Google Nest Protect Wi-Fi Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Wired) (S3003LWEF)


  • High time Smoke Detectors Evolved

    from Vancouver on November 1, 2019

    Our old Smoke Detector was hardwired in our Kitchen and was always false alarming (really annoying). Bought the new Nest Protect and now we not only eliminated the false alarms but also have Carbon Monoxide detection as well. Really happy with the purchase. High time that Detectors evolve and get smarter!

  • Old Stock

    from  on September 23, 2019

    I still want to get these bu had to return the units shipped. These devices are marked with the manufacture date and expiry date. The units I received were 16 months old,while it seems odd the clock starts ticking from the date of manufacture with the expiry date predetermined I didn’t want to lose over a year of service.

  • It works

    from  on September 19, 2019

    I bought this with the plan of integrating it with my smart home system,only to find out that google removed that feature a week earlier. Still debating whether or not to return this..

  • These are great

    from Hamilton, ON on March 24, 2019

    Preemptively stopping sound and nightlight feature

  • Disappointing

    from Sherwood Park, AB on October 8, 2018

    When you read the manufacturer's literature it seems like a great product. However, keep in mind that this is only as good as the software that it depends on. Would you rely on Windows to protect anything you own? It has a nice app to check things remotely. However, it often will not communicate with my NEST products. Is this product only as reliable as the software that makes it work the way the manufacturer claims? Try to get technical support from NEST. Good luck with that! If the software is unreliable and the manufacturer doesn't respond to basic support needs, are you willing to trust this product?

  • Question

    from Toronto, ON on September 14, 2018

    Is this the 1st or 2nd gen Nest Protect?

  • not to code

    from Bram, ON on September 11, 2018

    So... after a lot of reading and reviewing. I ultimately concluded that NEST protect is what I wanted for my home (Brampton, Ont). Then started reading about how its not up to code. Called the city and spoke with the fire prevention department. They advised that that code hasn't kept up with rapidly evolving tech and as such NEST's wireless connectivity doesn't fit the fire code. A revision to the code to include wireless connectivity (as opposed to wired) is expected, but who know when that'll happen.. sucks...

  • Does not meet Ontario Fire Code

    from Sudbury, ON on March 26, 2018

    These smart nest detectors, although nice do not meet the Ontario Fire Code and will result in a failed inspection if you put them in a new construction. Buyer beware.

  • Doesn't meeting Ontario Building Code

    from Toronto, ON on February 20, 2018

    Don't buy this product. It doesn't meeting Ontario Building Code. My building inspector is unable to pass this product. She says light intensity is low.

  • Does this product meets Ontario Building Code?

    from Toronto, ON on February 12, 2018

    I have been having difficult time explaining my city of Toronto building inspector about smart features we have in this product but she is not convinced. She doesn't wants to be first person to approve it and asking me if this has been approved by any other inspector in city. Her concern is she has less information about this product and can't approve. I tried to provide all the specification I got from Next Canada about this product but she is not confident instead she wants a specific letter answer below questions. Which Nest Canada is unable to provide. Her specific questions are Please provide the document to confirm the installed sm/co alarms conform to 9.10.19 OBC, such as the light, colour and pulse characteristics conform the requirements of NFPA 72, the luminous of the alarms in the bed rooms shall be min. 175 cd etc Any help is appreciated.I have 5 of these installed and may have to remove and return.