Margaritaville 1.06L 450-Watt Frozen Drink Maker


  • Bad design

    from Canada on 28 août 2019

    I read a number of favourable reviews and watched videos on this product. Used it twice. Had enormous problems getting the blender pitcher in and out. Best Buy was great about returning it.

  • Don't expect Customer Service from Margaritaville

    from Calgary, AB on 19 juin 2018

    Just received my Margaritaville Mixer. Very happy with the product, although out of the box I noticed that the color of the Lid is a mustard Yellow. Not a match for the rest of the brilliant Green. It looks odd. I decided to contact Margaritaville to see if they could just send me another one. I was shocked at the lack of customer service I received from them. Just a note back saying, "sorry we don't have any other colors at this time". I know this is a menial issue, but I expected more of a resolution than a..too bad, so sad response.

  • Magaritaville

    from EDMONTON on 17 avril 2017

    I have wanted one of these frozen drink machines for a very long time. I now own one and love it. You can make any concoction you can think of in it from a smoothie to a cocktail of your choice. Would suggest this machine to anyone interested in getting one.

  • Margaritaville

    from Surrey, BC on 26 octobre 2016

    Bought this as a birthday gift for my son-in-law!! He's been wanting one for a long time and will be thrilled with it!! I can just imagine all the yummy concoctions he will make!! His two little boys will be the first in line to taste test!!

  • 1 Year Update

    from Newmarket, ON on 13 octobre 2016

    We've been making between 4-6 Slushies (32oz.) using a tray of ice for each for almost a year now. The Margaritaville is still going strong. We drink less coffee, less beer and saved a ton of money. Use Dasani flavour sugar, no calories. Excellent investment. Never thirsty or dehydrated. Every home should have one of these.

  • Pretty good first impression.

    from Newmarket, ON on 2 novembre 2015

    Got one today and have made 4- 32oz. drinks so far, therefore can't speak to the durability of the unit, but it seems very solid FWIW. A previous device produced beautiful snow like drinks/ slushies but would only last my wife and I about a month before they broke, we've gone through 2 units since the beginning of August. Way too much hassle. This one seemed to not produce the snow like texture we were looking for, however. the "mixer" in the catch cup/pitcher is better described as a "blender" in my opinion. I may be doing it wrong as I am still new but have found that by using the manual modes I can achieve more "snow like" results. I grind till the blades are covered then blend for a few secs(no liquids) grind some more and repeat until the measured amount of ice in the hopper is gone. Then I add the liquids to the ice and blend for a few seconds. If "snow like" isn't your goal then this is one fast machine. Getting "snow" will take a little more effort as the ice blade is not adjustable. That's my take so far anyway. We like it!

  • Great Buy!

    from Happy Valley, NL on 2 juillet 2014

    Awesome buy.. Great for kids and adults :)

  • wonderfull

    from MontrĂŠal, QC on 17 décembre 2013

    I have been using my machine nearly every day since i got it. christmas, new years parties are upon us and now i am ready with recepies , ice, juces, and an array of alcholic bottles......yesss. i really like this machine. it looks and feels like a good quality onenow and then my friends and i have a ladies night together, with our own drinks. it really is fun we wer ent doing this before.

  • Amazing

    from Burlington on 24 juillet 2012

    Efficiently and thoroughly used it for a staff event and it was a big hit