Pioneer SW-8MK2 Andrew Jones Designed 100W Powered Subwoofer


  • Great Subwoofer!
    by Carol

    on 1 décembre 2019

    Fantastic Sound, easy to set up and use right away! Had to buy this to replace the original woofer on my surround sound. This subwoofer was far better than the original one was!

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  • Excellent
    by MDNOLA

    on 14 novembre 2019

    est subwoofer I have ever owned. So much sound. So awesome!

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  • Great speaker
    by Chuy

    on 14 juin 2019

    I’m truly satisfied with my purchase, I recommend this speaker to anybody.

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  • Great sub!
    by Submarines

    on 16 février 2019

    I shopped around and read some reviews and demo'd a few of the smaller subs for a 12 x 16 room. This sub preforms very well in my system and I have it crossed at 100 hz with a Yamaha processor. If you want to spend twice as much , I would buy 2 then.... because this hits hard and sounds like a servo sub that runs 5-10 as much. Very impressed !

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  • Great Subwoofer
    by Marty

    on 29 août 2018

    This product sounds great! A good value for the price and it was easy to set up.

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  • Loud, overbearing hum/buzz

    from Charlottetown, PE on 8 avril 2018

    The subwoofer I received makes a loud, obnoxious, hum/buzz, even if it isn't connected to the receiver. As soon as it has power, it starts. It is extremely distracting. I suggest you go for a different manufacturer. If you check the internet, you'll find lots of complaints about the hum from this subwoofer.

  • Excellent Subwoofer
    by DebM

    on 21 janvier 2018

    Very loud, can definitely feel the bass on this speaker!

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  • Sounds amazing
    by Jenn

    on 21 décembre 2017

    This is a great product for a very reasonable price. The sound was amazing and made a world of difference when added to the sound bar. Installation was super easy and nothing extra required.

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  • Good speakers
    by smoker

    on 28 octobre 2017

    sounds really good... good quality will recommend to a friend...

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  • GReat product
    by AliCat

    on 7 octobre 2017

    Sounds great while watching movies and it has been working great since my purchase.

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