Final Clearance PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

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  • Release Date: 11-10-2016
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The most advanced PlayStation system ever. PS4 Pro is designed to take your favorite PS4 games and add to them with more power for graphics, performance, or features for your 4K HDR TV, or 1080p HD TV. Ready to level up?

More Information

  • 4K TV Gaming: PS4 Pro outputs gameplay to your 4K TV. Many games, like Call of Duty: WWII, Gran Turismo Sport, and more, are optimized to look stunningly sharp and detailed when played on a 4K TV with PS4 Pro.
  • More HD Power: Turn on Boost Mode to give PS4 games access to the increased power of PS4 Pro. For HD TV Enhanced games, players can benefit from increased image clarity, faster frame rates, or more.
  • HDR Technology: With an HDR TV, compatible PS4 games display an unbelievably vibrant and lifelike range of colours.
  • 4K Entertainment: Stream 4K videos, movies, and shows to your PS4 Pro.

What's in the Box?

  • PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console
  • DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
  • AC Power Cord
  • HDMI Cable
  • USB 2.0 Charge Cable
  • Mono Wired Headset
  • Quick Start Guide

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Compatible Games
  • Compatible Controller Ports
  • Included Controllers
  • Controller Type
  • Video Output
  • Audio Output
  • Width
    33.99 cm
  • Height
    47.96 cm
  • Depth
    10.80 cm
  • Weight
    4.63 kg
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



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  • from Kamloops, BC

Crappy build quality

Used it for about 3 months and then it no longer boots. Just stuck in endless boot cycle.

  • from Surrey, BC



  • from Maple Ridge, BC



  • from Toronto, ON

How can I avail my free game?

I just bought this gaming console. The clerk said, i have a 1 free game. Where can I get that? Where is the code?

  • from Calgary, AB

PC is a discrase

I use to be apart of the "PC master race" but then I moved out of my mom's basement got a console for real competitive play and turned into a man.

  • from Edmonton, AB


Better than Xbox Microsoft is equal to sell out Thank you

  • from Brampton, ON

stick to xbox

Eventually will do what all the other ps4's do....start up for 2 seconds, make the click noise, and shut off. stick to xbox. sony products are garbage.

  • from Toronto, ON


Entered the correct shipping address and placed the order on Black Friday and the item was shipped to Mississauga So I filed a lost shipment claim but got accused from the customer experience team that it was because the wrong address entered by me at the time when the order was placed so they cannot refund me the money. Even though I have never received the item and the tracking information of the PS4 can prove that it was DELIVERED to Mississauga, they do not pay attention to these information at all. So I got charged and cannot get the refund for what I bought but NEVER received. WORST ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!

  • from Valleyfield, QC

OMG !!!!

I just replaced my old PS3 with the PS4 pro and the graphics are amazing! Even on my old 1080 42 inch plasma TV..? Looking forward to a 4K HDR TV to get the out most performance out of this console! Stephen from Montreal

  • from Mississauga

It is better choice than standard PS4

I own PS4 Pro and I used to own standard PS4. PS4 Pro is better choice because games optimized for PS4 Pro (and many new games are optimized, even Witcher 3 is getting 4K patch this month) look better than on standard PS4 even if you only own standard 1080p TV. Additional 3rd USB port is a definite bonus. If you are planing to pickup PSVR PS4 Pro is again better choice because PSVR games look better with this console.

  • from Truro NS

It's the best version

If you haven't got a PS4 yet, this is the one to get. It's better hardware then the other versions of it and I feel like 4K gaming and streaming is a nice bonus. I'm not crazy that PS4 Pro DOES NOT support 4K blu ray discs, and I guess it's not a huge deal, but with Xbox One S and X having 4K blu ray support makes me wonder why not have it? Other then that it's a great console with great exclusive games and, if you want a PS4, you should get a PS4 Pro.

  • from Brampton, ON

PS4 is great but the PS5 will be here soon !

The PS5 is expected to release in November of 2019 or 2020. I rather save up my money to buy that instead of the PS4.

