PlayStation VR Borderlands 2 & Beat Saber Bundle


  • Love it

    from Edmonton on May 28, 2019

    Honestly I've enjoyed every minute of this. So far I've played super hot, beat saber, rush of blood, re7, and a few demos. So far the only game that I couldn't do was re7 due to motion sickness but aside from that all the others have been crazy fun and immersive. I got it on sale so likely wouldn't have paid full price but it is worth what I paid.

  • A lot of fun

    from Kingston on April 27, 2019

    This is a really cool toy! Takes you to a whole new world. Only a couple of things I noticed on our first one the 2 wands would almost never turn on together, we had to constantly turn on and off the ps4 to get them to sink. Also I find the viewing to be a bit granny when you see blacks. So we exchanged the first one and the new one has no problem sinking! I definitely recommend getting full coverage because it could get broken. I gave 5 stars for just being so much fun!

  • Hi

    from Hi on April 12, 2019


  • Good not great

    from Apsley, ON on January 12, 2019

    After your first 5 minutes you'll feel like you're going to puke, try to play about 15 minutes your first day, not all at once. Second day is better, and the third day you can play for hours without the negative effects. I suggest not using the teleport option in borderlands, and take off all the tunnel vision, you'll feel more like you're in the game. The vr tracking is really good, the vr display though isn't great. You get 960x1080 per eye which means stairstepping and distortion. If you expect it to look like a native 1080p screen you will be disappointed. It looks last gen to be honest but the positives outweigh the negatives. Firstly you can experience the game from true first person perspective, that means 3D like never before. You can watch regular and 3D bluray movies on the virtual cinema screens, 163 inches and 226 inches diagonally. You can play regular games on the giant cinema screens, and though there is an issue with screen wandering you can re-center the big screen anytime by holding the options button for 2 seconds. If you want to experience vr then I would recommend it. If you're looking for perfection this isn't for you.

  • Love it !

    from Toronto, ON on January 4, 2019

    Great games