Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Bluetrack Desktop (L5V-00002) - English


  • 1 year in and very disappointed!

    from Toronto, ON on February 28, 2019

    Purchased this product and it worked well, till left click on mouse takes 4-5 times to register, purchased 1 year ago. Called Microsoft as their warranty is 3 years. They want me to ship all parts back, pay for shipping and after they get it, wait 7-10 business days for replacement! Are you kidding me?? This keyboard and mouse is used for work, so I guess I'm to take 3 weeks off once it's all said and done? Very disappointing, use a brand that actually provides a good customer experience!

  • Could be better

    from Kitchener, ON on June 12, 2018

    At first it seems very well made, heavy and solid. All the battery covers are magnetic and it has a general premium look and feel. Mouse is pretty comfy and the wheel has a perfect feel to it, very convincing scrolling (not the free scroll that i hate). However the fact that it is a "made in China" product is noticeable as you begin using it. I had to replace the first set as the wheel when tilting to the right was sticking. The other set i got, the left button was a bit too lite to the touch and would get pressed just as my finger was resting on it. Didn't notice that on the first set i got. So it's a hit and miss. The back button is small and it's in line with the mouse body so you can barely feel the indentation where you are supposed to press, not easy to find it and use it. Instead of just pressing it with the thumb i end up squeezing the mouse from both ends to press it. The forward button not existent. I thought i would set up the wheel tilt left and right to be back and forward buttons in the browser but the "Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse Center" doesn't seem to allow that. I set the "microsoft" button to act as a forward button. Very awkward. Will have to see if there's a different way to change functionality. Keyboard looks very sleek. As you start using it some little things come out that could be much improved though. All the regular keys are great and have a good feel to them. Keys seem a bit further apart then on my previous Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. Will probably get used to it, no biggie. But the function keys are a disgrace, they are small, unconvincing and some even get stuck. It's something you would expect from a calculator you get at a dollar store not a 100 dollar ergonomic keyboard! Doesn't seem like there was any reason to make them like that at all. F5 that i use the most used to be on the corner where the keys separate on the ergonomic 4000 keyboard but now it's second from the corner, again will have to get used to it. I will give this set a chance though. I really want to like it. The num pad being separated allows you to keep your mouse closer to the keyboard but I personally am missing that right bottom corner Enter key that was there when you needed it.

  • Wireless sucks

    from Burnaby, BC on April 15, 2018

    I started to get a bit of forearm and wrist pain when typing on my normal keyboard so I upgraded to ergonomic. I started with the surface ergo keyboard, but got annoyed with how it seems to time out after not using it a minute then would have a few second delay when i would start typing. I thought maybe it was just a bluetooth problem so I exchanged that for this sculpt keyboard. I really like the feel of the keys on the sculpt and surface keyboards, but the sculpt also has a similar timeout issue where if you don't use it for ~30 sec it won't register your first keypress. I get it they are trying to save your batteries, but this is really annoying. I returned the sculpt and got the natural wired microsoft keyboard. I really don't like the feel of the keys nearly as much on the "natural". You have to press pretty hard, but the shape is nice. They really need a wired version of the sculpt or surface ergo keyboard. That would be perfect.

  • USB Breaks Easily & No Replacement

    from Burlington, ON on September 25, 2017

    While I did love the mouse and keyboard, the USB receiver that goes into your computer is much longer than most and sticks out quite a bit which lends to it easily being broken. As there is no replacement available for it the entire set is now useless. Very disappointing. Until they create a different/more streamlined version of the USB receiver that is a little more sturdy and can hold up better to daily use I wouldn't recommend buying this set.

  • Single point of failure problem

    from Vancouver, BC on May 10, 2017

    The USB dongle/communicator is a single point of failure this of the device. It's very sensitive and if it doesn't work all parts will be garbage. It happened to me and I recommend avoid it or you should replace all parts and wasting your time and money. I called Microsoft and asked them to design a reliable dongle and add a spare USB dongle/communicator to respect customers time and money. I have not received any feedback. I recommend to avoid it.

  • No replacement for USB

    from Montréal, QC on February 19, 2017

    This set is great, very comfortable etc. But be AWARE: if you loose the USB receiver, or if it gets damaged, there is NO replacement. In other words: if the warranty is over (1 year), there is no way of getting a replacement for it. If you still have the warranty, you can ship the whole set back to microsoft and they will replace it (the keyboard and the mouse). This is so absurd. There you go, microsoft being stupid over and over.

