Linksys Wireless AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 5 Router (MR8300-CA)

Model Number: MR8300-CA
Web Code: 13407193

Linksys Wireless AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 5 Router


Experience the power and speed the Linksys wireless AC2200 tri-band mesh Wi-Fi router will bring to your home internet needs. It works with all internet providers, and the 867Mbps data rates make it possible for everyone in your house to simultaneous stream movies, game, use smart home devices, and much more without frustrating buffering.
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Experience the power and speed the Linksys wireless AC2200 tri-band mesh Wi-Fi router will bring to your home internet needs. It works with all internet providers, and the 867Mbps data rates make it possible for everyone in your house to simultaneous stream movies, game, use smart home devices, and much more without frustrating buffering.

  • Provides superior speeds throughout your home with 802.11b/a/g/n/ac Wi-Fi internet, essential for simultaneous streaming movies, gaming, using smart home devices, and more
  • Extendable design grows as your needs do by adding more Velop Mesh WiFi nodes (sold separately) anywhere in your home
  • Set up is quick and simple: just use the Linksys App, name your network, and choose a password
  • Router lets you manage security controls and limit internet usage
  • Give guests temporary access to your network while using their phones
  • Tri-band router delivers 867Mbps data rate
  • Includes 5 ethernet ports, as well as 1 x WAN port, 4 x LAN ports, and 1 USB port
  • Automatic firmware updates provide the confidence of knowing that your system is updated and secure
  • Works with all internet providers and their supplied equipment and speeds
  • QoS controls prioritize data on the network to prevent degradation of the signal, eliminating lags or jitter on real-time voice or video use

Wireless Networking Features

Usable Wi-Fi Coverage per Unit
2000 sq ft
Recommended # of Connected Devices
Number of Units Per Pack
Wireless Speed
AC2200 (N400 + AC867 + AC867)
Wireless Standard Generation
Wi-Fi 5
Wireless Standard
802.11 b/a/g/n/ac
Number of Bands
Number of Antennas
Frequency Bands
2.4 and 5 GHz(2x) (simultaneous tri-band)
Maximum Data Rate - Per Band
867 Gbps (2 - 5GHz) + 400 Mbps (2.4GHz)
Maximum Data Rate - Total
867 Mbps
Number of Ethernet Ports per Unit
Ethernet Speed
Number of WAN Ports
Number of LAN Ports
Number USB Ports per Unit
Processor, Memory, & Storage
716Mhz Quad-core; RAM: 512MB; Flash: 256MB

Network Security / Management Features

Quality of Service (QoS) Controls
Parental Controls
Guest Access
Other Security / Management Features
64/128-bit WEP; WPA2 Personal; WPA2 Enterprise
Works with Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa
Supported Tablet/Smartphone App
Yes - Required for setup
Supported Tablet/Smartphone with Data Service
Yes - Not required for setup
Other Requirements
Google Chrome; Firefox; Safari (for Mac and iPad); Microsoft Edge; Internet Explorer (version 8 and newer)

Physical Features

Dimensions (cm)
16.12 (W) x 5.48 (H) x 21.37 (D) cm
Dimensions (in)
6.35 (W) x 2.16 (H) x 8.41 (D) in
0.72 kg
Weight (lbs)
1.59 lb
  • Linksys AC2200 MUMIMO TriBand Router, MR8300
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Warranty and Regulatory with Documentation

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  • Does The Job
    Verified BuyerReviewed by WiFiresults - December 25, 2020

    I bought this on sale for $99 to replace a Verizon router that cost me $15 per month. In six months it will have paid for itself. It works well, although I still need a booster for TVs on the far end of my house. Set up fairly simple. I spent almost five hours resetting the passwords on all of my devices, but that was my inexperience, since I could have avoided the issue by using the same user name and password as the Verizon router. I need to do some research to learn how to reset the router from “Mixed” to 2Hz. That would be easy if the router came with a manual, but it doesn’t. Overall I’m s satisfied with this purchase .

