NETGEAR PowerLine AV2 1200Mbps Adapter Kit with Filtered Power Socket Pass-Through


  • Excellent product

    from Mascouche, QC on 16 février 2019

    This product is great. Easy to install and it works the way it should. I have installed 4 in my house to eliminate the lag from WI-FI. This product is a cheap alternative to wiring the whole house.

  • TPLINK AV1200 is better

    from Barrie, ON on 17 février 2018

    I purchased 2, the Netgear AV1200 and TPLINK AV1200. Tested them both. Both are no where close to 1200, With TPLINK I was able to get 130mbps download with a 500mbps rogers connection. But with Netgear, I could not get anything over 80mbps. I used the same two sockets for both the brands and within 2 minutes of each other. Returning back Netgear.. sorry...

  • Great Performance

    from Ottawa, ON on 5 janvier 2018

    Although this product supports up to 1200Mbps, it's very unlikely that you'll see those speeds when installed in your home. The average speed among consumers seems to be 300-600Mbps, but this is common across other powerline products also, not just this offering from Netgear. The setup is easy and takes very little time or effort to have an effective connection in place. The network connectivity has been extremely consistent for me, but make sure to place the adapters away from major appliances to avoid interference. Having the power socket pass-through is also a huge benefit for areas lacking addition power outlets. Overall, this is a great product that delivers exactly what I need.

  • Purchased locally

    from Victoria, BC on 23 septembre 2017

    I have tried a different popular brand, smaller adapter, but missing the pass-through feature. That really does make a difference, as these things do not work when plugged in extension cords or power need the outlet. And they're Big!! They take up space where other things have to be plugged in! This worked GREAT in our son has a PS4, which cannot see a 4G wifi connection. By the time the 2.4g wifi reached his room, it was still a respectable 30mbps, but not enough to hunt zombies. This delivered 175mbps hardwired on a 150mbps subscription. Pretty impressed.... I could add a wifi router to it if I wanted, but the hardwired link was all we cared about. Recommend.

  • Bad Design

    from j4w on 19 juin 2017

    Easy setup, works well (though I got 16 Mbps at best). My only peeve with this product is BAD DESIGN : the height of the unit above the pass-through is too high, such the power outlet above becomes unusable!

  • Great product

    from Stoney Creek, ON on 6 mars 2017

    Brainless setup, fantastic solution for hardwiring a network

  • Good product

    from Grimsby, ON on 9 janvier 2017

    Got this for our new desktop PC, already have a too many devices on our WI-FI so decided to try a more direct line, super easy setup, plug and play and the signal strength indicator on the unit itself (green light means strong, yellow is medium etc.) gives you an idea if the AC outlet is the correct one to be using. Also the AC passthrough is especially handy as you're not losing a plug. Only problem is it takes a few seconds for it to intialize whenever starting up again but minor quibbles. Will likely get a couple more for other rooms. Forget the one star review from chris, he obviously bought the wrong product as this is unit is made specifically for wired network connections rather than as a wifi extender. (*sigh)

  • Internet made easy

    from Oshawa, ON on 5 janvier 2017

    This product is as idiot proof as they come!! Both plug in units are the same so there is no confusion which unit connects with the modem and which unit plugs into your wall outlet to provide internet in the house. The speed of the data being sent via the house electrical system and the reliability of the system in the short time that I have had it in the house is as good or better than I had imagined when I first started to research the options to stream the internet in a 30 year old home.

  • Wow, Got this to wire connect a router across the house to the basement

    from Dildo, NL on 21 décembre 2016

    It was simple to set up... I just plugged the Adapter into the wall plug in the living room, ((NOT a power bar.)) Plugged the 2nd one in the far room in the basement. It is just like a wired gigabit Ethernet connection, but uses your in house power plugs. You can even run a long extension cord from an outside plug to the corner of your yard if someone tells you to play outside.

  • Working well

    from North Vancouver, BC on 13 octobre 2016

    I've had these for over a week now and they are working very well. I have my WiFi extender connected, using an ethernet cable, to the one nearest my computer and it works great with high speed and almost no disconnections. I previously returned a different brand of powerline extender because it was constantly losing the connection.