  • Soft, functional keys; ergonomic layout; easy to get used to

    from Oakville, ON on November 14, 2016

    After going through four keyboard sets from various companies (including others by Microsoft), this by far wins the race. That is why I was impelled to write a review. Quick notes: - Keys are OK to write with long-sh nails - Erogonomic layout is good for wrists and the raised keyboard settings reduce pressure effectively - The split layout of the keyboard is suprisingly easy to get used to. Once trying the keyboard, I found I could get used to it right away with only small adjustments (i.e. i would normally hit the 'b' button with my right, as opposed to left, finger). Unlike other keyboards, this was easy to get used to. - The ergonomicness isn't overbearing. The mouse is awesome. It is natural on the wrists and big enough sot hat the hand isn't scrunching. I would buy this mouse alone as another mouse to use with my laptop alone, but a bit too expensive on its own for me... Feels great on the wrist. Overall, I would definitely recommend this to others.

  • Very pleased with purchase.

    from Campbellford on October 7, 2016

    After getting used to the ergonomic placement of the keys I was very happy with typing speed and accuracy. I do find that the position is more comfortable after a long work session. The mouse is also excellent once you get used to the motion and the position of the buttons. I like the back button and the Windows buttons as well. I found that the bluetooth dongle needed to be placed in one of the front USB slots to prevent signal loss and lag. Other than that, perfect product.

  • A great upgrade to my Microsoft 4000 ergonomic keyboard!

    from Dryden, ON on June 27, 2016

    I've been using the wired Microsoft 4000 keyboard every day at work for a few years now. Once you get used to the shape of these curved split keyboards, you really have a hard time going back to the regular flat ones! The Sculpt ergonomic wireless desktop set is a fantastic upgrade to my trusty 4000. It connects in a snap once you plug in the dongle. Would it be better as a Bluetooth combo? Sure would, but I knew I wasn't buying a Bluetooth setup here. That's the biggest negative I can say here, other than some may find it odd that the number pad is not connected to the keyboard itself, but is a standalone piece. I kind of like it. I can keep it out of the way when it's not needed that way. The keyboard itself has nice key travel, and a satisfying click on each keypress. The split spacebar also eliminates one of the biggest complaints most had with the 4000 keyboard - it didn't always press fully unless you hit the right spot. I haven't has a missed space on this one yet. They got it right this time. The function keys all serve dual-duty, and instead of a function lock key to flip between them, there is an actual hardware switch. The functions do all work flawlessly with Windows 10. If you use multiple desktops, the switch desktop hotkeys are great! The biggest thing I'm trying to get used to is the placement of the cursor keys and the delete/insert/home/end/pg up/pg down keys. Then there's that mouse. I have to say it, it's a bit of an odd duck. It feels kind of like cupping half a grapefruit in your hand, and some people are SURE to not like it. I'd guarantee that. I wasn't totally sold on it at first hold either. But after a few minutes, I could feel the difference in my wrist position. I think they were going for the 'vertical mouse' approach here, but it's just a few degrees short of where a vertical mouse should be. And there is nothing compact about it. But it DOES give a much better wrist position than a standard mouse, no doubt about that. It has the Windows menu button on top, something I've never really used on my other Microsoft mice, so that probably won't change now. It DOES include a back button on the left side below the menu button though, which would be handier if it wasn't in a slightly awkward spot to actually press. I've found most of the time that in trying to press it, I'll also (naturally) squeeze the outside of the mouse, invoking a right click. A better spot for it would have been to the outside edge, so you would press it by rolling your thumb out and pushing down into the surface the mouse is sitting on ... instead of pressing into a right click by effectively 'squeezing' the mouse. Oh, another nice little add-on is the keyboard riser, to lift the leading edge of the keyboard to improve your wrist position, depending on where your keyboard is located relative to your body. On my old 4000, it physically snaps into the bottom of the keyboard - on the Sculpt wireless it sticks in place using magnets. Nice touch.

  • Great keyboard, mouse a little odd

    from Ottawa, ON on May 22, 2016

    The keyboard in this set feels great, with easy to use buttons that don't have as much travel as a standard one. The separate numeric pad is fantastic, and can be placed to the left side of the keyboard where I prefer. The split configuration really forces you to use a better posture and be more deliberate with your keystrokes, but you will also unlearn some bad typing habits that might cause otherwise cause discomfort in the long run. Two issues though: 1) Like many keyboards, the function keys have media functions (volume, etc), but instead of a separate "FN" key, this has a manual switch that you turn on and off to make your keys act as either media keys or function keys. Odd, and annoying. Adjusting volume is something I do often and should not have to flip a switch to do so. 2) The wrist pad is not removeable and shows signs of wear early if you rest your palms on it while typing. The mouse is large...and high. The "Windows" button at the top is not programmable, and seems kind of pointless...I could just use the one on the keyboard with my left hand. The second button is a little hard to press. The biggest issue though is that you absolutely must be able to get your chair/height in the correct position to keep your elbows at 90 degrees. If you cannot, the high mouse will force your wrist at an angle that will be uncomfortable. Overall, it is a nice set and worth the sale price but you need to commit a couple weeks to trying it out to make sure it is right for you.