Philips S9000 Prestige Wet/Dry Shaver (SP9860/13)

Model Number: SP9860/13
Web Code: 12946801

Philips S9000 Prestige Wet/Dry Shaver


Experience your closest, smoothest shave yet with the Philips S9000 Prestige wet/dry shaver. This cordless razor has extra strong blades and a metal-coated ring design that glides smoothly over the skin. It offers 60 minutes of powerful shave time, and comes with a click-on trimmer for perfect mustache and sideburn trimming.
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Experience your closest, smoothest shave yet with the Philips S9000 Prestige wet/dry shaver. This cordless razor has extra strong blades and a metal-coated ring design that glides smoothly over the skin. It offers 60 minutes of powerful shave time, and comes with a click-on trimmer for perfect mustache and sideburn trimming.

  • Cordless rotary shaver's waterproof design means you can shave in the shower if you're in a rush
  • Multi-direction ContourDetect heads follow every contour of your face
  • BeardAdapt Sensor checks the hair density 15 times per second and automatically adapts the shaver to your hair
  • NanoTech precision blades are strengthened with nano particles and are designed with sharp edges for a close, comfortable shave -- even on a seven-day beard
  • Metal-coated rings with metallic pigments allow the razor to glide smoothly over your face and neck as it shaves
  • 3 settings (Sensitive, Normal, Fast) let you personalize for the exact type of shave you need  
  • Lithium-ion battery gives 60-minutes of shave time after a 3-hour full charge on the included Qi-enabled wireless charging pad
  • Included click-on trimmer gives you additional fine trimming abilities for moustaches and sideburns
  • Easy to maintain -- simply open the razor head after use and rinse out under the faucet

Base Features

Rotary Shaver
Wet/Dry Use
Wet & Dry
Shaving Head System
Multi-direction contour detect
Floating Heads
Pivoting Head
Number of Blades
Pop-up Trimmer
Shaving Gel Dispenser


Battery Type
Rechargeable Battery
DC 12V Compatible (Use With Car/Boat)
Charge Status Indicator Light
Auto Voltage Conversion (100-240V)
Charging Time (Hours)
3 h
Battery Life (Minutes)
60 min

Maintenance & Storage

Replacement Blade(s)
Cleaning Brush Included
Cleaning Station Included
Storage Case Included

Physical Features

Material - Body
Material - Grip
6.5 cm
16 cm
7 cm
450 g
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Travel Case
  • 1 Qi Charging Pad
  • 1 Precision Trimming Head

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  • I'm reviewing the shaving head, not the system.
    Reviewed by squash4Dave - February 17, 2022

    I bought the replacement head, because I found that it fits on my Series 9000 body. Let me give the good and the bad. I give 5 stars for the comfort rings, as they make a BIG difference in the shaving comfort. I was never able to shave every day, because I my chin area would get so irritated. Now, that's no longer a problem, so kudos for that. Now for the bad. The Series 9000 has slots instead of holes, on the inner cutting rings, but for the newer heads, they reverted to using holes instead (see pics). The slots are better at picking up longer hairs, so I don't know why they went back to using the holes. Now, I have to use another trimmer to cut the longer hairs, which means more time shaving. Overall, I like the comfort rings, because I can shave everyday, whereas before, I was mainly using a trimmer instead of shaving everyday, unless I had reason to need a close shave. I should also state that I recently received the S9000 Prestige as a gift, but I'm considering trading it for the Norelco 9500 model S9985/84 with SenseIQ Technology because of its new IQ features plus the built in trimmer (It's still unused and unopened). I have found that the trimmer attachments that come with Series 9000 and the S9000 Prestige, although they trim well, don't last that long. I bought the new model trimmer attachment, because my old one broke, but the newer model also stopped working after a short time. The built in trimmers never seemed to have that problem with the old shavers, plus, you don't need to remove the shaver head, in order to use the trimmer. I've been using Norelco shavers for many decades and have found their shavers to give the closest shaves, compared to Braun and Panasonic, which I've also owned. I always came back to Norelco.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • A great shaver: comfortable and close shave, long battery
    Reviewed by LewisE - October 10, 2018

