PlayStation Store $20 Gift Card Digital Download


  • Long wait time

    from Abbotsford on June 10, 2019

    It's been over 24 hrs, for an online code I think 24hrs is already a lot of time. I've bought digital gift cards before and this is not in line with my previous experiences. I do not recommend buying this from best buy.

  • Really good

    from Milton on May 11, 2019

    Hanna Nddn

  • WTF

    from Ontario CA on April 26, 2019


  • Garbage

    from Whitby on January 31, 2019

    48 hours after I have gotten the shipping day and still no card, so would recommend to not buy

  • Wait time

    from Kitchener, ON on December 22, 2018

    I should have read the other reviews. Purchased for my son because to be frank was too tired after a long day to drive all the way to the store and fight with the Christmas shoppers. I should have sucked it up and made the trip. Ordered last night and still no email and no clue as to when I will get it. Lesson learned because now I will be making the trip anyhow to get the promised gift card. I'm sure the card will work fine, but if you want immediate access to it, this is not the venue for you.

  • take forever to receive the code

    from Kitchener, ON on November 28, 2018

    order shows been shipped 2 days ago, and still not receive the email with the gift code. It's been entire 3 days.

  • do not buy

    from woodbridge, ON on November 24, 2018

    has been 24 hours and still have not received my code

  • Price is right, delivery time is not

    from Winnipeg, MB on November 19, 2018

    First off, let me say that overall I'm satisfied. Satisfied only because Best Buy only charges for the card itself and doesn't impose some delivery fee (as I have seen from other online retailers which is ridiculous for a digital download item). But be warned that the item will take some time to deliver to your inbox as it comes from a secondary retailer associated with Best Buy and not Best Buy itself. In my case, it came almost 24 hrs later. Unreasonable by any means for an item that could be dispatched in literally little time at all. Moral of the story is, if you're looking for an item where you'll only pay for the item and are willing to wait, get it here. If you're needing it right away... best to search elsewhere.

  • Long wait time..

    from North York, ON on November 8, 2018

    I ordered this product a day before, and it's a digital code.. I don't think its really that hard to send a digital code to my email.. Very disappointed it's taking very long.

  • Long wait time!

    from Kingston, ON on November 1, 2018

    The product/ code itself worked fine, but it took them 24+ hours to send it to me. I've switched to other online sellers that send you the code in just a few minutes. A quick google search will show you which ones (even in Canada)!