Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U)


  • Not Interested

    from Toronto, ON on August 19, 2017

    Really wanted to like this game, but after 10 hours of play time, I can say that the only redeeming qualities of this game are its appearance and music. The dialogue can also be funny sometimes but its mostly stupid humour. Everything else is absolutely unenjoyable. Someone else may like this game, but for me, its garbage.

  • Nintendo charm

    from Montréal on January 2, 2017

    The lack of experience points and the fact that you must rely on cards for combat can be disappointing for some people, but overall it's a solid game by Nintendo. The graphics, the music, the engaging combats, the humour and the Nintendo charm make this game a complete and satisfying experience.

  • amazing

    from Burnaby, BC on December 8, 2016

    love this game!

  • Other guy is a hater of nintendo obviously

    from Winnipeg, MB on November 28, 2016

    great game, funny dialogue, needs a little improvement but a great change from sticker star

  • Entertaining

    from Toronto, ON on October 8, 2016

    I'm only 3/4 of the way through the game but so far, its going great! This game is really funny and an all around fun experience. It definitely is not perfect but its entertaining for what it is and has a lot of hilarious jokes. There were some times where I had trouble putting it down! But there are quite a few problems in some areas of the game, mostly in battles, and it isn't very challenging at all. I wouldn't recommend buying it at full price, but I say that it would be worth it if you purchase it used or after a price drop. I'd give this game a 6-7/10 for being an entertaining experience if nothing else, it never felt like I was wasting my time while playing it and I laughed a lot.

  • The Game has Problems in Every Area that Really Matters

    from Woodbridge, ON on October 8, 2016

    The most important part of every game is the game play and in Paper Mario Colour Splash, the game play and mechanics are directly copied from Paper Mario Sticker Star, with very few improvements. Paper Mario Sticker Star is the 4th entry in the Paper Mario series and it received heavy backlash from fans for being boring, unrewarding, unbalanced, bland, and devoid of any story, which were all things that the first 3 installments in the series did very well on. Paper Mario Colour Splash does not follow in the footsteps of the beloved original 3 games but rather follows the trends set by Paper Mario Sticker Star with slight improvements in every area, but not enough to be considered much better. Colour Splash features amazing humor and a very beautiful looking world, but that's it. Everything else in the game is poorly designed and the game is extremely easy. Yes, writing and graphics can compliment a game, but a game should never depend on them alone. Furthermore, sometimes there is such an overwhelming amount of humor that you can't take anything seriously. The game is advertised as an Action Adventure game but with easy and boring game play it does not feel very action oriented. And the lack of any cohesive story, linear level design as well as a lack of unique characters definitely does NOT make it feel like an adventure. It definitely isn't the worst game in the world but there are many games that are a much better use of your time and money.