Nextbase 522GW 1440p Dash Cam with 3" LED HD IPS Touch Screen Wi-Fi & Amazon Alexa Built In


  • Love it

    from Thorhild County on November 29, 2019

    Great Dash Cam. According to some websites that do reviews, it's the best option available in this price range. Haven't had an issue at all.

  • NextBase 522GW Review Modified

    from Burlington, Ontario on November 24, 2019

    I originally gave the dashcam a 4/5. Everything worked well, until it didn't. In the past month my NextBase 552GW constantly freezes, gets very hot and drains the battery. It does not record anything and I cannot turn it off in that state unless I remove it from a power source and let it completely drain. I've contacted support - Lets see if they help.

  • Good product

    from Port Moody BC on November 18, 2019

    Have only been using it for about a week but have found it does not like my iMac - it likes my Asus/Win10 laptop for updates picture transfer etc just fine. The camera works perfectly and have added 128 gb card to store the large videos. It does get warm which was a bit disconcerting at first.

  • Good quality video but difficult smartphone connection

    from  on September 21, 2019

    Overall this is a good product,however,I specifically purchased this model due to the Alexa function. I use an iPhone XS Max with current iOS and it is impossible to get Alexa to work,let alone connect to the device reliably. I followed the directions exactly. Sometimes I can get it to connect to the unit,other times not,and even when I did,the Alexa setup failed every time. So,my recommendation is that you skip this model an choose a cheaper model without Alexa since you may have the same issues I had.

  • Feature rich - worth every penny.

    from Ontario on August 17, 2019

    the 1440 video quality is top notch. not all HD is made the same. this thing captures every bit of detail day and night. the rear cam attachments is genius. the Alexa, SOS and Parking mode is great. i'm gonna get more for my fam.

  • Good Device but support is lacking

    from Markham, Ontario, Canada on July 29, 2019

    I bought this device at BB store after researching other brands. The buying experience was not pleasant, as when ordering, the cart shows (online as well as at BB Store) 50% promotion applied to all accessories, while billing, it restricts the promotion only to one accessory! BB did not do a good job in setting up and communicating the promotion. The device picture quality is fantastic, especially at the highest setting (1440). I had to return the device as the GPS mount was defective and never showed the Speed or GPS location on videos. This was confirmed by the Nextbase customer support via email. Issues: 1. My GPS mount was bad. May be this separate GPS-design is flawed or just I was unlucky as quality of this unit was not the best. 2. Dash cam gets hot even with an hour of use. I have read others reporting the same. 3. Wifi transfer of videos was not all that speedy. May be the technology is not good enough yet. 4. Could not get to work with Alexa. I could add the dash cam to Alexa app though. Looks like it needs phone to work. 5. Even though the mount has a ball-joint, it was not that great and flexible to point the Dash Cam to where I want on the windshield. It tends to look a bit up and far in front. 6. Could not try and fix the rear camera as I was occupied in solving the GPS issue with front camera. 7. Best buy people were neither well-informed, nor enthusiastic in selling this dashcam. Looks the launch and tie-up with the manufacturer is yet to evolve.

  • Suction Cup Mount Vibrates too much

    from Calgary on July 3, 2019

    The dash cam comes with a suction cup mount. When i reviewed low speed video it was fine but as soon as I reviewed highway footage it was shaky. Could not read plates or street signs! Defeats the purpose of owning a dash cam.

  • Bought for Alexa Integration....Sadly disappointed

    from M4B 1B3 on June 28, 2019

    I bought the 522GW as it is one of the few premium dash cams with Amazon's Alexa integration . I figured the 522GW would be my first and final dash cam. Boy, was I being optimistic. + The Good Magnetic mount works well and seems to be high quality - The Bad Alexa requires you to use YOUR SMART PHONE. Why on earth would I purchase a dash cam that has "Alexa Built-In" when it 100% relies on my phone. It uses your phones Mic and Speaker, so If you listen to the radio while you drive Alexa probably will not work. The Icing on the cake is that the Nextbase Alexa skill is not even available yet, meaning that any dash cam specific command you tell Alexa does not work. They are advertising a feature that does not even work. The 522GW is being returned, and I shall resume my search for an adequate dash cam.

  • Good hardware, software could be improved

    from Burnaby on June 28, 2019

    Bought this dash cam after reading some good things about it online. Overall dash cam quality is pretty good. Instructions are clear, setting up using the magnet mount is pretty cool, and video quality is great. I was however disappointed that a MicroSD card was not included given the price of the device. Connecting the dash cam to my phone was a bit tedious but good thing is that it updates the firmware automatically. My big gripe is that the Alexa feature does not work. Apparently the skillset is not available yet.