  • from The Master Race

PC is Better

For the same price you can get a much better system, plus no online subscription, and that way you don't have to have a gaming system and a PC, because they're one in the same! Then you can use that extra money you would have spent on getting both and spend it on the PC to have a much MUCH better system. ASCEND TO THE PC MASTER RACE PEASANTS!

  • from New Westminster B.C

Perfect Gaming Console

Perfect for gaming and i like 4k Gaming on My Samsung 4k TV

  • from Santiago , CL

I luv this machine

Encargue esta consola a mi amigo de Canada para traer a Chile y estoy muy contento con la adquisicion . Mi ultima consola fue un PS3 y me pone contento por que hoy sere padre y mi bebe disfrutara conmigo . Feliz como siempre por Sony y la gran oferta que encontr en Best Buy Best Regard From Chile with Luv

  • from Mississauga, ON

Awesome game console

PS4 Pro is awesome console and in my opinion it is worth extra money over PS4 Slim. I recommend PS4 Pro over PS4 Slim because 1. It has 3 USB ports vs. 2 USB ports on Slim (useful if you want to connect external hard drive or PSVR) 2. It has boost mode so games should run at faster frame rate than on PS4 Slim 3. PS4 Pro games should look sharper because PS4 Pro downsamples graphics from 4k to 1080p 4. PS4 Pro can stream games at 1080p with PS4 Remote Play (this features is awesome) vs. 720p max on PS4 Slim 5. PS4 Pro has 1TB hard drive 6. PS4 Pro has 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wifi adapter 7. For 4K Tv owners PS4 Pro should be clear choice. 8. PS4 Pro has optical audio output

  • from Brantford, ON

I am not a gamer

I am almost 60 yrs. old and never played video games besides pong when I was a kid. But I thought I would try this. For newbies this is quite overwhelming to say the least trying to learn what button does what without basic instruction because apparently Sony and everyone else is experienced with games. But I bought a number of games but yet to learn any of them this is why the average review, I do not know where to go but I figure when I see my niece or nephew or someone else who knows more than me to teach me how to play then perhaps I could give it a better review. I am however very disappointed in paying almost 500 for the ps4 Pro and not being able to play music CD's. But I guess not many people besides us older people who went from 45 records to 33 Lps to 8 Track tapes, to cassette tapes to CDs get tired of paying for upgrades. So there needs to be a place for the older folks who want to learn but are somewhat too embarrassed to ask for help to play a game.

  • from Ti.mins

Super happy customer

My launch PS4 was just about to go e up the ghost. So the chose was a slim or a PS4 Pro. After some reflection I took the plunge and got a pro and a new 4k tv. I am soo happy I did. What a difference. Even just playing older games that used to chug along are a joy to play now. And games like horizon zero dawn... forget it, no comparison. I know Scorpio will probably kick it's but. But for now I'm very happy

  • from Richmond Hill, ON

Not your only option for 4k gaming.

In most cases games that are in 4k resolution are not true 4k, but an upscaled to 4k resolution setting and when they are true 4k they are pretty much capped at 30 frames per second which defeats the purpose of having a fluid visual experience. I've seen some pretty inaccurate reviews here saying that the ps4 is your "only" option for 4k gaming which is a pretty ignorant statement. Should you want a real 4k gaming get a pc with a gtx 1050, 1060, 1070 or 1080 graphics card, or a AMD 290-480 graphics card if you want something a bit cheaper (research the cards to see which is best for you), either way you're going to be paying a more than a ps4 pro but you're getting the real deal and not this decieptive bs. Media playback is also not true 4k resolution even though sony pretty much invented 4k blue ray movies, it does not display in 4k. But an xbox and PC can which is incredibly odd. The PS4 pro is not a significant upgrade to regular/slim ps4, but if you have a 4k tv you might as well take advantage of it. I've given the score 4 stars because as I explained before, the upscaling is not true 4k resolution and the increase in performance isn't a significant one, but it does get props for improving framrates and general performance of games over the standard ps4, which is should be it's main selling point.

