Logitech G815 Backlit Mechanical Clicky Gaming Keyboard - English


  • Awesome, smooth, few drawbacks

    from Best Buy US on 9 septembre 2019

    I've always wanted the smooth typing that mesh keyboards gave, though I wanted the tactile feedback that mechanical gave also. This is the best of both worlds. It's well built, I can tell this wont get damaged easily in the years to come. Though the drawbacks, which can be adjusted to, were easily noticed from the beginning. The G keys are closer to your pinky than you think. I found myself disabling them in some games because I'd press them constantly. The instructions are useless. Download the Logitech G Hub for setting up the keyboard. And lastly, Logitech doesnt believe in wrist rest. Buy The Rocat wrist pad if you need to elevate your wrist. That's still something thats a lowkey importance if youre used to it.

  • Non-stop colors...

    from Best Buy US on 4 septembre 2019

    I decided to test the Logitech G815 gaming keyboard because I still game quite a bit and I wanted to try a mechanical gaming keyboard. Right out of the box, it's easy to see that this keyboard is built for use. The body is a grayish/blue aluminum that makes the keyboard quite a bit heavier than my previous non-gaming keyboard. This was a bit surprising, especially since the G815 looks smaller than my original keyboard because of it's flatter, streamlined design. The nice thing about the additional weight is that the G815 stays put, where my previous keyboard would sometimes slip on the keyboard tray. For the most part, I'm pleased with the design of this keyboard, but I have had a few issues with it. My hands are kind of big, so getting used to this keyboard has taken some time, especially when using it for work. I tried using the programmable G-keys located on the far left of the keyboard for a few work related functions, but I found myself hitting them accidentally when trying to hit the Tab or Shift, so I wound up having to disable them when I'm not in a game. One other thing I discovered is that the secondary character labels (on the num-keys, etc) are difficult to see at night without a lamp on; occasionally I work in the evening without a light on, and although I know where the characters are that I want, sometimes I look at the keyboard out of habit... only now, those labels are too faint for me to see. Not a show-stopper, but something that I didn't expect. I also miss the wrist rest that was on my previous keyboard (again because my hands are kind of big). I assume Logitech wanted to reduce the footprint of this keyboard as much as possible, but I wish they had least made the wrist rest an option, so the user could choose for themselves... surely a wrist rest wouldn't have added much to the production cost/end price of the product. For gaming, the keyboard is a homerun. The action of the keys are short and precise, so you know when you've actually pressed the key. The ability to completely customize the color of the keyboard, down to an individual key, is extremely useful when you need to highlight certain keys and/or ignore others. You can also download pre-programmed settings for particular games or use pre-set animations... all using Logitech's GHUB software. Some of the animations are quite amazing. Although it has taken some getting used to, I'm quite pleased with this keyboard. The only ding I would give it is the absence of a wrist rest, but other than that, it's a very nice product that seems to be built for alot of use. I would recommend this to anyone in the market for a nice gaming keyboard.

  • A fantastic keyboard for all!

