Philips Voice Tracer 8GB Digital Recorder with Speech Recognition Software (DVT2710/00) - Chrome


  • Works well you can record from a far.
    by Mary

    on 28 novembre 2019

    This is really light and you can record from far away. You can turn volume down. Just don't know how to stop button beeps but they are not loud.

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  • I love this
    by MSKitty

    on 14 octobre 2019

    This was recommended by my sales clerk, Brandon. After he found out a little bit about me and my job, he told me about this product and how it would save me time. I have only used it a couple of times but it has done everything that he said it would by saving me time. I have to take some time to go in and make some adjustments on how it with type it on my computer but it is a very useful tool.

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  • Excellent recorder to perfect your presentations.
    by JJIII

    on 4 octobre 2019

    The device is very user friendly and perfect for those preparing speeches or presentations.

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  • Disappointing

    from  on 26 septembre 2019

    The quality of recordings came across as sounding very tinny and the mic was super sensitive,picking up distortion when touching,moving or rubbing the case during a handheld recording. The whole build of the unit felt cheap. Was very disappointed and returned it after a week.

  • Decent recording device.
    by SarahB1111

    on 14 septembre 2019

    This recorder seems to work adequately for the most part, but the batteries for some reason do not last very long. It might be the settings I had it on, not sure. Interface not entirely intuitive, again that might be due to my reluctance to read user manuals. So have to give myself 3 stars, and the device 4. :-)

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  • Great Voice Recorder with Dragon Software
    by MiKD

    on 5 juillet 2019

    I purchased this product to use it to dictate our doctor's notes. This is easy to use. Once it is recorded, it can be uploaded in word. We can set it to different accents, so if your worker has certain accent, the machine will adjust it automatically to minimize errors. We stopped using third party dictation company for dictation work! It has saved us money and time! I definitely recommend it.

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  • Philips DVT2710

    from Surrey, BC. on 30 juin 2019

    I bought this voice recorder when on sale. It was chosen because it can put spoken words into a book manuscript using Windows10 and Apache Open Office. I found it difficult and time consuming to put it into first use. But when it is operational it works very well. The voice transcription into the computer saves a lot of time. There is no user manual, you have to go online and print 36 pages. The manual scrolls sideways, and is very difficult to print.

  • Great for recording.
    by Mae7

    on 20 juin 2019

    Love the fact that I can hook this up to my computer and word and it will dictate to word for me.

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  • not user friendly
    by Mykeybd2019

    on 17 juin 2019

    even for a mature techie, this product was very tedious to use. Not at all user-friendly...which is a shame 'cause I REALLY needed the product. Some features are nice but too cumbersome to navigate.

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  • Easy to use recorder for job meetings etc
    by Contractorgal

    on 1 juin 2019

    We needed something to record job meetings so we could have a record in case we needed to verify what was said in the future. This has been an easy way to do this.

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