Motorola 5" Video Baby Monitor with Zoom/Pan/Tilt (MBP36XL-G2) - Only at Best Buy


  • Unsafe - audio & video issues

    from Hamilton on 29 juin 2019

    We purchased this model after doing a some significant amount research including reading customer reviews. Unfortunately we were severely disappointed in the quality of the unit despite its light use. After only a few uses the video has become unclear and freezes frequently. We have experienced the same phenomenon with the audio as well. These issues are occurring while using the monitor well within the recommended distance range. The result was a frozen video feed and poor audio (visual showed our baby was sleeping soundly) and in reality she was crying and flailing (we heard her in the house crying ourselves) and the monitor didn’t pick it up. This poses severe safety risks and we no longer trust the unit and will be replacing it.

  • Not worth the money

    from Sudbury on 2 juin 2019

    Have been using this monitor for 4 months and the screen doesnt work anymore . Doesnt want to charge. And many times the monitor screen would lose its connection with the cameras . Not worth buying this product.

  • Good product

    from Alberta on 4 mai 2019

    Have only been using it for few weeks but so far Day time and night time screen Are good picture quality . Haven’t had the issues of the camera disconnecting like other people said . The battery life last about 12 hours with screen not on at all times . Only complaint it didn’t come with the pod to mount somewhere like it said and there’s no holes on the back to mount on wall so had to rig something up.

  • Not worth the money

    from Barrie, ON on 18 février 2019

    Bought this on sale and it still wasn't worth the price. Purchased in order to have 2 cameras, mostly to keep an eye on my 3 year old in the basement. Camera has a rather long delay and sometimes freezes. The picture is just OK - no better than the 3 inch screen on my previous monitor. The cameras have a rather bright red flashing light, which is a bit disturbing for baby's sleep. The monitor also has bright lights across the top if it is on or charging - I have to turn it off so I can sleep as it is right in my eyes when on my nightstand. The range is OK, but I haven't gone too far yet. I have not had any issues whatsoever with the cameras disconnecting, as some people have found. I find it annoying that the monitor constantly switches back to the other camera - would be more helpful to automatically see both cameras when the monitor is turned on. I also expected to be able to mount the cameras on the wall easily, but it seems I will have to purchase additional hardware to do so.

  • Some other technical details you may be asking yourself

    from Val Caron, ON on 26 décembre 2018

    Not bad. We've owned a few Motorola monitors now. We purchased this one for the dual-cam-on-screen ability. Having two separate monitors just caused interference... so a few technical details you may be asking yourself: 1) The camera resolution isn't all that much better with the 5" screen. These things won't output a good resolution any time soon. That's not what they're meant for. They do have enough detail to tell if someone's eyes are open or closed, or if there is movement however. 2) Although you can see two cams at once, you can only hear from the camera that is highlighted in a red box. 3) I have a strong Linksys WIFI repeater at home and this camera doesn't seem to have any major interference with it. I've read other reviews where this wasn't the case, but i'm just sharing my experience. 4) When the monitor turns on, it selects a single camera only. I don't think there is a setting to have it turn on to a two-cam shared screen. It turns on to the last 'single-selected' cam. I.e. if you saw Cam2 full screen, then selected a shared screen, and turned off the monitor, it would turn back on the Cam2. Also, the last "single-view" camera ends up on the left side of the dual camera view. 5) The mic on the cameras does a better job at picking up higher tones. I have a low voice and it doesn't really pick it up. I can hear my wife just fine, and my kids moving and crying without any issue. The mic on the receiver is a touch weak in my opinion and you really have to speak into the receiver in order for the camera in the rooms to have an audible output. In other monitors we've had, we've had to whisper because the speaker on the camera is too sensitive. Not so with this unit. 6) Night vision is decent. Nothing better/worse than other Motorola units. 7) The screen on the receiver has a narrow field of view, meaning, it's best if you're looking at the screen head-on. It tends to get pretty dark if you view it from an angle. 8) The receiver unit has two small rubber stumps to stop it from slipping when tilted upwards for viewing. It could use a few on the back as well. The rear of the unit is rounded and made of plastic so it slips around easily. If you added a few rubber/silicone adhesive pads by yourself, it'll help your situation. Hope the review helped. Cheers,

  • Average

    from Scarborough, ON on 7 novembre 2018

    Monitor worked excellent in the first few weeks. After, it started to continuously disconnect. I've noticed that at times where the camera is half way to it's battery life, the connection will be lost. May I also mentioned that the camera has an extremely short battery life - about 30-40 minutes for each full charge. On the other hand, the monitor itself has a few hours of battery life when fully charged. Another thing to mention is that if there is more than one wall between the monitor and the camera, connection again gets lost. Overall, definitely not worth for the price. Project Nursery camera is half the price and works just as well. Good thing about it is that it has a very good pan/tilt feature, which however, does not always respond. The night vision is fare when the camera is about 3 metres away from the baby, but if it is close the quality is very good.

  • Junk junk junk

    from Keswick, ON on 24 septembre 2018

    I have a Lavana pan tilt already. Thought the image on the monitor was terrible...... until I bought this Motorola model. The screen quality pre-dates camera quality from a camera from the early nineties. The whole thing from connection to sound to picture quality is bad. This coming from a guy who thinks 4K is a scam.. I can’t believe they are actually selling this.

  • Doesn’t deliver on its promises

    from Headingley, MB on 6 septembre 2018

    After using this monitor and trying out all the features it fails to deliver on its promised features. It’s range is not as good as it claims to be. The white noise option which I really wanted is only good if you are okay with their one noise level which to me seems extremely loud. This is the only model (as told to me by the Motorola team) that does not have a volume adjust for the white noise. The noise detector bar on the top is always flashing green and red so it’s useless to use to see if the baby is making noise as it’s always flashing green and red. I really wish we never bought this or had taken it back, but we did not have time with a colicky baby to do so. Check online for these issues and research before buying.

  • Great Monitor, Terrible Battery Life

    from Calgary, AB on 2 juin 2018

    We loved this monitor but have been very frustrated as the battery has died twice in less than 2 years. Will be returning this item and will be purchasing another brand.

  • Great for monitoring teenagers as well!

    from Knoxville, Oklahoma on 8 mai 2018

    My teenage son, Archimedes, is in a rebellious phase. Insisting on being called Aidan, not studying until a week before the test, and painting his room an ugly blue for starters. I know Archimedes is hiding a girlfriend from me as he is rather attractive, but I haven't been able to catch him in the act. Using this baby monitor, I have been able to catch him: -Watching television after six pm -Staying up after nine-thirty pm -Reading illicit literature such as Harry Potter -Texting on a phone that I didn't buy him -Destroying the flip phone with tracker I bought him -Sneaking out the window -Studying for a class I didn't approve of -Writing applications for colleges I didn't approve of -"hanging out" with friends I don't know -eating non-vegan food such as oreos and pop-tarts I thank this baby monitor for helping save my boy from going down a dangerous path that would certainly destroy him. With this camera I will never let him out of my sight! :)