Google Nest Cam Wi-Fi Outdoor 1080p IP Camera - White


  • Stay Away

    from Edmonton on 28 mai 2019

    Camera works fine but what they don't tell you is that you have to buy a subscription in order to view ANY video except for live feed. You can't save the footage on your own computer without the subscription. So in short unless you pay Nest forever you will never be able to see what happened in your cameras history.

  • great camera, easy setup and works better than i expected

    from Saint Thomas, ON on 28 avril 2019

    Very easy to set up, and the phone app works very well. Very high quality video in the daytime, night vision is better than decent too! Extremely happy with this camera and thinking about getting another one (or two). Being able to talk to someone thru the camera is a bonus too! There is about a 3 second delay from live tho. The alerts to my phone are great and you can set up zones in the app to alert you to motion in only certain spaces. But I love how it can sense the difference between motion that is nothing, and a person. U do need to subscribe to have your video saved to the cloud, but very for peace of mind i find the prices for subscriptions very reasonable and affordable.

  • Constant disconnection

    from Delta, BC on 4 janvier 2019

    For a security camera there should be no disconnect unless your doing a scheduled maintenance. Like everyone who wrote a review about the same issue with the camera disconnecting randomly, sometime multiple times a day is true. I'm on telus optik 150/150Mbps and the actual throughput is 168/168 upon receiving the down alert notification. DO NOT BUY THIS NEST SECURITY CAMERA

  • works most of the time

    from Thompson, MB on 12 septembre 2018

    seems to be a bit slow and not clear at times. too dependent of internet conditions

  • not worth the money

    from Toronto, ON on 1 juillet 2018

    Bought it over a year ago and because the outdoor camera is limited to 2.4ghz, the connection constantly drops. I've bought a new more powerful router, upgraded the antenna's to high powered directional, try repositioning the antenna's, tried different camera quality settings and tried different router settings. Fact of the matter, if you live somewhere where everyone has a 2.4ghz wifi, look for a different camera. The disconnections are daily at this point and have been getting worst over time.

  • Beyond expectations for picture quality

    from Kelowna, BC on 13 mai 2018

    Checked the price of having security cameras installed by our security company and it was just too expensive with the streaming video feature, plus we would need to upgrade our monitoring service at additional cost. Instead, I researched cameras and decided to try 2 Nest cameras at Best Buy and the picture quality is far beyond expectation. The connection with wifi was quick to set up and the connection hasn't dropped which is great since we are away from our home and can check our house every day. We weren't happy with having the long cord plugged into the exterior outlet so we had it installed under the eave and ran the cord to the inside. The Nest cameras are small and not that noticeable We signed up for the 5 day streaming video from Nest Aware and feel it is reliable and worth the money.

  • 3 hour free history snapshot is bad

    from Surrey, BC on 15 février 2018

    At the first month you can view up to 10 days history event videos, but after that you will only able to view 3 hours history snapshot, NOT event videos, this is VERY bad, it's useless without viewing the event videos. Will be good if it's 3 hours free history event videos. NOT Recommended if you want to view history event videos...

  • Nest Outdoor Camera

    from Burnaby, BC on 8 janvier 2018

    Very pleased with product build quality, installation bits and pieces, instructions, set-up and performance. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Also, the AC power makes a better picture quality and improved reliability.

  • Not suitable for Ottawa winters

    from Ottawa on 27 novembre 2017

    After 3 months of use, and as winter came, it became apparent that this camera could not withstand the cold. It would work perfectly during the say but would fail at night. NEST tech support even wrote me an email to this effect so that I could return it. Great service but not appropriate for severe cold weather.

  • Good Product

    from Brampton, ON on 26 octobre 2017

    works amazing if you have a pretty good router with a good internet connection. ive been reading the comments that it dosent connect at all. you must have a terrible internet upload speed. nest it self says in its specs you need a minimum of 2 MBPS UPLOAD. and if your internet is crappy the service is crap. i got bell fibe 150mbps download and 50mbps upload. works like a charm. most "economical" internet packages serve terrible upload speeds