MiiU (TM) iPhone X XS 2018 Iphone 11 Pro 2019 9H Screen Protector, 2-Pack Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector


  • This product never arrived

    from Calgary on June 7, 2019

    I ordered this back in March, after three weeks nothing arrived so I followed up and they advised they would send a new one. I have still received nothing and it is June, and no correspondence from the seller. I have now given up and accepted that I am unlikely to see this product.

  • Disappointing - will not order online from Best Buy

    from Edmonton, AB on March 24, 2018

    I order the iPhoneX case and screen protector from the same seller and in one order. I did not received anything after several weeks. So I emailed the seller and they resent the package. The resent package takes 3 days to arrive which was fast. But the package only contained the case, not the screen protector. So I emailed the seller again. But it has been several days since I emailed them but I have not received the response from the seller yet. I am not sure the quality of the case yet because I an still waiting for the screen protector to buy my new iphone x. If the case and screen protector work good, I will write another review to give better score. Also orders from Online Only products can not be seen under my account. I have to search by Order Number to see the orders, which is not convenient. That is something should be improved for the web.

  • Extremely Disappointing

    from Victoria, BC on January 31, 2018

    I ordered this product 3 weeks ago and still have not received it, nor have I received a confirmation of shipping email. Although this happened, I still have been changed for this item. It said to allow 2 days/ 48 hours to let this product be shipped; that means my product would have been shipped 19 days ago... There is also no shipping information for this product. I was really disappointed in the way this company conducts their business and would not recommend to anyone.

  • Nice fit

    from Toronto, ON on November 3, 2017

    I ordered about 10 days ago and applied it today with my new Iphone X. It fits well. Nice Job. Highly recommend

  • 5 Stars

    from Ottawa, ON on October 30, 2017

    Haven't tried yet but shipping is fast and the screen protecotors look great.