    from Best Buy US on 3 septembre 2019

    I'm in love with this keyboard! I've used my fair share of different mechanical keyboards over the years, but this one by far is my favorite for build quality, design, key feel, sound, and more! The build quality blew me away with this keyboard. It's extremely low profile, has a good weight to it, and just feels like it's built like a tank. There's a nice metal plate the runs the entire surface of the keyboard, and the buttons have a great response feel to them and the audible click sound is different from everything I've heard before and is very pleasant to the ears. I found myself wanting to keep typing more and more just to keep experiencing the feel and sound of this keyboard. I'm also a fairly fast typist and find myself making less mistakes on this keyboard since it feels like my fingers are almost just floating above the keyboard and dancing on the keys. It's such a different feeling from all the other mechanical keyboards I've used in the past. You'll definitely get the most out of this keyboard by downloading the Logitech G-Hub software. The software allows you to fully customize the lighting and create as many profiles with macros as you want. This allows you to setup your 5 macro "G" keys on the left hand side of the keyboard relative to the specific task or program at hand, allowing the macro keys to automatically morph to what you're doing at the moment. Gone are the days the keys can only be programmed to do a single thing. You can program each G key to do a specific thing depending on what profile or program you're running, really opening up the options. The software easily updates itself and makes updating the firmware for the keyboard quick and painless as well. Overall, I'm just impressed. There's almost nothing I would change on this keyboard. I prefer a hardwired keyboard, although there is a wireless option if you want that. The media volume roller could use a physical index bump so you knew how much you were scrolling, but it's not a big deal, it's just my preference. In terms of unboxing, one side note there as well was the wire twist ties wrapping the cord. I was unable to untwist with my fingers and needed pliers to get them off. Whatever machine they use to put those on should be a little less aggressive. All in all though, I'm extremely satisfied with this keyboard and can't wait to keep typing and using it moving forward!

  • Great Gaming Keyboard

    from Best Buy US on 27 août 2019

    The Logitech G815 is a very nice and satisfying keyboard to own. Out of the box, it's aluminum finish top feels very substantive. While the bottom half of the keyboard is made of plastic, the entire thing still has some weight to it which is kind of a nice thing. Being a wired keyboard, it's not expected that you'll be running around your living room with it, but that it will sit somewhere fairly regularly. For performance, this wired keyboard performs as expected and on par with other wired gaming keyboards. This keyboard comes with 4 macro settings and 5 programmable keys. The Logitech G Hub software allows you to set pre-programmable settings based on program so you don't even have to pick a macro setting. It will automatically activate based on the program that opens. Another nice function is that this keyboard will deactivate keys that you determine if you desire should they be problematic during game play (think the windows key). The keyboard RGB lighting is fully programmable per key which is not particularly unusual for a high end gaming keyboard, but is still very enjoyable to experience. Another great feature is the volume scroll wheel which is a bit large for my taste, but some may find this an added benefit. It's more like a scroll log than a scroll wheel, but it serves as a nice way to quickly adjust the volume. Finally, the keyboard comes with an added USB port which can be plugged directly into your keyboard. The keyboard USB cable splits at the PC end which is where the two accessories separate. In conclusion, the Logitech G815 is an excellent keyboard for gaming. It does come with a high price tag which may deter some buyers, but for those who are serious about gaming and value the quality and precision of their keyboard, it won't. Pros: -Quality build -Aluminum top -Customizable gaming keys and macros -Key travel (long) and responsiveness -USB connection directly from keyboard Cons: -Price -No built in wrist rest

  • Everything I Need

    from Best Buy US on 26 août 2019

    For me, this keyboard has everything I need...and then some. I love the slim design and overall look. It's a sleek design and feels very well made without being clunky or over the top. The programmable keys are second to none in terms of other keyboards I've used. I feel like the simplicity of setting everything up puts the G815 over the top. For the most part, I've had no issues with connectivity, although the Logitech G HUB is not my favorite set up, it works. It isn't a big enough complaint for me to take off a star for what is an incredible slim and durable keyboard that meets all of my quality requirements.

