Plantronics Voyager Legend Headset with Bluetooth (B235)


  • Best Bluetooth I ever owned.

    from Toronto, ON on March 6, 2019

    I had a lot of Bluetooths and nothing compares to this one, I like it so much I bought a spare on for my second car. Well worth the price.

  • Pretty Darn good

    from Vancouver, BC on May 28, 2016

    I really like the sound quality and the noise cancelling ability. No issues on the call and all my recipients can hear me clearly as well. Even better than if i was just to use my phone (which is crap, but thats another story). Its light, easy to use, and perfect for office and handsfree on the road quick conversations. Anyway, its a huge improvement. primary issues are as follows: 1) ear fit is not perfect. its not always comfortable and sometimes I switch to the left ear, which is REALLy not comfortable. maybe its because I'm not use to it though. 2) the usb hook in on the pc didn't seem to work. also might be my pc, but bluetooth hookup with my pc worked, so i did'nt need to end up using the usb hookup. 3) No other issues to speak of

  • Excellent product

    from Kitchener, ON on May 2, 2016

    As other reviewers mentioned, the sound quality is awesome in both ways. The charging time and options, as well as the features, are great. However, after taking an Avaya call, you have to manually press a button in the bluetooth in order to be able to listen again to the computer sound notifications. Some manipulation is also required to use two devices at the same time (PC and cell phone, for example). But I recommend it, it's still worth it.

  • Great headset !!!

    from Montreal, QC on March 3, 2016

    This headset is great, sound quality is fantastic. it's comfortable. It's was really easy to connect it with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) and my PC. Battery life is great with 7 hours of talk time and the usb charging box is also great, as it protect the headset and recharge it at the same time great idea. In fact the charging box is so good that I never use the charging cradle. Recharge time is great. If you are working on the road and looking for the best headset available, look no further!!!

  • Great Headset

    from Toronto, ON on February 19, 2016

    Very pleased with this headset. The sound quality is excellent and callers say that I sound clear and normal. Pairing with my PC and mobile phone was seamless. The included charging case is a great addition as it keeps everything together and recharges the headset at the same time. I can't be more pleased with this purchase.

  • Amazing Headset, Plantronics is the BEST

    from Toronto, ON on July 29, 2015

    This thing is amazing, for the price you can't beat this bluetooth. The UC adapter is awesome for Skype on my old notebook and and the battery pack mobile case and dock are incredible. Love the magnetic features too.

  • Amazing product

    from London, ON on May 1, 2015

    I am an IT Professional, and have to attend several conference calls on MS Lync, as well attend a fair amount of cell phone calls. I think I got the right product. The headset comes with a bluetooth adapter, charging case, wall adapter and another USB charger. If you are a PC user, the adapter which came with this product would work the best for you. I haven't tried pairing the headset with my laptop bluetooth adapter. But I have heard and experienced a lot of horror stories on pairing headsets to normal bluetooth adapters. Installation of the bluetooth adapter which came with this product was the easiest software installation I have ever seen. To get Lync working properly (with status updates as Mute, Busy, Available), I had to install the "Spokes" software (which is freely downloadable on Plantronics website). If you want to fine tune your Lync preferences, do it with the Plantronics Control Panel (which comes with Spokes). I also think the extra bucks I have paid for the adapter and the charging case was worth paying for. The adapter is a must-buy if you are a PC user. The charging case is a neat box which can also keep the headset safely, while it also provides an extra bonus of recharging the headset. Overall, I am really happy with the product and would recommend it to other PC+Cell phone users.

  • It delivers to its promises

    from QuĂŠbec, QC on November 14, 2014

    I use the headset in a very noisy environnement and so far, it is the best bluetooth I have found with this quality for both reception and transmission. You have to go on the Web to download the extra features but once past that, it is exactly what it should be : A very good bluetooth headset

  • awesome

    from MontrĂŠal, QC on March 9, 2014

    This headset works great, its clear sound, perfect microphone n blue tooth range is very far

  • The app does NOT work with Galaxy S4
    by Looking4BT

    on November 22, 2013

    I bought this BT, without seeing any reviews, due to the fact that it has 3 microphones. I am looking for a BT that will decrease wind noise. I did NOT find this to be the case with this BT. Also, I used it nonstop for a few days and had to keep resetting it due to an occasional garbled, digital sounding signal. Some calls were crystal clear, while others were inaudible. ALSO, part of the reason for the higher price of this BT is due to the fancy features with the app. Well, don't bother if you own a Samsung Galaxy S4. The app features aren't compatible with this model phone. The talking Caller ID is nice. The talking battery indicator is a nice touch, even though it wasn't accurate. It said I had 2 hours left, but it died after 30 minutes. I was willing to overlook the fact that the back casing of this earpiece didn't fit behind my ear comfortably if everything else would have worked well for me. I really wanted to love this BT, but ended up returning it after a week.

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