Pierre Boulez - Composer, Conductor, Enigma [CD] UK - Import

Pierre Boulez - Composer, Conductor, Enigma [CD] UK - Import

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Pierre Boulez - Composer, Conductor, Enigma [CD] UK - Import

Artist: Pierre BoulezTitle: Composer, Conductor, EnigmaCondition: NewFormat: COMPACT DISCSRelease Date: 2022Label: El RecordsUPC: 5013929336230Genre: Classical ArtistsAlbum Tracks


1. Sonatine for Flute and Piano, Op. 1 (1946; Revised 1949) Severino Gazzelloni: Flute; David Tudor: Piano Piano Sonata No. 2 (1948) Yvonne Loriod: Piano

2. Extrêmement Rapide (Extremely Fast)

3. Lent (Slow)

4. Modéré, Presque Vif (Moderate, Almost Lively)

5. Vif (Lively) Polyphonie X for Ensemble (1950-51); Withdrawn

6. Modéré

7. Lent

8. Vif Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Hans Rosbaud Polyphonie X for Ensemble (1950-51); Withdrawn

9. Polyphonie X (Part 1) Symphony Orchestra of the Rai (Radiotelevisione Italiana) Conductor: Bruno Madern Deux Études de Musique Concréte for Magnetic Tape (1951-2)

10. Étude 1 Sur Un Son

11. Étude 2 Sur Un Accord de Sept Sons


1. Complainte Du Lézard Amoureux

2. La Sorgue (Chanson Pour Yvonne) Irène Joachim: Soprano; Joseph Peyron: Tenor; Pierre Mollet: Baritone. RTF National Orchestra Conductor: Roger Désormière Structures Book 1 for Two Pianos (1951-52)

3. Premier Mouvement

4. Deuxième Mouvement

5. Troisième Mouvement Aloys Kontarsky, Alfons Kontarsky: Pianos Le Marteau Sans Maître for Alto Voice and Six Instruments (1953-55; Revised 1957)

6. Avant "L'artisanat Furieux"

7. Commentaire I de "Bourreaux de Solitude"

8. L'artisanat Furieux

9. Commentaire II de "Bourreaux de Solitude"

10. "Bel Édifice Et Les Pressentiments", Double

11. Bourreaux de Solitude

12. Après "L'artisanat Furieux"

13. Commentaire III de "Bourreaux de Solitude"

14. Bel Édifice Et Les Pressentiments - Double Marie-Thérèse Cahn: Contralto. Solistes Du Domaine Musical. Conductor: Pierre Boulez

15. La Symphonie Mécanique Musique Concrète, for a Film By Jean Mitry (1955)

16. Poésie Pour Pouvoir (Poems for Power), for Orchestra and Tape,(From the Poem By Henri Michaux) (1955/58); Withdrawn Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductors: Hans Rosbaud, Pierre Boulez. Michel Bouquet: Voice


1. Pli Selon Pli: No. 2, Improvisation I Sur Mallarmé

2. Pli Selon Pli: No. 3, Improvisation II Sur Mallarmé Eva Maria Rogner: Soprano; Maria Bergmann: Piano. Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale Della Rai Di Roma. Conductor: Pierre Boulez

3. Tombeau À la Mémoire Du Prince Max Egon Zu Fürstenberg (1959)

4. Eva-Maria Rogner: Soprano. Ensemble Domaine Musical Paris. Conductor: Pierre Boulez

5. Chapitre I

6. Chapitre II / Version 1

7. Chapitre II / Version 2Yvonne Loriod, Piere Boulez: Pianos

8. Kontra-Punkte for Ten Instruments, Op. 1 (1952-1953)Solistes Du Domaine Musical. Conductor: Pierre Boulez

9. Ruhig Schreitend

10. Variationen Orchestre Du Domaine Musical. Conductor: Pierre Boulez


1. Concertino for Twelve Instruments (Arrangement of the Original Work for a String Quartet (1920), Made By Igor Stravinsky in 1952)

2. Conductor: Pierre Boulez

3. Symphonies of Wind Instruments (1920, Version 1947)Orchestre Du Domaine Musical. Conductor: Pierre Boulez

4. Intégrales for Orchestra and Percussion (1923-1925)Orchestre Du Domaine Musical. Conductor: Pierre Boulez

5. Serenata 1 for Flute and Fourteen Instruments (1957)Severino Gazzeloni: Flute. Conductor: Pierre Boulez

6. Incontri, for Twenty-Four Instruments

7. Orchestre Du Domaine Musical. Conductor: Pierre Boulez

8. Zeitmasse (Time Measures), for Five Woodwinds Op.5 (1956)

9. Conductor: Pierre Boulez

10. Ouverture. Allegretto. Sehr Flott

11. Tanzschritte

12. Thema Mit Variationen Gigueconductor: Pierre BoulezFour-disc box set presentation is an anthology of Pierre Boulez's early compositions; complex, radically new and quite ferociously uncompromising. Such fearless, notoriously demanding works as the second 'Piano Sonata' may be heard alongside the gorgeous ultra-modernist exoticism of 'Le Marteau sans maître' and 'Pli selon pli'. These breathtakingly ambitious works are complemented by the first recordings of Boulez as conductor, made at the Domaine musical, a society he formed in Paris during the mid- '50s to provide a platform both for modernist pieces by the likes of Webern, Messiaen and Stockhausen and works which had played a vital role in the evolution of music by such composers as Debussy and Bartok.© DirectToU LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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