Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Canister Vacuum (C3) - Curry Yellow


  • This U.S.A. customer drove two hours into Canada to buy this vacuum!

    from Lisbon, New Hampshire USA on August 3, 2019

    I couldn't believe the deal I found at Best Buy Canada for the Miele C3 Limited Edition! Since I live in New Hampshire within an hour or so from the Canadian border I decided to drive to the Best Buy in Sherbrooke Canada to make my purchase. I couldn't find this vacuum anywhere within the USA at this price, not even close and Best Buys in Canada won't ship to USA. Anyway, I want to mention a few things I like about this Miele C3 that other folks haven't mentioned so far. Regarding the floor attachment, I couldn't believe how good it is at picking-up debris on the sides! I saw some dust bunnies get sucked-in from the left and right side of the floor attachment. These dust bunnies were nearly 12 inches away from the floor attachment! I was vacuuming my hardwood floor at the time using maximum suction along with using a new bag and a new SF-HA 50 HEPA filter in place. Either way this should give you an idea of the serious suction power these Miele's have and how good the floor attachment is for side-pickup. Regarding negatives I could mention my C3 didn't include a HEPA filter nor an electrical connection for electric-powered floor attachments. I'm still very happy, very satisfied with my new Miele! Also, I didn't have to pay any duty fees at U.S. Customs at the border, I was happy and thankful about that as well!

  • Excellent Vacuum

    from York Region on July 31, 2019

    Excellent suction power that is adjustable. Good on hardwood and carpet. Love the extendable handle that allows you to set it for your height. Convenient storage section built in. Nice long and easily retractable cord. My last Miele was similar to this one and it lasted 20 plus years.

  • Best

    from Vancouver on July 30, 2019

    Powerful and lightweight

  • Simply the Best

    from Halifax on July 1, 2019

    Had many vacuums Dyson included. This unit hands down is the best for hard floors and area rugs. On board tools great suction and very easy to clean. First cord rewind that works. With two large dogs this has made keeping my house clean so much easier.

  • Vacuuming made easy

    from Ontario on June 19, 2019

    I love how easily it manoeuvres through the house. I love that I do not have to continuously unplug it to complete a section of the house due to the long, easily retractable cord. I love how it easily goes under my couch, beds and coffee tables. I love how the wand connects to the hard body for easy compact upright storage. Most of all I love the bragging rights I have with my husband because he had purchased our old expensive vacuum which I disliked from the beginning.

  • Miele c3 special edition

    from Toronto on June 4, 2019

    Works great! Great suction. I have a dog so, if money is no object get the one for pets, but at this price point, even if it breaks - it's half the price of the pet one. I would buy again. Accessory storage is handy - good design. Light weight. It does pickup pet hair that is not ingrained Bought on sale. If it lasts i'll probably splurge on a pet one down the road.

  • Meile -- Ideal Vacuum

    from Toronto, ON on May 13, 2019

    I just purchased the Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Canister Vacuum and find it ideal,. It is lightweight and maneuvers easily. Since the accessories (dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery brush) are on-board, they are always accessible and easily attach to the wand. When not using the wand, it fits into the canister and is always accessible. No going back to find where you left the wand. The company also offers additional attachments. I just purchased the 22" flexible crevice tool. Wow! It is so useful. I particularly like the six different power levels and the superior filter system. For me, the Meile vacuum is perfect and very versatile. I am so glad I purchased this vacuum.

  • Great machine

    from Coe Hill, On on May 9, 2019

    I really like the vacuum, it has good suction, I love how quiet it is and not heavy to move around. The long cord is a huge selling feature!

  • Disappointed.

    from Vernon, BC on August 6, 2018

    "These accessories, such as upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle, and dusting brush store easily within the canister for convenient access." Yes, they do so you can imagine how small these attachments are. Very disappointed in them. I have to work at it to get the long cat hair off the carpets. Does not pick up the way I had hoped for the price I paid. Would not recommend.