    This is a solid shaver that does a great job and is comfortable to use. So you're aware, I received this shaver as a demo to test out for this review. I've used this shaver now for about ten days, though the instructions say I should give it a full 3 weeks before really making any judgements. I'm ready, however, to make some initial judgements. For the first and last shaves, the growth was fairly long, long enough that my multi-blade razors have trouble, the Norelco OneBlade would get through with multiple multiple passes (but lots of pinching and hairs everywhere), and electric shavers like this would be okay with but typically require multiple passes as well. In all instances, whether with significant growth (for me) or just a day's stubble, this shaver handled it extremely well. I tried both shaving dry and with some cream. When dry, the shaver did take a couple passes when the hair was longer, but there was no tugging or pinching, and my skin did not get irritated (a huge plus for me compared to other razors). With some cream, it was also a very pleasant and close shave. The shaver came in a nice box (presentation and the unboxing experience has hit shavers!). Inside, was the shaver, a power cord, the beard trimmer/shaver attachment, a nice little zipping case to hold things, and the instruction booklet/warranty card. The shaver itself looks nice. It's light. It's easy to hold. It has a large display to indicate its battery charge and a few other things. When you pick up this shaver, the display lights up to show you the percentage left in the battery. When just doing a quick daily once over, it uses about 1-2% of the total. When I have done a longer shave, it has used as much as 6% of the battery. There seems to be plenty of charge to get you through a week or two of personal travel/work trip. The shaver has three speeds: the slowest is supposed to be the most comfortable (but take a bit longer to get everything) and the fastest perhaps a bit less comfortable/rougher on your skin (but a faster shave). I didn't really notice any real difference in results or comfort when the speeds were different, but I'll have to play around with that more...and perhaps it makes a bigger difference for people with more sensitive skin than me. The shaving head did a good job following the contours of my face. It is a more responsive and `flexible` than other electric shavers I've used. The marketing says that this shaving head has technologies to help it glide over the skin...I have no idea what that really means except that after multiple shaves, it gets the hairs and doesn`t irritate me. So no complaints here. Other than that, it has other icons on the that tells you that the blades should be replaced, another if you try to turn it on while it's plugged in, another to remind you to clean it... Those are nice, but don't really add much value to me. I also can't really comment on how long the blade stays useable. The documentation says it should last a year. I'll update the review if it lasts that long (or if it doesn't) and the cost of the replacement. At some point, I'll also probably get lazy and not shave at all for a couple of weeks. I'll give the shaver a try on a week-long growth and the trimmer attachment on something longer and report back. I can say that the trimmer attachment looks much more substantial than the little pop up one on my other electric shaver. Overall, I'm happy with this shaver. It does everything it advertises. It's a very close shave that's comfortable whether I shave dry or wet. Know the exact percentage of battery is comforting as well. I guess the main question is, given the price of this thing, is whether it shaves that much better than many of the cheaper alternatives. I'm leaning towards yes, but if I found a sub-$100 shaver that feels and shaves as good as this one, I'd probably have to lower the rating a bit (on the performance versus cost aspect). I'll update if things change.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Great Battery Life!
    Reviewed by KMike - October 2, 2018

    I received a free sample of the Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige shaver to review, and I was really impressed by the battery life. The shaver display even tells you what percentage level the battery is always at. It is very easy to use, and heavier than most, giving it a more heavy duty feeling. Outwardly is is appealing with a heavy chrome colored plastic that helps with the illusion of being heavy duty. I can use this shaver many more times than my current shaver before having to recharge. However, I found I had to use the shaver for 2x as long as my current shaver due to the fact that the blades did not cut as clean as my current shaver. It also feels like a rougher shave and noticeable on first contact with my skin. I am curious to find out how long the blades last before needing to be replaced. I love this shaver and impressed by the battery life, but it could use better cutting blades for a smoother, faster shave.

    Review originally posted on

  • Premium luxury shaving experience
    Reviewed by Robbie48756 - August 16, 2021

    I replaced a less expensive Phillips Norelco rotary shaver with this one in hopes of treating myself to the benefits of their highest end shaver. Well it did not disappoint. Close shave to rival a blade. Love the design and digital charge indicator. Easy to clean and maintain. I attached a photo showing how I'm using a cheap elastic wrist band to secure the shaver to the charger allowing it to stand on a socket shelf I have installed in my bathroom next to a mirror. Saves space. Easy and quick to remove and replace allowing the device to charge and store efficiently.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Simply Amazing Product
    Reviewed by lmichaels - April 25, 2022

    Have been using Braun Series 9. It's a well crafted device but with thanks to it's design trying to keep motor noise down if you have a thicker beard it yanks and pulls the hairs out of your face. No matter how slowly you move it. Just got this S9000 and wow in one pass the difference was felt. So smooth and quiet yet so powerful even a 3 day growth running on the slowest speed did not bog it down and cause pulling. Definitely very pleased. If only one critique of the Philips is what on earth is in this device that makes it cost so much more than the other machines. I also own a model 9400 Philips. I don't get what costs so darn much

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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