PNY 64GB microSD Card Elite 85MB s U1 with OTG Reader (P-OTGCR64GMSC3-GE)


  • Best microSDXC ever
    by RNelson

    on March 22, 2018

    I absolutely love the PNY - 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card stick, it lets me carry around all the important information that I need, in a small secure compact card. Plus, I can transfer stuff from my phone, tablet, camera, or/and laptop in matter of seconds and take it straight to my printer and print from it. No cords or ANYTHING else needed, nothing. Best ever!!!!

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  • Great little device. And easily shareable!
    by Boomer7291

    on September 21, 2017

    Love this thing. I used it to upgrade the storage in my Galaxy S8+. I love the attached RUB adapter so I can use it with virtually any other device!

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  • Best multipurpose gadget
    by Pravs

    on August 21, 2017

    You can use it as FLEXISIZE USB drive. Simply plugin the micro sd card of your preferred size and you've the usb drive of that size 2. It can be used with your Android mobile devices for additional storage/backup 3. It can be used as Micro SD Card reader to back up/copy paste your file to and from memory card. No need to purchase additional memory card reader.

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  • Great for my Galaxy s8!
    by TimHoots

    on May 28, 2017

    What A very great item. It's inexpensive and was a piece of cake to install in my new s8! I haven't tried the USB adapter yet, but what an amazing deal to have included!

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  • Good quality with multipurpose
    by Pravs

    on May 5, 2017

    I like the fact this can be used as card reader with my other memory cards too. I can insert higher or lower capacity memory card to take required USB storage along with me. :) If it had provision

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  • Excellent buy
    by Chaznkrz

    on April 9, 2017

    My boyfriend is very pleased and says it's worth it

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  • Exactly what I needed
    by Echo79

    on April 1, 2017

    This works perfect for my new 4k action camera. Very Happy!

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  • Compact and Fast
    by GISmgr

    on December 16, 2016

    This drive interacts perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy 4, Vizio TV, Surface, Dell Laptop, and Samsung TV. Easy plug and play. No software required. Easy data transfer from phone to other storage devices.

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  • Good Memory for Samsung Luna
    by Sonny

    on December 8, 2016

    Installed this in my Samsung Luna and it performs great. Purchased it on sale for killer price, very happy.

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  • great SD card.
    by kruger198

    on October 21, 2016

    Pricematched on Amazon for a great price! Recommend you do the same for any purchases at BB.

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