  • from Everywhere

Get a PC

Get a PC for cheaper and better, peasant.

  • from Manitoba


I'm gonna give my honest opinion of this console right now. Its great but not for everyone. If your planning on upgrading from your previous ps4 but don't own a 4k tv than this console isn't worth it. BUT if you haven't owned a ps4 before and even if you don't have a 4k tv this console is WORTH IT. Although I wish there were more bundles. This console is VERY quite and also has a good amount of storage for what you are buying. The remotes are VERY comfortable and a major improvement off of the ps3 controllers.

  • from Calgary, AB

Well worth the money!

Bought to replace my old PS4. Intially it seemed to show very little value, but as more and more games came out with Pro patches and I paired it with a new Samsung KS8500 4k TV, turned on all the HDR/Game mode settings....WOW! Old PS4 works well, but the Pro is just nicer/faster. Even better is the upcoming v4.50 firmware which will allow ALL old unpatched games to run faster (e.g. fewer drops in frames or more consistent frame rates)! Loving the Pro more every day. Highly recommended for anyone that does not have a PS4 and its a MUST for anyone that has an excellent quality 4k TV (2020 Color support/low latency/no burn in/etc.)

  • from Vancouver, ON


Not even 4k, PC can run all of these games much better, PC AND NINTENDO SWITCH MASTER RACE

  • from Lasalle, QC


This is an amazing console, it upscales perfectly the 1080p to 4k. I just love it. Now I own two PS4s one for me and the other for my daughter :)

  • from Vancouver, BC


Once you pair it up with a 4K tv with HDR, the game world never look the same. I have played FFXV, Rise of the Tomb Raider and NBA2K17, they looked absolutely phenomenon !!

  • from Toronto

Don't Get Confused By Ignorant Reviewers

Several very confused reviewers here, need to correct them haha 1. Of course there's no '4k player' this is 2017 and no-one buys hard media anymore. It still plays the movies, you just stream or download them (like everyone else on the planet) Sony is able to sell a stronger machine for cheaper by not including hardware you'll never ever use. Don't complain, say thank you. 2. Of course not all games are 4K because while PS4 Pro is powerful, it admittedly can't GO BACK IN TIME and change all the old games to 4K. Sorry if your disappointed. Going forward more and more games will include more and more 4K content now that the system they would need to design them for exists. Shocking, I know.

  • from Surrey, BC

From XBox to Sony

The last Sony console i owned was the original Playstation. After that i was an XBox fan until the latest console offerings. At that point i went back to PC gaming. Im glad to say that 3 years later, I decided to jump back into console gaming with the PS4 Pro. My friends that decided to go with the XBox One have either sold them or regret buying them and cant afford to rebuy another console and games again. I couldn't be happier with this system. Boot up time is quick, it is dead quiet, and the interface is quite good once you get used to it. Apps load super fast as well. I have TitanFall 2 , StarWars Battlefield and BF 1 on PC as well as the PS4 and the framerates on the PRO has really suprised me while gaming in 1080p. Very smooth and looks gorgeous. I have a Steamlink connected from my PC to TV now have the best of both worlds. PC gaming and console gsming from the comfort of my couch and not stuck alone in my man room. Honestly, i think if you haven't bought either console yet, and gaming is your main thing, go with the PRO. It gives you the extra horsepower for the VR headset (if you so desire), and will somewhat future proof you for upscaled 4K gameplay when you buy that new 4K tv down the road. I had to write this review after reading the two other ridiculous reviews above. Im 43 years old and been playing video games since Pong and the first Apple computers. This is, IMHO the best gaming console on the market to date. Have no hesitations in buying one.

