NETGEAR Orbi AC2200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (RBK23-100CNS)


  • Just works

    from Waterloo on November 9, 2019

    Does what it says on the box, within 12 mins of opening. Replaced existing router and powerline Ethernet. I hope it lasts forever.

  • Great Range

    from Brantford on October 25, 2019

    Used other wireless mesh in the house and this has been the best so far. Worth every penny.

  • New to Home Mesh Wifi

    from Ottawa on June 22, 2019

    Our Asus high-speed multi band router with extenders simply was getting overloaded with all our smarthome devices - even with only 2 people at home. I decided on the Orbi RBK20 router + 2 satellite pack after some extensive research on mesh wifi systems. Most of the lower cost systems are dual band and often don't have MU-MIMO whereas the Orbi had multiband and MU-MIMO. Even the in-store Geek Squad tech commented that the Orbi is head and shoulders above everything, including the much praised Velop - in particular he mentioned that the RB20 is easily the better overall product to the more expensive RBK50 set up. Setup was a bit troublesome, and I did end up having to call Netgear support, however as it was later in the evening, the wait time was only a couple of minutes and once I connected with a support tech, I found them to be very helpful. It took us about 40 minutes to get the router and internet access configured which included a reboot of my Fido high-speed modem. After than he even helped me set up the DNS for my VPN services. Once I got the router going, re-connecting all our devices to the new network was a breeze. I only have a couple of Echo Dots to connect now because I decided at 11pm at night to give it a rest. We are in a two-storey home, with the router located in the basement (one of the reasons for poor connectivity across my previous set up with 2 extenders). I have set up one satellite on each of the main and second floors in a zig-zag pattern as suggested by the support tech. I am still futzing a bit with location, but all seems very stable and very fast. The key pros I found with the Orbi include: - single network across the entire environment rather than the multiple networks under a router plus extender setup - excellent signal strength throughout the entire home. - streaming seems more reliable - mobile app - web-based control app much more intuitive and easier to use than previous web-consoles I have used - all 3 units - home router and both satellites, include 2 ethernet ports providing additional device connectivity options if you need them. There are one or two cons, however. - units are larger than other competing products (Velop, Google, etc.) - locating satellites will take some time to get it just right - setup was less intuitive than I would have hoped. I have attached a D-Link 8 port Metal GB switch to the router for all my attached devices (VoIP box, personal cloud drive, etc.) and the entire footprint for these two devices is smaller than the previous footprint of my Asus RT-AC87R router which was one big piece of kit. There are much, much less expensive products available and I was a bit unsure about dropping this much cash on home networking, however, now that it's up and running, I admit to being very happy with the end result. Overall, you'd be very hard pressed to find a home mesh wifi system with this level of features at this price point.

  • Garbage

    from St Catharines on May 31, 2019

    This product is a flakey piece of garbage! It worked great for the first week or two and then I did a required firmware update. After that, I’ve had nothing but intermittent, random internet network drops. Amazingly, this is the same, repeated complaint about the Orbi system that is posted over many forums and review pages. Netgear simply does not know how to fix this issue. When it works, it’s great. But it doesn’t often, at least twice a day! Returning it after three weeks of headaches! Buyer beware! Do your research and homework!

  • Quite painless install especially with Mobile App

    from Richmond Hill on April 19, 2019

    Like: Install took 10-15 minutes when first powered on. Mobile App (iPhone) is a big help. Have to restart satellites once. My desktop is located at deadspot with ~5 Mbps download and

  • So far, so good!

    from Mississauga, ON on April 6, 2019

    Quick and easy set-up. Has been working well since I set it up last week.

  • Did the job!

    from St Albert, Alberta on December 15, 2018

    I would have given a 5 star but install was wonky. However once the system was up and running, the system works like a charm. I was able to eliminate (3) d-Link a/c network adaptors and a D-Link router from my home. My Sonos speakers have stop dropping off due to network conflicts. I have also noticed an increase in my overall wi-fi speed, everywhere. The other nice advantage of the mesh, once logged in I never have to change ssid's.

  • Works exactly as advertised

    from Vancouver, BC on September 29, 2018

    Our place is 3 floors and our router has to be on the top floor as that is where the main hook up is, so we were having lots of issues getting WiFi in the basement. I bought a D-Link wifi extender and put that on the main floor but that did not solve our issue and WiFi was always cutting out etc. I spoke to Shaw and they said the issue might be that we have radiant heating throughout and that can impact wifi signals. Picked up the Orbi to see if there would be a difference with a mesh router system (vs extender) and the Orbi was really easy to setup, we put one terminal on each floor and the main terminal easily found the satellite terminals and I now get a consistent and seamless 80+Mbps wherever I am in the house (no cutting out, switching SSIDs etc.), and I really like that there is only one SSID because with the extender my phone was constantly switching between the shaw router and the extender (very annoying). Very happy with this product.

  • It just works !

    from Montreal, QC on August 27, 2018

    My previous router was a D-Link DIR-868L. It gave me good service for quite a while. Had been experiencing frequent disconnects and slowdowns lately. Like most homes, we have quite a few more connected devices now than back when I bought the 868. So I decided to upgrade to the NetGear ORBI. What a HUGE difference ! Easy to install and set-up. Connectivity is fantastic throughout the house. Speed is great everywhere with everything. I hope this will last me for a good long time before I need to upgrade again. RECOMMENDED.

  • Very happy so far

    from Calgary, AB on June 8, 2018

    I have tried two other brands, this one worked the best and is high-speed, 3 level house, 4500sq ft Very happy, few initial issues but best of the bunch from my point of view. I would recommend it.