Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Wireless BlueTrack Keyboard & Mouse Combo (L3V-00002) - English


  • not worth it at all

    from North Vancouver, BC on December 9, 2018

    just one year worked and then all the plastic component unstuck and melted. truly turned to a garbage

  • Great keyboard, wish the mouse was as good.

    from Dartmouth, NS on August 16, 2018

    Had this set for about 6 months, the keyboard was smooth, and with little key travel, excellent for typing... the mouse was another story, kept missing clicks, then would double click for almost no reason at all... dumped it in the garbage and bought the 5050. See if this one is any better...

  • Feels good, misses characters

    from Ottawa, ON on May 2, 2018

    Nicely designed keyboard, very easy to type, and a nice ergonomic shape. But the thing keeps acting as if it's going to sleep so if you don't use it for a short time the first character you type will not be typed, it just wakes up the keyboard or the wireless connection. You'll miss the first letter of sentences. Your logon will usually be wrong due to the character missing. Other people have tried updating drivers, replacing batteries etc with no success. Very disappointing. Not recommended.

  • Good design, cheap execution

    from Vancouver, BC on June 1, 2017

    I liked the keyboard as 'introductory' version of a full ergonomic design, and appeared to be a good deal. One month in and mouse no longer working, half a dozen key-sticking issues each day, finding I really have to pound on the keys harder or keystrokes get missed, mouse no longer connecting. Very disappointing... will be returned.

  • Not really "ergonomic", but a good keyboard

    from Ottawa, ON on May 22, 2016

    Other than a minor curve to the keyboard, it really isn't that much different than a standard one. The keys have a lot of travel and feel fine, although not much different that most other keyboards. The mouse is pretty much standard in shape,but long: I could not comfortably reach the button without stretching, which caused strain over prolonged use. As I am used to laptop sized-mice (like the Microsoft 6000) this one was not ideal. The mouse button has a swipe feature that allows you to program different actions for "swipe up" and "swipe down". It wasn't as precise as I would like but also did not get triggered by accident at least. The thumb scoop is nice, but again, it is not really that much different from any other mouse. Be advised that this uses a usb dongle, and is not bluetooth. The stand-alone version of this mouse is bluetooth, however. Overall, it is a solid mouse and keyboard, but not really much different than any other brand-name one.

  • Well worth it!

    from Ontario on January 5, 2016

    Everything is as advertised. All positive except for two aspects: mouse is a bit small and the keyboard is not as smooth as I have used before.