Polk Audio LSiM 707 300-Watt Tower Speaker - Single - Mahogany


  • Wow!

    from Calgary on August 2, 2019

    These 707's are just incredible! I use them for both audio playback and home theater, they accomplish both perfectly. Prior to the 707 I had pretty good front towers accompanied by a Martin Logan dynamo 700 sub which I no longer use as the 707's deliver plenty of low end.... enough to bury most subs! I definitely recommend.

  • Excellent value

    from Edmonton ab on April 2, 2019

    I own kef R500. Martin Logan motion 40 Focal 836 Psb xt2 Klipsch Rp 62 The Polk I have are lsim 703 the bookshelves The are better than all listed above in my opinion. But the focals are very close. Absolutely amazing detail And accuracy The tweeter is perfect for my taste But you need good Equipment to pair them with. I have parasound. 275 watt per channel

  • Amazing speakers

    from Ontario on April 1, 2019

    These speakers are well worth the money. Sound is crystal clear and fantastic imaging and soundstage. Great vocals. They play with authority. The bass beats on your chest. No sub needed. I have a pair of Klipsch lascalas and rf7iis. These are definitely not as bright as the klipsch line. I find these on the warmer side. You will need high quality amp. You can find them on sale or used at a good price buy them. At 100 pounds they are well made.

  • Excellent speakers

    from Toronto, ON on March 30, 2019

    There are couple of prerequisites to own and enjoy these speakers: 1. You need at least a small SUV to bring them home. (does not apply if shipped) 2. You need a buddy to help you unpack it. (does not apply if very strong) 3. Need a 2 channel amp with at least 100w/ch @ 8ohms. AV amp will NOT be able to make these shine, sorry. 4. High quality music collection. I have owned these for 3 months and decided to write my review, if the rest of your system is high end, these speakers are very neutral and will play whatever the recording engineer has intended and it is indeed excellent full range speakers, meaning you hear the full spectrum of music from highs to lows. The soundstage is very wide and very dynamic, again whatever the recording engineer had intended will show here. Unfortunately, there will be some of your favorite music collection that you discovered that it is poorly recorded or mastered. These speakers will reveal them immediately. These speakers are meant for 2 ch audiophiles, if you must use these with AV amps, you are only going to discover half the potentials as i have seen owners disappointing in that regard. In short, 3 months in, no regrets, these are well made and built. I don't think Polk will design another pair like these. Given it is now all home theater based audio which these type of speakers are not meant for and musically based instead.

  • WOW

    from Calgary, Alberta on February 7, 2019

    I have these hooked into my Yamaha A-S1100 Integrated and Audio Server and they produce THE BEST sound I've ever heard (45 years later). They also work wonders with Vinyl. The Midnight Mahogany finish with the piano-black fronts make them simply beautiful. Make no mistake, these are worth every penny of the full asking price but to grab them on a sale like this is a gift! Get some help, at 100 pounds each, these are anything but portable.

  • LSim 707's are OUTSTANDING!

    from Lions Head, ON on January 3, 2019

    I just received these LSim 707 speakers today. I hooked them up to a new, so-well-reviewed, Onkyo A-9110 Integrated Amp. All I can say is these speakers and this amp in combination exceed anything that I have ever experienced, anywhere... and I've been an audiophile for decades -- since the seventies. Congratulations Polk Audio and Onkyo!

  • The best Polk Audio Speaker
    by mpitogo

    on December 5, 2018

    I’ve owned and currently own quite a bit of Polk Audio speakers and the LSiM 707 is easily the best! I promise you these will not blow with proper high quality amplification. I’ve used a Rotel RB-1590 350W and recently settled on a McIntosh MC452 450W. For the cost it is very hard to find alternatives without spending 4x more. These speaker are nicely balanced and can pressurize a room when called for.

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  • They just keep getting better. Incredible
    by Jerry Madison CT

    on December 29, 2016

    I bought these speakers over 6 months ago and they looked beautiful when we unpackaged them. Even my wife liked them. We designed our living room with these speakers in mind. These speakers need a break-in time just as others have said. They start to sound good in about 40 hours. Around 80 hours they are even better. 6 months later they are really broken in and they sound absolutely incredible. They are amazingly spatial in their sound and the attention to sound detail is some of the best I have heard. I auditioned many speakers in all price ranges. I was concentrating in the 3000 to 8000 price range but i did listen to speakers as high as 35k and these sounded better. The highs are really crisp and clean. They highs are bright when they need to be but they are never harsh. The highs definitely improve over the break-in period. The mid range is smooth and clear. Voices and guitars pop right out as if they were live. These speakers make many studio recordings sound live. The bass is perfect. Never too boomy unless you have the bass turned up too high for that recording. You will not need a subwoofer with these speakers as long as you have a good amplifier. I am falling in love with these speakers more and more every time I listen to them. Many of our guests think we have a surround system and ask where the rear speakers are. To their surprise there are none. These speakers just image that well. These are probably the best sounding speaker in their class and are definitely the best sounding speaker I have heard for under 10,000.

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  • Smooth!
    by listen 107

    on October 29, 2015

    These are a wonderful sounding speaker with great detail smooth bass too. Save your self some money on big named speakers. They will hold there own against speakers more than double the price or more. Only complaint is I wish they had more color options.

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  • by Pamela

    on January 17, 2013

    In October 2012 we bought floorstanding Polka speakers. In the 4 months we have had them they have blown twice and just two days ago, blown the third time. The store we bought them from continues to send them back to the manufactures with a 3 week wait return on new ones. We have "enjoyed" the speakers out of the 4 months for half the time. The first time we returned the speakers we were told the amplifier is not of sufficient quality as to the reason why they blew. The second time, we bought a new amplifier on the advice of the store employee. This is the third time. No excessive volumes being played and new amplifier.

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