Final Clearance Polk Audio 6500BT 280-Watt 5.1-Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar With Subwoofer

  • Model #: 6500BT
  • Web Code: 10289164


Upgrade your sound system with a SurroundBar from Polk Audio. The 6500BT boasts legendary surround sound streaming through a sleek and lean self-powered single speaker; Bluetooth connectivity links seamlessly to the newer generation of TVs to enhance your entertainment with more immersive cinematic audio.

More Information

  • 80 Watt wireless subwoofer features 7-inch downward firing poly-composite Dynamic Balance woofer and flared J-port for big bass with low distortion
  • Patented SDA surround technology delivers a vivid 5-channel sound field from a single source without the need for rear speakers or special room characteristics
  • Polk Digital Logic technology automatically calibrates and optimizes your SurroundBar for any room shape or system setup
  • On-board Dolby Digital processing connects your SurroundBar directly to your TV, DVD or Blu-Ray player, or gaming console
  • Installs anywhere easily using a simple secure wall-mount bracket or shelf cradle
  • Extruded aluminum enclosure is designed to eliminate performance-robbing cabinet resonances
  • Anti-diffraction grille and bezel design create surprisingly open, spacious imaging
  • SmartBar programming enables the SurroundBar to learn volume up/down and mute from your existing TV remote control so you'll need only one remote for the SurroundBar and your television
  • State-of-the-art lossless wireless technology delivers absolutely instantaneous subwoofer response
  • Easy plug-and-play connections, with no complex setup or calibration needed

What's in the Box?

  • Remote Control (Battery Included)
  • Subwoofer Power Cord
  • 24V Power Supply
  • 6 ft Digital (Optical) Cable
  • 1/8 in to 1/8 in Analog Cable
  • 1/8 in to RCA Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Online Registration Card

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 3 Year(s)
  • Labour - 3 Year(s)

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  • from Hamilton Ontario


Polk Canada says the warranty is only one year. Website says 3 years.

  • from Montréal, QC

Really Amazing!

I didn't really want to write a review, but I guess the manufacturer deserves it... This is my second Polk sound bar, it's an upgrade from the Soundbar OneStep for me, and like a lot of the people who gave this product 5 stars, I've also had and listened to a lot of high-end, consumer, and professional audio products and systems in the past, and it's my second Polk sound bar for a reason... the sound on the first one was amazing, and this one is a different kind of amazing. I'm sure it won't please a lot of people who complain that dialogue is hard to hear, but that's not the fault of the soundbar, it's the fault of the audio mastering... Polk even makes sound bars that amplify dialogue, so if you're not an audiophile, or a sound affeccinado, maybe you'd be best with those, but if you want amazing hi-fidelity sound in a small, versatile, modern package: this is the deal. Best sound you can get for the sale price. The highs are insanely clear, it's vivid, lifelike, pages turning, spit-dripping clear. The bass was more powerful on the analog OneStep, and it had a three-level gain, but I do live in an apartment, so even if it's not what I wanted, it's what's best... It's definitely loud enough, and it's not loud enough to damage nailed wood nor the speakers themselves... it's as loud as they can get without clipping, distorting, and it just won't let you get higher than that... at least from the optical source... haven't tried to plug an analog source in. The bass is sooo rich... so warm, so clear... so ... there... It's not a teenager bass, the teenager says it's not loud enough, but the audiophile says it's well-balanced. As for surround... don't ask me how they do it, but it is surround. I play a lot of video games, and I do can say when stuff is happening behind me. Sound doesn't reflect off couches, so I don't know how, but it works! I guess a lot of products like that are gimmicky, and maybe that's why they have a hard time selling it at full price, but it is surround from a Dolby Digital source. If you listen to a lot of MP3s from your phone, you're probably not going to like it, even if you can connect to it just by putting your phone down next to it while it's playing music. I'm afraid the MP3 compression is just too bad, so you're probably going to want to move up to FLAC files, or at least listen to 320 kbps sound. Mush love to Polk! Thanks a heaps, guys! *MwaH* : )

  • from Mississauga, ON

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT - it stops working after sometime

Hi all, I bought this device today. Honestly I was impressed with the sound quality. The device played for about 1.5 hour without any issues, then I listened popping sounds from the Subwoofer, it then started to miss and finally stopped syncing with the sound bar. I tried to syc the woofer with bar manually by pressing the Sync button behind the sound bar, with no luck. Planning to return it tomorrow. Now I realize the reason why the store have many other returned product of the same model. Finally i called Polks customer care number just to listen they are close till 27th...!!! Polk should be ashamed of producing such products and selling it to market without proper quality test.

  • from Woodbridge, ON


After reading reviews I decided to return product.

  • from Peterborough, ON

Broken in 3 months

I really liked this sound bar but I've only had it for 4 months and now it doesn't work anymore. I also payed a lot more for it than it is now. I won't buy another Polk product.

