Philips Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer (NT3160/10)


  • Great Trimmer

    from Red Deer, AB on 4 mai 2019

    I have tried numerous types of trimmers and nothing comes close. I use it for nose and ears as I don't trust any razor with my eyebrows so I can't speak the that part. I have owned three of these. One was left at a hotel and one was lost for a couple months after a move. It is a great price, water proof, quiet, doesn't cut skin and strong enough that you can shave your face with it if you were in a bind. It is exactly what you would hope for.

  • Junk

    from Guelph, ON on 29 janvier 2018

    Complete piece of garbage, didn't even last a year!

  • The best ear/nose trimmer I have ever used.

    from Brampton, ON on 30 novembre 2017

    I never scrape the inside of my nose or ears anymore using this. It's quite quiet compared to any of the other tools I Have used. It can take a little longer to get everything trimmed under certain circumstances (not having trimmed in some time) but overall it is EXTREMELY comfortable and predictable in it's use. I have sensitive skin and thick/course facial hair. Not a great combo to clean out your ears/nose. I have put up with rotary and reciprocating models of different design and this one suits me best. While it does come with different lengths of tips - I don't use it for facial hair trimming and use only the built in head. I recommend this to anyone. (PS... it's not garden shears - If you have inches of ear/nose hair - take it down a notch with your main razor, trimmer or otherwise). For regular use (or even weekly) this thing is fantastic!

  • Hmmm

    from Gander, NL on 7 mars 2017

    Well it gave out after only two uses...Did not like the cutting edge, had to sort of force it to cut, I think the round cutting heads are better...Hopefully second one will be better...

  • Not the best

    from St. Anthony, NL on 22 février 2017

    Quit after 2nd use...Gotta call Phillips to get new one...Im not sure I like the style of cutter...I had to work at it a lot longer than with a round cutter to get same cut...

  • Nice Product

    from Guelph, ON on 22 janvier 2016

    Have used it 2 or 3 times so far and it seems to do the job. Tackles ear and nose hair with ease. Highly recommended.

  • Great while working

    from Sarnia, ON on 15 octobre 2015

    quit after a few weeks, sending me a new one, better luck with it I hope

  • Great Trimmer

    from Langley, BC on 29 juillet 2015

    It does an excellent job cutting nose & ear hair. The price is very reasonable and I would definitely recommend this trimmer.

  • 3 in 1 shaver

    from North York, ON on 4 mai 2015

    This great product comes from a big manufacturer and is backed up by a three years warranty. It does a great job cutting nose and ear hair, in addition to trimming eye brows. The price is very modest. I strongly recommend it to any user.