  • from Halifax

Step up system

Simply put, the Pro isn't for everyone. It is more expensive, it is larger, support for the better hardware isn't universal in the games and 4K gaming simply doesn't exist yet. What you do get however is a system that will play all existing PS4 games and in many cases will do it better. A number of games will support either increased frame rates or increased resolutions. Note the increased resolutions doesn't necessarily mean 4K. If you have a 4K TV you can also expect upscaled graphics and 4K streaming. Again it is not for everyone and the Slim will fit most peoples needs. Rating the product down when it simply isn't beneficial for their own needs however is another thing all together and I'm disappointed in the other reviewers.

  • from Kitchener , ON

Somewhat disappointed

I new it wasn't 4K gaming but really close and the games run much on this then the old PS4. Most annoying part about this console is how loud it is!!! It runs louder then 3 old ps3 put in hot box! I've owned both Xbox and PlayStation consoles and if I had to pick again I would wait for the Scorpio will be a much better product to spend this much money on!

  • from Gatineau

works like a charm.

i haven't had any problems with my ps4 pro, it looks beautiful on my 4k tv. there is no comparison possible against xbox scorpion since it isnt even released yet so don't listen to the 2 morons who voted 1 star because it is a great game console for 4k.

  • from Montreal, QC

Amazing for 4K TV Owners

If you want to get the most out of your 4K TV, this is the only option. Great value.

  • from St. John's, NL

PS4 Pro, the ideal 4K Console

We have a 4k tv and was very disappointed that the Xbox One S did not address the issues of 4k gaming. After picking up the PS4 pro, you can really see the improved visuals within the pro enabled games. The upgraded graphics chip taking advantage of some new lighting technologies really adds to the over all experience. While the PS4 pro does not come with a 4k blue ray player, and this is a but of an oversight for sure, the 4k upscale offered by the PS4 Pro does improve the experience of regular HD blue rays. As the only console on the market offering an actual 4K gaming experience, I would strongly recommend this console for those with a 4K TV. You will not be disappointed.

  • from Oshawa, ON

The most powerful couple l console on the market right now

Not sure what the other reviewers are talking about. This is the most powerful console on the market. It's there to complement the regular PS4. It's much for powerful then the Xbox One S, and is perfect for the price point. Anyone that extra wants the additional power for visual upgrades should go with this.

  • from Brampton


Don't buy no different compare to the old's same thing I didn't see no big different..there is no 4K quality..stick with old one...

  • from oshawa

amazing system

best ps4 to come out works amazing on my 4k glad i got it

  • from Regina sask

Wow what a system

I love love love my ps pro what great features and dang not very expensive

  • from Vancouver, BC

Great system

Not sure what the other reviewer is on about, the PS4 is far more powerful than than the Xbox one. The pro model simply blows it away specs wise, there is no question about this. Both have fun exclusives, but where sony's system really shines is its ps plus online subscription. Fantastic games "free" every month plus online gaming. Everything runs so silky smooth, and online sales offer terrific deep discounts, as much as 75% off games like Mad Max. Great value.

  • from Toronto, ON

Review from an Actual Owner!

There should be no angry opinion pieces on here. I actually have the system. It is a great deal, yes the games range from Native 4K to Sub-4K resolutions, but on a 4K TV, they look much much sharper than my PS4. Going back to the original, it now strikes me how fuzzy games are - which never crossed my mind before. First - this needs to be said - this is a machine designed for 4K Gaming and 4K streaming - it does not have a 4K UHD drive in it like the Xbox One S. The PS4 Pro has higher graphics power for games, but not the drive to allow it to play 4K Discs. It is a 4K gaming machine. It has a 1Tb drive in it, and 2.3x the power of the PS4. For games which are new, it takes advantage of the extra power in a variety of ways. Some games only offer high resolution at the same framerates as the original PS4, and some offer high-framerate options which hit 60fps at 1080p. Unfortunately, it is up to the game developer on how they implement it.. so not all games have a high-framerate or a high-detail option. It would have been nice for Sony to have game developers offer choices. Rise of the Tombraider is a great game to show off some of the options the machine has with 3 modes. 4K mode, 1090p High Detail mode and 1080p high framerate mode. Know that existing games without any PS4 Pro patches run identical to a regular PS4 - there is no automatic higher framerates or higher resolution. So you won't be playing BloodBorne or Witcher 3 any different on this machine than you would on a regular PS4, as it emulates the PS4's slower speed in games which are not designed with Pro support. 4K graphics cards alone will run you as much as the PS4 Pro or more, so it is not surprising that all games cannot hit native 4K resolution or else this thing would cost way more. It also enhances PS VR games too if you have one of those. There you have it, a review by someone who actually owns the machine, and not an opinion based on limited understanding. It is a great machine at a very good price for the extra power and storage (oh and it has a USB port on the back Finally!). It may not be perfect, but its price and its future-bound power in games will benefit those who have a 4K TV set.