  • Logitech and choices

    from Best Buy US on 24 août 2019

    Logitech - G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with GL Clicky Switch The Logitech 815 is a new design I have not seem from Logitech before. It is clearly a gaming keyboard with it individual RGB lighting, macro keys and ability to defeat the windows key. It also includes a USB passthrough and some very easy to use multimedia keys. The new design is the thin low profile format that is both modern looking and a departure from the standard designs we have had forever. My current gaming keyboard has a padded wrist rest. The logitech with its low profile doesn’t need a wrist rest which is nice and frees up room on your desktop. An interesting feature is also the G815 can be had with three different types of Logitech’s GL mechanical keys. The version I have is called the GL Clicky. This has a pleasant audible click and tactile feedback. They also offer GL Tactile with a bump when pressing down and a GL Linear that is claimed as completely smooth. I do like the Logitech GL mechanical keys and I use one daily in my office. If there is one thing I wish Logitech would have changed is the need to use up two USB ports. Some smaller computers might not have the extra USB port. And it also makes the cable thicker. I have another Logitech keyboard with full RBG lighting that works just fine using one USB connection. I suppose the second one is needed for the USB passthrough.The Logitech G815 looks great, has some of the nicest mechanical keys of any manufacturer and is a pleasure to use. The price does put it at the higher end level although, I am a big proponent of using quality peripherals for computers and especially gaming. Your keyboard, mouse and monitor are mostly what you interact with on a PC and can really make a difference that a slightly faster CPU might not even be noticed. And can also last through several upgrade cycles so choose them carefully. With Logitech products you almost can’t go wrong and now the options are even better.

  • Very nice keyboard and looks awesome

    from Best Buy US on 23 août 2019

    I have been looking to get a new keyboard for a few months and this one fit exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a mechanical keyboard and also one that I could get that familiar click with. That being said you should understand this before buying it. These are not silent membrane keys like most cheap keyboards. The keys are very responsive and I have used it to type as well as play games on my PC. I haven't had the chance to try hooking up to my XBOX One though to see if it works but fingers crossed I will be able to. Some facts about the keyboard: - It isn't light, the case feels like solid aluminum so taking it out of the box you immediately notice it has some weight to it. - The keys have really cool LED light features that can be customized via the Logitech app you can download. - By default it will do a wave color change which I thought was pretty cool or you can download custom color profiles, create your own, or download ones from other members in the community that they have created. - It has an extra USB port that allows you to plug a mouse or controller directly into the keyboard but it does require two USB plugs still at the back of your computer just saves you the need to fish two separate wires to your computer from your computer desk. - It has the ability to program various gaming profiles so you can have customer load outs for specific games if you like. Overall I am very happy with this keyboard and glad that I waited and shopped around. I have it paired with an old Logitech G-Series gaming mouse because my newer Logitech G-703 Gaming Mouse is in use on my laptop due to being wireless.

  • Logitech - G815 - GL Clicky

    from Best Buy US on 22 août 2019

    When I received my keyboard at the front door, the first thing that came to mind was how heavy the box was. The second I opened the box I was hit with how good the keyboard looks in person. It feels and looks solidly well-made. The USB cable on this keyboard shows the same characteristics. When I connected it to my computer with the two USB connectors (one for the keyboard, one for LEDs), the LEDs lit up with a rainbow wave animation, and it was beautiful. I already had the Logitech software on my computer, so getting to it and changing the animations, or even assigning specific colors to each key was a breeze. The software is easy to install from the Logitech site. They give you the URL on the instructions that come with it. The macro keys are simple to configure from the Logitech software. I had no idea that I could turn the LEDs down with the lightbulb key at the top of the keyboard, but have found that to be fantastic when the LEDs get too bright and I don't want to stop my game to turn them down. The volume scroller at the top right feels very solid and rolls freely. This is my favorite keyboard.

  • Stellar keyboard for gaming and productivity.

