Parrot Bebop 2 Quadcopter Drone with Camera, FPV & Controller - Ready-to-Fly - Black/White


  • Great Drone

    from Osoyoos BC on August 12, 2019

    Amazingly easy to control. Great fun for any age

  • very disappointed

    from edmonton on August 2, 2019

    I thought I would spend a little more money and get a higher quality drone, and this is not it! I have had two now (one replaced on warranty) and have not had a total of 20 hours flying time total, because the drone will not turn on even though the battery is fully charged.


    from London, Ontario  on April 29, 2019

    Absolutely positively do not by this product in Canada, or any other Parrot product. I bought this for my son from bestbuy Canada and the battery died under warranty. Best buy would not warranty this product and said it all should be done through the manufacturer. The manufacturer made me send them serial numbers and photos and then proceeded to tell me to take it back to bestbuy. When I told them bestbuy’s policy they said they would replace it but wanted a US shipping address, this is not a joke, they said they won’t ship to Canada I have the emails to prove it. They said kindly note this is a new policy in Canada and we don’t set the shipping terms. Please safe your money and more importantly your frustration.

  • average

    from Vancouver on January 2, 2019

    Did not spent to much time flying it, not sure about maximum range yet. First impression is good. Easy to set up and fly. Very stable and digital video stabilization works very good. Worst about drone is a video quality. Some say it is ok, some say it is bad. In my opinion video quality is bellow 'average'. If you don't care about having decent video I'd recommend it. If you want better video than this drone is not for you. At least one I have appears to be out of focus. First go to youtube and check video quality and if you like it or not. Some appear to be ok and some are really bad.

  • Great starting point

    from Montreal, QC on December 31, 2018

    After much consideration, this is my first drone purchase. After several flights I am quite pleased. The battery has lasted as advertised (about 25 minutes), and the Skycontroller provides quick & responsive controls. The camera is somewhat unremarkable, so it may not be the best option for hopeful aerial videographers. The drone can be set to two flight modes, Video and Sport. Video is for the aforementioned video work, providing slow & stable movements. On sport mode, the drone really flies! So far I only had one lost connection when I tried pushing the altitude close to 90 metres (the mandated maximum in Canada, by the way). The drone's failsafes kicked in and it returned to its starting point on its own. With respect to some of the negative reviews on this site, it could be that the battery and connectivity issues were exceptional cases and not the rule. A recommended purchase!


    from Tilbury ON on September 13, 2018

    I have had bebop 2 all year works fine . GREAT for starter. JA

  • Great Drone

    from Barrie, ON on September 11, 2018

    Do not listen to the bad reviews, they are by people who have no idea how to use technology. Great drone, battery lasts along time, flys very steady and hovers with no sway. Have never lost connection and I have been flying this thing over 150m distance

  • battery issues with the drone and the controller

    from London, ON on September 10, 2018

    I tested the drone for a minute and it was flying fine, so I FULLY charged the battery and took it out again and had a few wonderful minutes. However, after a few minutes the battery shows 20% so I started the return to home procedure, at which point the drone was very close to home anyway. Surprisingly, the battery turned to 1% within seconds and it barely made it to the ground. The second problem I realized is that the skycontroller 2 has problem charging, I charged it after receiving it and the battery shows 90 something.After first use, I charged it again and when I turned it on it shows 18%!! I flew for a minute and had to stop flying because I was worried for the battery level. About an hour later I turned it back on to see what is going on and the controller wouldnt turn on. I took it home and fully recharged it and now the battery shows 26%! Bestbuy made it very clear that the warranty is entirely Parrot's problem once the unit is opened. HOWEVER on Parrot's website, it shows that the warranty is handled by the seller. I am almost certain that there is going to be a difficult conversation between Parrot and me after reading the other reviews.

  • Do not buy

    from Toronto, ON on August 27, 2018

    I bought a parrot bebop 2 in July of this year. It flew well at the start, but on the third flight, it lost connection and dropped dead ten feet above ground. I was quite perturbed, because if it had been higher up, it would have been destroyed. I called the Customer service, who recommended I upgrade my software. I re-iterated that I was concerned it may be faulty, but they assured me it would not crash again with the new software update. It had 3-4 more flights without issue. However, after having the drone fully charged, I flew the drone and it lost connection after takeoff and quickly fell from the sky. It landed on some rocks and into the water. It was destroyed. It was clearly the exact issue that had happened 2 weeks prior. I called customer service, obviously infuriated. Through a series of emails, I have been informed that the warranty is void because I flew it over water, which was not the case. Also, I was told it would not be replaced because the battery was not fully charged, which was also untrue. All in all, it has been one excuse after another. I had already lodged a complaint for the exact same issue 2 weeks prior, and it clearly happened again, despite the software update. After only having the drone for 5 weeks, it is now destroyed. Reading online, the connectivity appears to be a recurring issue.This has been a very negative experience, and I plan to launch a complaint with the better business bureau.

  • Great Deal

    from London, ON on July 26, 2018

    I had been thinking about purchasing this drone for quite some time. Once i saw the deal on i had to have it. I ordered this online from @ 1pm and it was delivered to me the next day by 10am ! I don't live in a city either. That's great service. I watched a few You Tube videos and after charging the batteries had this drone fly around. It starts off on beginner mode which is a great way to get acquainted with the controls. Once you get on to it switch to pro mode and this little baby zooms around. It got about 20 minutes of battery out of the first flight. I feel this is a great user friendly drone for people like me that want to try out the hobby without investing thousands.