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
    Ease of Use:

  • A life-changing difference!
    Verified BuyerReviewed by Kaysi - December 5, 2019

    I have a 750sqft apartment and even with a perfectly good Netgear router in the living room and a WiFi booster in my room, I couldn’t get reliable WiFi signal in my bedroom. I was using a crazy amount of cellular data. I took a chance and wow! I get perfect signal everywhere even across the courtyard, at least 50 feet and several walls away. With iPhones and tablets now, the extra 5.0 GHz bands are a must have! When my parents visit, we have 3 iPhones, 2 iPads, 2 different security systems and 2 Roku players all running on the same WiFi with no issues. I also love that I can prioritize my devices over theirs :)

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
    Ease of Use:

  • A splendid router with great range and speed
    Reviewed by Jsyschan - April 2, 2019

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Linksys MR8300 AC2200 Mesh Wi-Fi Router is the latest router in Linksys's impressive lineup of products. It's an MU-MIMO, high-performance router that provides the home with impressive Wi-Fi coverage allowing for impressive speeds that will handle any task, whether it be for streaming or gaming. It comes with four external antennas and with its beamforming technology and quad-core processor, it is certainly no slouch. It's also a tri-band router, so with three Wi-Fi bands broadcasting simultaneously, you won't have to worry about devices crowding the Wi-Fi. As a full disclosure, I’d like to say here that I reviewed this product on behalf of the Linksys Friends and Family program. The testing set came with the router itself along with the Linksys Velop Mesh Wi-Fi extender, an easy-to-use Velop node that helps expand coverage. As part of the testing, I was asked to test the router with the following Wi-Fi extender, so my testing reflects results with both products. Upon opening the router, it seems pretty straightforward. The contents included the router itself, an instruction booklet for quick setup, an Ethernet cable, and an AC adapter. The antennas for the router are not detachable, but they are fold-able for easy collapsing. The AC adapter is nice as well. Its main part isn’t really bulky, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on a power strip. Setting up the devices was pretty straightforward. All of it was done through the Linksys Smartphone App, which is a bit of a bummer if you don’t have a smartphone. Nevertheless, setting up through the app was rather painless and easy, though it took some time after connecting to the router, waiting for the light to turn solid blue. My testing location is a 2200 square foot house with two floors and a fair number of rooms, so there’s plenty of walls to overcome. I’ve tested it with three devices, all smartphones with 802.11 AC capable Wi-Fi. Using Ookla Speedtest as a rough measurement, the results were very impressive. As a whole, the router averaged around 100.97 Mbps download and 51.83 Mbps upload. When testing up close, the tests showcased an maximum speed of 220 Mbps download and 109 Mbps upload. That was certainly beyond my expectations. Despite the results, the router wasn’t exactly able to reach all parts of the house. On the second floor at the point farthest away from the router, two devices were not able to connect to the router for a speed test, while one device managed to achieve a download speed of 2.25 Mbps and an upload speed of 1.28 Mbps. In terms of signal strength, at this troublesome corner, it varied from -74 dB to -81 dB depending on the wireless band. These results improved dramatically with activation of the included Wi-Fi extender. Upon activation, running the same tests again, I’ve achieved a download speed of 95.6 Mbps and an upload speed of 46.7 Mbps in the best case. Roughly speaking, with the Wi-Fi extender, I’m achieving a speed improvement averaging around 39x what it was without the extender. As a result of testing, the Linksys MR8300 router certainly exceeded my expectations. With an easy setup procedure and a decent range, it was more than capable of providing sufficient Wi-Fi speeds for most of my household. When used in conjunction with the Linksys Wi-Fi extender, the coverage became undoubtedly stronger in the problematic areas. Overall, I highly recommend both the router and the extender for any household.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Excellent Performance
    Reviewed by Hitemharder - April 1, 2019

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I recently upgraded from a Velop mesh system to this system and setup was almost identical to setting up the Linksys Velop system using the Linksys Smart Wifi App. Setup took me about 15 minutes from start to finish of unplugging old router and getting the new one set up. My system also came with a Velop wireless node to improve coverage which indeed it did in my home. My home is a 1900 sq ft home built in the late 2000s so wifi has never been an issue with me coverage wise. This system covers me in all areas of my home including my backyard with the same great coverage and speed. This router offers excellent performance in such a small setup. I would definitely recommend this router to anyone looking for an upgrade. I've had no issues with lag with streaming as well as gaming.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Great product to simplify home/small biz network
    Reviewed by AnyTony - April 13, 2019

