Logitech G815 Backlit Mechanical Clicky Gaming Keyboard - English


  • Blown away by the subtle clicky-ness
    by noyie

    on January 5, 2020

    This keyboard is really amazing. I've always been a keyboard snob and couldn't find anything I liked more than my Razer BlackWidow, however this beats it in every regard. Colors look beautiful, the key press is really nice with just the right amount of responsiveness, and it's a decent amount quieter than most other clicky keyboards, so the office mate is happy too. Would highly recommend this one!!

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  • mostly happy
    by Casanova

    on January 4, 2020

    It is not recognized by logitechs gaming led control program.. but besides that i am happy

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  • Great keyboard for gaming!
    by Moll23

    on January 3, 2020

    My grandson loved this keyboard! He has a lot of control and fast fun keys to play his games!

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  • Gray keyboard for beginners
    by Carlos1

    on December 22, 2019

    The keyboard is nice for gaming if you are serious into gaming

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  • This keyboard (G815) vs G915
    by DDXDDX

    on December 17, 2019

    I returned this keyboard for the wireless version (G915) because it went on sale, otherwise I would have kept this one. There are some details that no one seemed to notice: 1. The aluminum top is different. It is horizontal brushed on the G915, and matte anodized finish on this wired G815. I personally like the wired's finish better, more elegant imo. 2. I was using the "Ripple" effect on G Hub software for the keyboard's lighting (rainbow lights emanating from key presses). I noticed that the effect is much slower on the wireless G915 when you type fast (I am a touch typist). I'm guessing because being wired with infinite energy allows the keyboard to run the little lighting processor faster. So if the top aluminum finish and/or the speed of the RGB lighting processor is important to you, just get this wired version. The wired version also provide you with USB pass-through if you need that kind of thing. I have decided to keep the wireless version because I can use the awesome clicky keyboard experience with my iPads or mobile phones, otherwise I would just stick with this wired version.

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  • Great
    by EBEB

    on December 13, 2019

    Love the lighted keyboard, I don't know how I lived this long without one.

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  • The best keyboard in the market, but not comfy
    by Pajama

    on November 23, 2019

    This keyboard is the best keyboard I have ever owned, you want fast? This is for you, you want pleasure from typing this i for you! But if you don't have a wrist rest or your keyboard is positioned too low then it'll hurt after an hour using this.

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  • Love the low key mechanism of this keyboard !!

    from Brampton on November 19, 2019

    Got the tactile one this week and love the way it feels while typing. The low key mechanism does not compromise on the key travel and the RGB lights are a treat to watch as i type on them. 5 stars and recommend to get it in Best Buy... !!

  • Great keyboard!
    by Drew

    on November 17, 2019

    If your looking for a gaming Keyboard this is the one to go with. It has the best feeling and very comfortable

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  • Great keyboard.
    by dacosta

    on November 15, 2019

    I have used many mechanical keyboards and I enjoy typing on this keyboard. It has a very mechanical feel with just about the right amount of sound.

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