    from Best Buy US on 21 août 2019

    I have used numerous keyboard's over the past few years and this may truly be one of my favorites. My daily driver years ago was the OG Logitech G15. I had both revision's as well. Still have a revision 2 with the Orange/Amber back-light's to this day on a secondary computer. On my current gaming PC I was using a Corsair K65 and when I got this I had a K68 RGB, both excellent clicky cherry red keyboards. This Keyboard is something else. It's actually quite loud which doesn't really bother me after coming from Cherry Red switches in both my keyboards. It does seem a fair bit louder. The RGB on it is really nice and I like that there's 4 levels of it. controlling it through G--HUB is pretty easy and it integrates nicely with the G903 and PowerPlay mouse pad I already have. The G-Hub software does seem fairly user friendly. I haven't played around with it a lot though. As I had the LGS on it at the time I did have to restart my PC before it would charge my G903 Lightspeed mouse on the PowerPlay Mat. Once restarted though I had no issues. With the software I do appreciate the pre-loaded Backlight options. Some of them are definitely more Form over Function. I haven't setup any Macro's yet but I will probably do so at some point for a few games that I play like Diablo, APEX, Fortnite etc. One thing that is a drawback is the secondary actions of keys. It would be nice if when pressing the Shift key the secondary actions would illuminate. As it is, unless you're working with a light you're not going to be able to make out these actions as they are not illuminated with the rest of the key. This could be seen as a major limitation for some users, especially those that don't have the key's and actions memorized. It's will probably take a bit more getting used to but the difference in the low profile keys definitely makes a difference. I was going to consider using it for my work as a replacement to the Kingston HyperX I'm using but I think the GL Clicky keys would be a a fair bit too distracting to those around me. Don't get me wrong though, I love loud clicky keyboards. The biggest thing to overcome is the low profile nature of the keys. I find myself having a bit of trial and error with finger placement. One of the other reasons is the Caps Lock key which has the recessed style.on part of the key. I'm used to this being on the opposite side on the Enter Key so it throws me off. As for responsiveness so far though, I've found myself running into a greater amount less of mistype's on the keyboard. I played of good deal of Destiny 2 over the weekend to get a feel for the keyboard and I have to say, I think I may never go back to full height keys. If you're in the market for a fast responsive keyboard I'd say you need look no further. I wasn't able to get a decent photo with the backlight on sadly, rest assured though, it looks fantastic and it's plenty bright for any application.

  • Best Flagship Keyboard on the Market

    from Best Buy US on 20 août 2019

    This new mechanical keyboard from Logitech is quite literally the best mechanical keyboard I have ever used. When I first typed on it, I felt the same enjoyment and pleasure of my first mechanical keyboard. I have switched between multiple keyboards throughout the years ranging from Corsair, to Razor, and even DAS keyboards. This is the first Logitech mechanical keyboard I've owned and I'll have to say that this might be the last keyboard I will invest in. It hits all the highs of what I would consider a flagship keyboard and exactly what I'm looking for to enhance my everyday usage. For starters, this keyboard includes everything you'll need and more. There are 5 different programmable macros with 3 different profiles. Now if that wasn't enough, you can also assign G-Shift macros to each of those keys (macros where when you press an assigned G-Shift button like from your mouse would perform a different action). That gives you a total of 30 different profiles - an insane amount of macros. Logitech has gone out of their way to make the software as easy as possible to use. You're able to switch between profiles on the fly, as well as have the game control your profiles for you. This means you can have 30 different profiles PER GAME, not just 30 profiles overall. I can't even describe how exciting it is to be able to control that. I can now game and program without having to worry about using macros that are game specific. Having this keyboard really encourages you to also have a Logitech mouse to integrate with their software fully. As far as aesthetics go, this keyboard looks minimalist and does not look extremely bulky like their competitors. Each key can have their own separate RGB lighting giving you full customization. There are multiple cool presets from the Logitech software that you can use. The 'Clickyness' from the keyboard is noticeable, but not overly loud. I would say it's just a bit louder than a Razor Blackwidow Stealth, but not as loud as the cherry reds from Corsair. Each click is unavoidable though, no matter how gentle you press you will get the same loudness every time. Overall, this is the keyboard to get if you cannot find the right keyboard. Between gaming and productivity, this keyboard provides it all. I might even say I'm typing faster with this keyboard, but that may be a placeble effect. I will say I am enjoying typing on this the most, and it might be because of how low the keys site compare to all the other mechanical keyboards. If you're on the fence about this keyboard, think about all the things you hate about your current keyboard and buy this keyboard instead.