  • from Ottawa, ON

Excellent Product !!

I just upgraded my PS4 to the Pro and its so much better. The PS4 pro works awesome with my PS VR and has also the best picture quality i have seen in recent games specially the ones with 4k and HRD compatible (FF15, Last guardian looks amazing in HDR). Can't wait to play all the new upcoming games like Days gone and Horizon zero. Great job Sony.

  • from Toronto, ON

65'' 4K Goodness !

I played my games on a 50'' 4K TV till i bought this. The difference between playing game like Infamous, Etc. On this and the older PS4 is very noticeable for someone like me who has always gamed on PC for the highest settings. Its gotten me to play on my console a lot more now. One of the best Gifts I've ever received!

  • from Port Coquitlam, BC

Its an amazing machine with some restrictions

Okay, first of all, its a great system. Things you should know before going into buy one: 1. It is not really a 4k gaming box as Sony likes to state They do some tricks to achieve higher resolutions in games, but true 4k is only available on a few games. 2. If you do not own a 4k tv, its probably not worth it for a few extra frames 3. It plays all Playstation 4 games 4. If you own PSVR you will see better visuals Now for the review part. If you own a 4k tv and you dont already own a PS4, then this is the system to buy. The enhanced games look great and run at a higher resolution than the originals do. Sure its not 4k, but it is still a better visual presentation. This is not an amazing console refresh, and of course it could have been better, but for what it is, it is worth the money. It does not include an ultra HD bluray player, but does support HDR or High Dynamic Range, as long as your TV also supports it. Again, if you want to run games on your fancy TV, this is a great purchase as supported games will look better, and run in higher resolution. Just dont expect it to revolutionize your games, they are still the same game with some extra options.

  • from barrie

4k awesomeness

I'm enjoying 4k gaming on a console right now. not maybe end of 2017 lol. sorry xbox fan boys. whether it's ps4 or ps4 pro either will give you higher resolutions and better frame rates compared to the other. due to its MORE POWER whahaha.

  • from Georgetown, ON


There's no 4k blu ray. Buy the xbox s. It includes 4k blu ray player.

  • from Cleveland, Ohio

need to get this on boxing day

the ps4 slim it will break down in no time.

  • from Windsor, ON

PS4 on Beast Mode

Great hardware to own if you never had a PS4 before. Insane graphics at very reasonable price.

  • from cleavland


It's fast, HD and ausome!

  • from Niagara Falls, ON


Glad I held-off buying the old PS4

  • from Montréal Qc

console gaming at is best !

Really good console ! You need a good 4k tv to see a big difference but with both combined its amazing

  • from Richmond Hill, ON

Decent upgrade

It's a decent upgrade, has everything you want to have a fuller gaming experience. Textures are sharper, colours deeper/richer, and load times are decreased (about 10 seconds or so). Not sure if that's enough to justify the purchase, but it was for me. Btw, the previous 1 star reviews are from the same person.

  • from Edmonton, AB

System is fine, Better specs than original and xbox

The system works fine, has 4k support and plays games as good or better than original ps4. I would recommend it if you have a 4k tv.. If you only have a 1080p there isn't much difference but some games work at a higher frame rate.. It is more powerful but most games do not support the extra power.. New games will though.. 5 Stars. Rating based on system. I do own one and a 4k tv.

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