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I live in a large house with 3 levels and many thick walls located near heavy power lines. I have an existing Linksys account but decided to start this install as though I was a new customer because I needed to change my email address tied to my Linksys account (inside the Linksys App) anyway (NOTE: I have not been able to easily do this in the App) My home has anywhere from 35 to 50 devices connected at any one time. The Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi Router (MR8300 MU-MIMO) arrived in very sturdy packaging. I also got a Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi Extender (WHW01P AC1300 Dual-Band) which was also packaged very well. I turned off my current Linksys Velop WiFi Mesh system and started a fresh install. The router was going upstairs on the 3rd floor whereas the extender was going downstairs into the walkout basement. My old system only had 2 ports in each node, so by replacing my main node with the MR8300, I am gaining 3 more ports which is prime real estate to connect more devices closer to my modem for better throughput. Process I Followed: Installation • I disconnected ALL of my old network nodes. • I logged out of my old account. • I clicked the Launch setup and selected the Mess Wi-Fi Router setup. • I selected “Separate Modem and Router”. • I gathered the new gear. • I plugged in the new router and put out in the open for best signal. • I connected to my modem. • I waited for it to boot up and the light to turn purple. • I waited for the App to find it… only took about 5 seconds. The router light started blinking purple. • I clicked check for internet (this can take a minute or so). • I then restarted my cable modem (this can take several minutes). • I then clicked check for internet again (this can take a minute or so) and it only took 15 seconds this time. • I then setup my new Linksys account using my new email. • I received an account validation email instantly and validated. • I was then given a list of networks to choose from on my phone; however, I just canceled out of the list BECAUSE I wanted to name the new Wi-Fi network the same as the old. • I then named my Wi-Fi (kept the same name before so I DO NOT have to reconfigure 50+ devices in my home). NOTE: Recommend you come up with a Wi-Fi name that works for your home and keep it forever regardless of router you install. • I then renamed my router to something more meaningful when I look at the devices on the network (NOTE: This is the device name and NOT the Wi-Fi name) • I was then given a menu to expand my Wi-Fi with additional mesh nodes. • I proceeded to set the Wi-Fi Extender up. • Process took about 5 minutes. • I was then given an option to add more devices which I bypassed. • I was then given an open to “freshen” the system with firmware updates which I did. NOTE: Recommend setting all firmware updates to automatic. • Process took around 5 more minutes. • I waited to get logged in. • I then clicked to receive notifications when any of my network nodes go offline (this is why the correct email is important). • I clicked to allow Guest Access and set it up accordingly. • Wi-Fi restarted. • I clicked on Wi-Fi Settings, Advanced Wi-Fi Settings and the App exited unexpectedly. • Upon restarting the App, I was able to navigate to the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings successfully. • I left Parental Controls off but parents can use this to manage devices by blocking them entirely, blocking the device’s access to certain websites, or blocking on a defined schedule. • I left Device Prioritization unconfigured but this can be used to give up to 3 devices more priority over others on the network. • I went into Internet Settings, Advanced Settings and turned on MAC Address Clone. I have Charter/Spectrum and I have found that this helps reconnecting to Spectrum after outages and it also helps when diagnosing any cable modem issues with them. If you don’t have their modem looking like its connected to a standalone PC then Spectrum will ask you to move the modem to a PC to test which just complicates and breaks things. Recommend doing this! NOTE: You will need to reboot your cable modem as well. • IMPORTANT: Change your Router Password by going into Router Administration and selecting Change Router Password and Hint. This is a must or you could lose administration access to your router. Testing • When I started my testing, I had 34 devices (out of the 37) reconnect automatically; although I think 3 of my devices may be the older network nodes I unplugged. • Speed Check (Inside router to internet) was about the same as before which is what I expected. • Used Speedtest by Ookla App o Same floor as Router, next to it – 246mbps down, 20.4mbps up o Same floor as Router, furthest away – 16mbps down, .31mbps up o Same floor as Wi-Fi Extender, right next to Wi-Fi Extender – 88mbps down, 21mpbs up o Same floor as Wi-Fi Extender, 40 ft away in kitchen– 35.4mbps down, 7.82mpbs up o Same floor as Wi-Fi Extender, 25 ft away in separate bedroom – 40.7mbps down, 13mbps up o Same floor as Wi-Fi Extender, 40 ft away in living room– 17.3mbps down, 1.65mbps up o Same floor as Wi-Fi Extender, further away – 11.3mbps down, .41mpbs up o Bottom floor, furthest away from everything – 1.94mbps down, 1.75mbps up Summary: Great • More ports (5 vs 2 in old router) • Processor is quad core with great throughput. • Speed is really great. I get the best Internet Speed Test using Wi-FI close to the router. In the past, I could only get about 70mbps down and about 5mbps up. • Linksys App is very detailed with setup including images and easy to follow navigation. • Linksys App shows good icons for your network devices. • Linksys App shows good icons under Router Administration which helps to admin a specific device on the network itself. Improvements Needed • Linksys App - My Account page should allow for changing the Email of the account. It does not. My Account page also allows an Account to be Closed. This should be buried 1 more menu down so people do not get to that so easily. • Linksys App – I had one abnormal exit when I went to • Power Cord – Could be another foot longer to reach power outlets. • Linksys App – Should have a device to node to internet test built in. • Router – Was never ever to use or configure USB port.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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Computer accessories
Return/Exchange Period
30 days