Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Sonic electric toothbrush HX6877/33


  • Product has great features
    by Mothership

    on February 28, 2020

    Used electric toothbrushes before but the philips actually makes my teeth and mouth feel cleaner

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  • Excellent toothbrush !
    by Stefano007

    on January 25, 2020

    With a gagging problem...this toothbrush is perfect for me, very slim and sympathetic to my gagging problem. Thx

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  • Love This Toothbrush
    by Clean Tooth

    on December 23, 2019

    The timer gently reminds and guides you to thoroughly brush and clean your teeth.

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  • Philip toothbrush: highly recommended, buy now!!!
    by Ruelxps

    on October 14, 2019

    Beats my old powered toothbrush big time and exceeds my expectation. Should have switched a long time ago. Leading edge design and very user-friendly!!!

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  • This product works great
    by Sunshine

    on August 17, 2019

    My husband and I love this product works great best toothbrush I have ever used. Lèaves my mouth felling very clean. The battery stays charged well over 2 weeks.I tell everyone about this toothbrush

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  • As advertised
    by Beau46

    on July 7, 2019

    Not one negative comment to make about this product. Have been using the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush for years with no complaints. Does a great job!

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  • New Philllips Sonic Toothbrush
    by Chemanianc

    on June 22, 2019

    Very similar to the ones we have had in the past; must be good if we keep buying them as the battery eventually does die. I do miss the GO clean mode which was great for quick brushing/freshening teeth and mouth

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  • Does not perform its intended function
    by Pieone

    on June 22, 2019

    I am truly disappointed in this product--it is not what I expected from my experience with Philips products. The sonic is less than a month old and I am on my THIRD brush head. It is so poorly designed that the brush will not stay on the handle! Clearly this makes the product useless!

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  • Excellent
    by Bernard70

    on June 18, 2019

    A huge improvement over the last device. Excellent product. Do not hesitate to purchase!

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  • I like the features on this model
    by Skoh

    on May 27, 2019

    The slim design is great for complete grip however the back part should be made with friction material to prevent it from sliding off the palm of my hand. The previous model that I purchase has that kind of material... Thank you... Stephen

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