Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Home Hub - Only at Best Buy


  • Best remote ever

    from Saint John  on 12 octobre 2019

    I have had several Harmony remotes over the past 10 years. Hook up was easier than anticipated. Works very well and is flawless. Would recommend this remote without hesitation.

  • very easy to setup and works great.

    from Best Buy US on 29 septembre 2019

    I like the sleek look and feel of the controller. It probably does more than I ever need, but it's still great!

  • Great

    from Best Buy US on 27 septembre 2019

    It's nice to have only one remote to use. Sometimes it gets confusing to have 3 or more remotes to use.

  • Great Remote

    from Best Buy US on 27 septembre 2019

    We bought it because it works with Alexa. We already had a Harmony but the Hub added more functionality. We can tell Alexa to turn up or turn down the volume for example. It works well.

  • As long as it keeps working, it's great.

    from Best Buy US on 20 septembre 2019

    I could never have set it up. Fortunate to have an IT son-in-law to set up and be here for any needed tune up. My wife can now access whatever program she wants, even when I'm not home, through Lexa voice commands.

  • Simple set up

    from Best Buy US on 19 septembre 2019

    I have use harmony remotes for years and this is a great deal for the price. Everything at the touch of a button

  • Very good product

    from Brampton  on 15 septembre 2019

    Set up was relatively simple and the app is very convenient. The fact it’s Bluetooth allows it to work very well without the need of line of sight. I use the included ir blaster to control the tv, all other components in the cabinet work off the hub. I would give it 5 stars if it migrated from my other Logitech remote, which it didn’t. I got this on sale for half price, very good value.

  • Not too great

    from Best Buy US on 15 septembre 2019

    Very disappointed with this product being so pricey. I bought the other one with smart remote

  • Great product

    from Best Buy US on 14 septembre 2019

    Simple, but powerful remote and since it uses radio frequency (RF) you don’t have to point it at your TV and it can operate devices hidden in cabinets. Far superior to IR remotes. Great value compared to alternatives. Remote systems that operate multiple devices at once have a complex job to do (e.g. turn on cable box, sound bar and TV to watch TV.) So a little patience is required to set up. Once set up though, it’s very simple to use you never have to think about it again.

  • Love it

    from Best Buy US on 13 septembre 2019

    Love the way this set up connects several things in the push of a button. Feel like watching a movie, 1 button turns on my tv to the blu-ray setting, turns on the player and the sound bar system. Love it!