Oster Toaster - 2-Slice - Red


  • like the compact size
    by annie76

    on July 21, 2019

    works well and is easy to clean. Hope it lasts better than last toaster

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  • Beautiful

    from Toronto on June 22, 2019

    Great buy, beautiful red colour. Fast shipping.

  • Good features
    by Normreb

    on December 9, 2018

    Works great for toast or bagels wide slot has temperature control

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  • Unreliable and poor design
    by Great dislike for Oster

    on September 23, 2018

    This toaster has its ups and downs. Some days it toasts evenly, other times it does not. Most often the top is burnt and the bottom is barely brown. On top of that the bottom slide which is intended to clear debris is so small most of the debris falls to either side clear of the tray and is impossible to remove, even after vigorous shaking. Aweful toaster.

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  • Metallic Red
    by Sandy57

    on April 20, 2018

    The toaster adds a zap to my stainless steel kitchen.

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  • Useless.
    by yachtmandu

    on March 14, 2018

    I bought this toaster two days a go and ran a loaf of bread thru it trying to get the settings right. The one I bought is not capable of toasting bread evenly. One slot toasts one side fine and the other side comes out a crispy white. The other slot toast one side fine and 1/4 of the other side correctly with 3/4 of the side yet again a crispy white. And no, I didn't have the bagel button on. This goes back tomorrow and I'm not likely to take a chance on another one as a replacement.

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  • Not good

    from Toronto, ON on March 6, 2018

    We bought one of these toasters at a different store, and I don't reccomend it. It takes way too long to toast the bread, and by the time it does, your toast is dried out and hard. Why can't manufacturers make a toaster that just toasts normal bread??? No need for the wide slots that put the elements sooo far away from your bread.

  • beautiful my toaster
    by diviar14

    on March 6, 2018

    develops a formidable task, is practical, manageable, easy to use and very useful

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  • No Bagels today!
    by Maura

    on December 28, 2017

    I bought a Black and Decker toaster 2 months ago and the bagel feature never worked on it. My daughter bought me the Oster 2 slice for Christmas - and the bagel feature does not work on it. It can't be just me!

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  • great toaster
    by viola

    on October 17, 2017

    I am very happy with this purchase. The toaster looks good and works well. No complains. I think it will last long time.

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