Google Nest Wi-Fi Smart Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation - Stainless Steel


  • Super satisfied!

    from Red Deer, AB on February 9, 2019

    The Nest Thermostat is simply a great all-round little product. The install was super easy. I am no handyman, but the easy to follow instruction made it look like I was. The programming of the thermostat was also a breeze. I now have it on a schedule and, with Google Assistant, I can change the temperature by voice command. Sweet!!! The product is compatible with most furnaces, but it is always better to double check. Hang on the your receipt, just in case.. I have it since Jan. 2019 and I am super satisfied! Thanks Nest!

  • Installation a Breeze

    from Port Severn, ON on October 29, 2018

    Read the instructions and then watched the video. After doing both then followed the instructions and everything went as it should - very easy to install. Setting up was easy and understandable - have the Nest Thermostat on both my smart phone and laptop. Both applications work well.

  • Support is non-existent

    from Etobicoke, ON on June 19, 2018

    I needed professional installation because my system has a multi-speed fan. Setup an email through the nest website. Says that I will be contacted within 48 hours. Waiting over a month for the simply home installer to schedule an appointment. Nothing. When I call, the staff are rude, dismissive and arrogant. Emails are unanswered. Calls are useless. Don’t buy it if you need professional installation.

  • BEWARE!!!

    from Calgary, AB on June 6, 2018

    BEWARE!!! If you do not have a C wire - a DEDICATED power wire for the thermostat, IT WILL NOT WORK. You can believe what they say that you do not need one and upload a photo of the wires you have and they will still say it is compatible. IT IS NOT. NO Wi-Fi thermostat is compatible with no C wire. It will just shut down for hours to recharge itself and you will have no heat or A/C. Save youself the headache of researching it or calling in an expensive technician to tell you it needs a C wire. Installing a C wire is expensive and not an easy task - it is not worth it.

  • Fan

    from Oshawa, ON on May 3, 2018

    Heat cooling with gas heater aurconditioner duct work. Fan not being activated how heating fine. Programming ok

  • Enjoying my Nest.

    from Oakville, ON on February 17, 2018

    The thermostat has helped reduce my energy costs and I can access and adjust remotely with ease.

  • Great

    from Toronto, ON on January 16, 2018

    Doesnt sync with my google home at all

  • Great if it works...

    from Markham, ON on December 30, 2017

    i think all the new smart home technologies are great if they work. The idea of Nest is great i use it with the camera but the thermostat is very unstable. Doesn't matter if you turn off the "eco" mode, which is the saving energy mode, when the temperature drops outside in Canada, you want the heat to increase, it always maintain 22 degree even if the set point is 25. Freezing in the middle of the night because this so call smart system never turn the heat on. I have to tell my husband to reset it and reset it and reset it multiple times. Better use the old technology at least when you crank the thermostat up, the heat is on....

  • Nest Won't turn off heat

    from Etobicoke, ON on December 27, 2017

    horrible product. the nest thermostat wont turn off when you put the heat as "OFF", sometimes it will turn off but then 5 mins later it would turn the heat back on. Customer service sucks. this is my 3rd time lining up for a queue cause the 1st one i got "disconnected" the 2nd time i got in and the customer rep named "David" immediately ended our session. As of right now im lining up for the online chat. I'm also on the phone waiting for someone to talk to. 40 mins waiting time right now. HORRIBLE SERVICE HORRIBLE PRODUCT.

  • love it! works great

    from Etobicoke, ON on November 22, 2017

    don't get fooled by the price. it's a great thermostat. here's the run down.. easy to install. and it hooks up to your wifi. as you adjust the temperature in the house the Nest realizes what temp you like. so it effectively 'learns'. what I love about it is that you can be away and change the temp on your house. so you can be on a cruise in the Med and change your room temp at home via your smartphone. there are other appfs like "IFTT" that allow you to program the thermostat to change temps or send you an email if the temp rises or drops to a certain degree. check it out!