Motorola 5" Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras and Night Vision (Comfort75-2)


  • Good monitor, but does not fully tilt

    from Saskatchewan on November 26, 2019

    Remote pan, tilt, and zoom functions help you keep close watch on various corners of the room. This is what the Best Buy website says. I was so thrilled that this baby monitor went on sale because our current one was starting to fail. After setting it up I realized that it remotely pans and zooms quite well, but does not fully tilt and I’m quite disappointed. On the product box it says remote pan scan, digital tilt (digital might be limited, I’m not sure). I’m tempted to return this monitor because it was not as advertised on the Best Buy website.

  • Good camera for the price
    by Sam15

    on November 15, 2019

    Easy setup, easy to use, good quality, picture could be a little clearer. Overall a really good product for the price.

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  • I strongly dislike this monitor

    from Whitby on October 24, 2019

    I very much disliked this monitor. The only positive aspect was the screen size and general feeling of the monitor itself and the range was solid. I did not like: 1. The battery only lasts one day. It needs to be plugged in EVERY NIGHT or else it will start beeping at you in no time at all. To add to that I found the charger cable came unplugged at random times. I thought the monitor was plugged in only to be woken in the middle of the night from the beeping. The previous monitor I had would last 3-4 days. 2. The resolution on the camera seemed really low and images were very grainy. 3. You cannot be notified by both cameras at the same time. I am expecting a new baby in a few months but still have a toddler using a monitor that still needs attention in the night sometimes so I wanted a monitor system that could notify me if either room had noise. This monitor will only notify for the room you are currently set on. For me this completely defeats the purpose of having multiple cameras. 4. The sound on the monitor has to be on at all times and the monitor doesn’t turn on with sound. This is probably why the battery dies so fast. There needs to be a sleep mode that shuts off the sound and video unless triggered by sound but this is not an option for this monitor. This monitor just did not work for me on so many levels I can’t wait to return it! Maybe these issues won’t be a problem for everyone but for me there are some serious deal breakers. Currently going to try Kodak.

  • Good Deal

    from  on October 22, 2019

    Cameras work very well. Monitor is fairly clear. My only complaint is the volume is very very low even when it’s maxed out. But we bought it on sale so I am happy with that purchase.

  • has great camera's
    by Joey

    on October 4, 2019

    dual cam's is great. I do wish the image wasnt so pixled. Will go to night vision on its own and not swap back over to color at times.

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  • Great Camera

    from  on October 3, 2019

    This camera is fantastic! The parent unit has a large screen with a very clear picture. I like how from the parent unit you can rotate the camera around and you can see pretty much see the whole room,music can be played through the camera with several different choices of songs,I just wish one of the choices was white noise. Some down sides to the camera is you can’t spilt screen to see two rooms at once,and there is no quick button to switch the camera view from one room to another. Overall the camera has been great and I would recommend this camera to a friend!

  • Very nice, compact unit
    by dogbate1

    on September 21, 2019

    Sorry to say, I had to return it. I needed something with a bit more range. At about 110 feet, it lost contact between the camera, and the monitor. If it had not lost contact, it was the perfect one for us. Very nice monitor, and cameras.

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  • Highly Recommended

    from  on September 18, 2019

    We have been using this baby monitor for our now 7m old. We like it very much as we can control the two camera sets using the same parent unit. We have placed one camera near the crib and another at the play area which we can just unplug and move around in the house when needed. We really like the remote pan scan feature as it allows you to remotely rotate the cameras left-right-up-down. This is so useful as early as when our baby starts to roll around at 5-6 mths. It is very easy to install and use to adjust the brightness,volume,switching between cameras,two-way talk and play lullabies. The infrared night vision is clear enough and the parent unit also shows the room temperature. Great product and we would highly recommend it to our friends!

  • Amazing Monitor

    from  on September 18, 2019

    I’ve been using this monitor for about a week now,by far a great product. So pleased with the night vision mode. The picture quality is great. The fact that it has 2 cameras is such a great help and I can monitor all 3 kids. Definitely a go to product.

  • Awesome monitor

    from  on September 18, 2019

    We got this camera in the mail last week,and I’m in love with it. It’s super easy to use,the camera quality is amazing,day or night! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a baby monitor :)