LifeProof Fre iPhone 6/6s Fitted Hard Shell Case - Black


  • Great
    by Bike64

    on 2 septembre 2019

    Excellent case can’t beat the quality an water resistance

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  • Fabulous!
    by Marcie

    on 19 juillet 2019

    Works great. I love it. Not too big or bulkie either

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  • Absolute piece of crap
    by Cocksafloppin

    on 18 juillet 2019

    It basically just fell apart over the course of a year. The plastic got brittle and eventually just fell apart.

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  • Fully waterproof
    by Daniel

    on 17 juillet 2019

    Love this line of cases. FRE definitely lives up to the advertised experience.

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  • Good Protection
    by Bernie

    on 29 juin 2019

    Purchased this case for an iPhone 6s. The product did was was expected to do, which was to protect the phone. However, when speaking on the phone the person that I was speaking to sometimes had a difficult hearing me distinctly.

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  • Awesome cellphone case
    by Caesar

    on 29 juin 2019

    Awesome cellphone case from lifeproof,my kids cellphone now is protected from being damage.

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  • Hundred percent recommend this
    by KHonor

    on 20 juin 2019

    This is a must have for your iPhone 6s. It has saved my phone many times from all sorts of damage. I highly recommend it.

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  • Good case
    by AB123

    on 7 juin 2019

    Really good case I absolutely love it. Works good, love it a lot!

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  • Issues with ear phone connection

    from Ottawa on 18 mai 2019

    The adapter for headphones for this case also doesn't seem to connect very well, so only works for a few seconds every time I've connected it. Ear buds can not be used as the connection doesn't fit into the hole - and I buy cheap ear buds as they're always getting lost or broken - this case is basically useless to me unless someone finds a solution to this problem - otherwise the case works well.

  • Protective
    by JohnD

    on 4 avril 2019

    Very protective, easy to use the phone still with it on.

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