Optoma HD143X 3D Ready DLP Projector - 1080p - HDTV - 16:9


  • Great Until...
    by Mike2

    on 7 novembre 2019

    Bought this in March 2018, Have had it for 18 months, and it's been a great projector. But a few weeks ago, a white spot appeared. It has a bad pixel, looks like it's kind of common on Optoma projectors and the DMD is already wearing out. Never had this happen on a projector. Bulbs burn out, but never this. We have about 1,200 hours on the machine.

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  • Great projector!!
    by Hunter

    on 28 septembre 2019

    For the price, it's hard to beat. Very bright picture. Pleased thus far.

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  • Great projector
    by Dave

    on 12 septembre 2019

    Best bang for the dollar great picture and works great

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  • Disappointed- Lights out!
    by Uncle T

    on 27 août 2019

    I bought this in Dec 2018, 8 months ago. I loved the image even though I had a weird black shadowy bother on the edges. I loved it. Then all of a sudden the bulb indicator turns red, the bulb is out. really after 8 months with minimal use... I am returning this. please let me know where to send it for repairs... Disappointed in Charlotte NC.

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  • Great deal
    by 2004s0

    on 20 août 2019

    I have a much higher end projector for my house but used this outside a couple of times and I love it

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  • High pitch noise is unbearable
    by Amadeus

    on 10 août 2019

    I purchased this model about 1 week ago and I noticed a high pitch noise so I returned the unit and Costco immediately sent a new one. Just received the new unit and the same high pitch noise is still there. The image quality is excellent but the shrieking noise ruins the experience. You cant really hear it if you turn up the volume really high but watching a movie with quiet scenes makes you realise how annoying that sound it. Will return the second unit and look at another company.

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  • Exceeded my expectations
    by Christian16

    on 18 juillet 2019

    This is a 1080p projector but should not be under estimated. I project a 170” image at a distance of 12 ft and the quality is ridiculous good for the price you pay. You cannot lose with this projector.

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  • Great product!
    by Jack

    on 29 juin 2019

    Very pleased with the quality of the image, the colors are very clear and the projector itself is quite quiet.

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  • Great product
    by Bigfish0325

    on 29 juin 2019

    Great product. Our family is enjoying this very much

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  • Great gaming projector
    by Benjamin

    on 18 juin 2019

    I've been using this projector to play PS4 and Switch for a couple of weeks now, and it's been great. The lag in gaming mode is unnoticeable, and the picture is amazing. Hands down the best value for the price.

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