LG OLEDs. Perfect blacks, accurate colors, plenty of brightness, very good processing, great OS... this set is tough to beat. Do yourself a favor and pick one up.

  • from Winnipeg

C7 55 OLED

I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money on a new TV. I wandered in to BB and as luck would have it, an LG rep was onsite. I looked at a few sets then noticed the OLED sets. Basically it sold itself. There were two sets from LG side by side. One a conventional LED, the other OLED. The difference between the 4K sets was like night and day. The OLED picture was absolutely stunning. The difference in the black was the most impressive, complete detail and nuances with black were viewable on the OLED panel. The same scene on the conventional 4K LED was a washed out blob, no definition. It was at this point the old adage "you get what you pay for" made the decision for me. I did some research that night and bought the TV the next day. I have experienced the voice synch issue on some shows. It is very intermittent and not bothersome enough to make me question my decision. I'm sure a software fix will eventually be released to address this issue. Setup was easy, the user interface works well and is intuitive once you have spent a little time with the set. I use a sound bar, so the internal speaker performance isn't important to me. (although you have the option to run a sound bar and the internal speakers at the same time) Overall I am happy with my decision.

  • from Vancouver, BC

Pleased as anticipated. Two thumbs up

Hopefully before you buy an OLED TV of any kind, you're going online to do your research - to both understand the technology and really get a full overview of the product. The poor reviews of the set here (one guy ended up buying the Sony 900 series and others had banding issues) are easily explained. The Sony buyer obviously didn't do his homework. This TV has unequivocally been at the top of every tv or audio/visual review website for 2017. If the person had bothered to do some research, he'd know that this TV beats the Sony hands down and shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence. As with anything, it needs proper setup and some due diligence which this user didn't do. Others mentioned vertical banding issues, but this was on early production models and since then LG has worked out the bugs (especially on the C7). There's also been some mention of Sony's A1 OLED sets being better. Guess what? They are running LG OLED panels! Take what you want from that, but do your homework. I'm not an LG fan-boy, but this TV is excellent and will blow your mind.

  • from Brossard, QC

Excellent TV

Bought this on a Black Friday sale based on excellent reviews on Best Buy and multiple 3rd party sites and am not disappointed. Picture is beautiful and even upconverted standard HD content looks stunning. Smart TV functionality works great with smart remote control (literally point and click on whatever you want to select).

  • from Burnaby, BC

You can never go back to another TV if watched something on OLED

OLED picture quality is superior. This TV is affordable and made of high quality materials. B7P being sold in other places has exactly the same panel as this model, but its stand is made of cheap plastics while this one is made of premium looking stainless steel that E7 uses. There are also some reports B7P's plastic stand tilts over time. So, unless you are planning to mount it on the wall, I highly recommend this model over B7P. B7P also has silver/white frame edges, which can be quite annoying for some people. Burn-in is really exaggerated and very unlikely to happen in real life unless you keep the TV on a static image over 24 hours. Other TVs, LED or QLED also suffers from burn-in permanent damage on screen if static image is on for many hours although it is technically true that it happens much quicker on OLED. However, it is almost impossible to duplicate the permanent burn-in for regular consumers unless he/she tries to destroy the TV on purpose - normal use can not experience the burn-in. OLED panel is really the only panel I would call "Premium" that is different from other backlight-based displays at this point.

  • from Omemee, ON


This TV is amazing. Picture and speakers are superb. OLED IS AWESOME. The TV screen itself is really thin, and it looks great. You will not be disappointed. I would recommend the C7 over the B7, simply because the C7 has a black trim around the screen whilst the B7 has a silver trim. I am quite pleased with LG's Smart TV platform. It is much better than Samsung's.

  • from Brampton, ON

not worth it.

the picture quality is amazing....for 4k content. lg does not upscale 1080p content as well as Sony or samsung. other issues I had; wifi was slow (I have a gigabit package) laggy, just like Sonys android. I returned the tv and bought the Sony x900e.

  • from Toronto, ON

Excellnet TV, if you are getting HD, OLED is the best option.

Great TV, I went for the 55 inch model. The picture quality is superb. The game Mode is excellent and even on "Vivid" more I did not notice input lag. YouTube and Netflix etc Apps work extremely well. Very enjoyable experience.

  • from ON

Just Wow - Best Netflix and chill ever

If you are looking for the most impressive TV to date at a good price, you found the right one. Stick on Planet earth 2 in 4K and Netflix and chill like never before! OLED with true blacks sets the stage perfectly for a higher contrast that makes everything look better. Not to mention the excellent styling of the TV. Definitely Recommend.

  • from Toronto, ON


Amazing picture, easy to set up. My son was blown away by it. Have to rewatch all my blu-ray discs! Only issue seems to be with the optical audio cable. I have an older A/V receiver so I can't use ARC for over the air TV. Occasionally the audio gets very "deep" (too much bass) and slow. But if I change thr channel it resolves itself. Would have given a 5 if I didn't encounter this issue. But none the less, awesome TV!!

  • from Gatineau, QC

Re: Vertical banding

All OLED TVs have banding issues (to various degrees), even the more expensive Sony A1s. Do a bit of research. Put on a 5% gray slide on the screen and there's a good chance you'll see some. Unfortunately at this point, it looks like it's inherent to the technology. The important thing is that you don't see the bands in regular TV viewing. Nothing's perfect, and my LG 55C7 has an amazing picture. I can catch a glimpse of faint banding once in a while, but I decided to live with it. I'm tired of playing panel roulette. And I'm getting old :)

  • from London,. ON

Let your search end with this TV

Seeing is believing when describing this TV. Undeniably the best picture quality Ive ever seen on any tyoe of television. The advantage of the tv to produce absolute black is evident no matter what the scene. Be it SD/HD/UHD content, the colour and contrast is outstanding. Viewing angles are better than my old Samsung Plasma and will destroy any other LCD panel. Image retention is non-existent (although some online reviews mention this as a disadvantage with this tv). 4K game content from a PS4 pro looks and plays spectacular. If you are serious about getting a tv with the absolute best in picture quality, look no further. Would suggest waiting for it to drop in price...

  • from Ottawa, ON

Vertical banding

Very disappointed in these set, I have now returned 2 out of 2 due to severe vertical banding issues. Looks like were going with the A1 from sony which fixes banding issues with the more powerful X1 chipset. Good luck!

  • from Gatineau, QC


Forget LED and QLED; OLED is where it's at.

  • from Whitby, ON

Stunning TV

Bought this TV to replace my 10 year old LG LCD. (Still Working Great). This is an incredible TV, has the same engine as the high end LG's and it shows! OLED is the way to go. I don't really like the remote but that's the only thing, everything else is perfect. Easy to setup, no nonsense. In order to "turn on" HDR you need to enable it in the settings menu for the HDMI port you are using. (Any of the 4 ports) Very Pleased with this TV! JP

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