Monster iSport Intensity In-Ear Sound Isolating Bluetooth Headphones with Mic - Blue


  • This product sucks!

    from Toronto on 6 septembre 2019

    This product stop working after 2 months. I tried to call the Canada number in the warranty an nobody ever answered. Terrible product + Terrible customer service.

  • The Worst Monster Since That Toilet Energy Drink

    from Toronto on 1 août 2019

    Calling these donkey trash is an insult to donkeys. These are worse than donkey trash. These are the equivalent of enjoying your career as a fourth grade french supply teacher. I hope the Monster brand, and their VP (probs Kyle Kyleson), enjoy these headphones while listening to Hinder continuously as the gates of hell open up and consume them. 1 star.

  • started out good........

    from victoria on 5 juillet 2019

    Monster isport intensity headphones are great when you first start using them they sound pretty good then it is all downhill from there. the first problem was continually having to reconnect them with my phone and watch. they are suppose to be good in rain and sweat proof which neither is true. the first set i had lasted 3 month they just stopped turning on. monster's customer service is not great i was told i needed to send everything back or i wouldn't get a replacement set (which by the way takes 3 months or more) that wasn't mentioned of course. after spending a small fortune to return them as you have to put insurance on them otherwise if they get lost you won't get anything. i got the new set after waiting months that set pretty much followed the same but only lasted just over a month. at that point i cut my losses and got a pair of jaybird freedom wireless which have been much better

  • Not much power

    from Winnipeg on 24 juin 2019

    Expectations not reach. Not bad for what i bought it. It's not that loud thinking that it's already an earphone. Good for second device.

  • Work Well

    from Ontario on 21 juin 2019

    I've only had them for a week but they work well and fit into my ears nice. Sound quality is good. I wear them under my helmet while on my motorcycle. Not the best for sound isolating and a lot of wind noise still gets through. Have on max volume to hear which is not good for my ears.

  • lousy customer service

    from Rocky Mountain House, Alnberta on 10 juin 2019

    My wife bought a pair of these for me for Christmas. They worked great. About 4 months in, they quit. I returned them to Monster for warranty replacement - at my cost - 2 months ago. Since then, they have disappeared into the void. My many emails to customer support have gone unanswered. I find that I rarely have received such poor customer service. Wish I had bought the Bose.

  • Work Great

    from Calgary, AB on 1 avril 2019

    3 of us in our house have these headphones and they work great!

  • These are a disappointment

    from Vernon, BC on 24 février 2019

    These were awesom for about 2 weeks then they started glitching really bad. They cut out all the time when I run. Cannot even use then unless i am right beside my computer or phone but out of the house they are glitchy

  • Not Sweat-proof

    from Barrie, ON on 22 février 2019

    These headphones are not at all sweat-proof. I use them at the gym and on the bike. The first pair died due to sweat contamination within a week (2-3 bike workouts). I got them replaced and after one and a half rides, they were broken. For the steep price, I would expect more. Otherwise, they stay in my ears well, and sound decent. The sweat-proof was the selling point, for me. The contacts for the connector showed green oxidization after just a day, one workout. No good for those who do not sweat, but rain.

  • Garbage Headphones, buy something else

    from Windsor, ON on 19 février 2019

    Don't waste your money on these. My girlfriend and I both had our headphones die withing a year. If you get any sweat on these they exhibit a horrible static in the sound. Eventually they will just refuse to charge or turn on . We lost our original receipt so we were unable to get them RMA'ed.