  • from Barrie, ON

Good mids and highs terrible Bass

This soundbar is great if you don't have a large space. i have about 300-400 sq.ft basement and the base barely keeps up, even at full power. The details say the base is 80 Watt, but in reality the base is only 50 Watt. If you want good bass select a different soundbar or go with a home theater system with a powered sub-woofer

  • from Waterloo, ON

Popping Noise from sub woofer

The sound was great, easy set up, however, there was an intermittent popping noise from the sub woofer, even when no sound was being sent to it. Tried unplugging anything that may cause an interference, and still had same problem. Exchanged it for another one and the same thing happened. Exchanged for SONY HT-CT790 330-Watt 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, much better!

  • from Surrey

Polk Audio 6500BT 280-Watt 5.1-Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar With Subwoofer

The best in class, easy to install and configure. Due to my room setup in the new house i had to replace my Sony 5.1 regular home theater system with the sound bar. the performance is comparable and better . highly recommended!!!

  • from Newmarket, ON

Uneven frequency response

I bought this sound bar in the boxing day sale where it was on for half price and had good reviews. The sound bar was easy to install, it came with a power brick, an optical cable and a standard 3mm headphone male/male cord for hooking up older devices. I used the optical connection to my tv, playing a variety of content from music videos to tv shows and movies. The base was pretty good, and it being wireless did not cause any delays, which I could perceive. there are no adjustments for levels, besides the sub woofer and overall volume, and this is where I am finding its downfall. there was a noticeable drop in frequency responce at the voice range, which I presume is 2-3KHz, where voices would be much lower level than pretty much anything else, so yes, the movie sounded good, explosions were powerful and loud, but the actors were hard to hear. After 2 weeks, I returned it. for the price, it was just not good enough.I would give it 2.5 stars, but going by full stars only, I have to round it down to not mislead.

  • from Saskatoon, SK


Not good sound Replaced it with two towers a centre And a receiver and there was a world of A difference Don't ever buy this no treble also rotten Bass

  • from Springdale , NL

Great System

I purchased this system for my Greatroom and was pleasantly surprised by the sound and with bluetooth and wireless subwoofer you can't beat it. Great System.

  • from Newmarket, ON

Polk Audio 6500BT

Showed up at my door right on time, installation was a breeze and last but not least it sounds awesome.....great it Rick and Mel

  • from Ottawa, ON

Fantastic sound - apart from voices in movies

I was instantly pleased with the sound on this unit. The first thing I fired up was my XBox One and the sound was great. I then tried playing music from my cell phone using the easy to connect Bluetooth function. Also great sound. We loved the subwoofer - it produced a really nice bass that filled the room. Then we tried a movie. Initially all was well, until the soundtrack added music and a lot of background noise. (The Quidditch scene in Harry Potter atSS) The voices were quiet and indistinct, like they were coming from the bottom of a barrel. I tried fiddling with different settings on my XBox One and PS4, but sadly could not get the issue solved. I then bought Sony HT-CT790. The sound is maybe nigh imperceptibly better on the Polk 6500 BT, but the Sony system does a much better job of voices. The Polk was very easy to set up and use, we just could not handle the poor voice quality.

  • from Sarnia, ON

install very easy

Very good sound sure helps watching moivies and smart Tv compatible. ar so good recomend

  • from Forest, ON

Supoort/Service is useless

I don't think I'll ever buy anything from Best Buy again.No one told me that this sound bar requires an optical out put. So it doesn't work with my tv. I've tried 4 times to call Best Buy Sarnia only to get a recording and then a disconnect when I try to access a sales rep. WTF!!!!! I am really disappointed. My plan is to take this item back

  • from Oakville, ON

Exceptional, well made, great buy.

The sound is phenomenal, i have owned many high end speaker systems in the past and must say these sound the best. Some complain about not hearing vocals, that background noise overpowers the vocals, this may be so if you are use to TV speakers and are now switching to a sound bar, but comparing sound bars this one has great vocals, mid range and nice, accurate, undistorted bass. TV speakers have no bass and so the vocals are more highlighted, when you switch to using a soundbar at first you might think the vocals are dim, but this is just a matter of getting use to the addition of bass and more mid-range, in the long term your ear will adapt to the balance. The speaker has no distortion or resonance, meaning you wont hear any rattling from your counter or unwanted vibration from nearby objects, other sound bars in tend to produce resonance especially the sub woofer at higher volumes. The 5.1 surround is unreal, it really does produce a cinema like surround experience from just one speaker. I was skeptical about this but it works and brings so much life out of your movies. The other great feature is the ability of the soundbar to learn your TV remote. Its a common problem misplacing those small soundbar remotes. Another great feature is that Bluetooth audio signal is sent to the unit and processed with wired connection quality, usually bluetooth audio signal is lower quality, but the Qualcomm bluetooth audio processor on board makes sure your bluetooth streamed audio is the same quality as that sent through a wired connection. The first issue I have with this unit is that you have to adjust the Subwoofers level using your ear, there is no dial or level reading on the unit to tell you what level you are on, you have to just adjust by ear which is hard to do, especially if your not yet playing something bass heavy. Nonetheless, even with the sub powered all the way down, you get ample mid range and bass from the main unit, anything higher than the lowest setting is plenty. The bass is also accurate, with no distortion. My last issue with this unit is the height of the main unit when placed in front of the tv that is sitting on a tv stand. The unit is high and is blocking about 2 inches of viewing space on the bottom, the TV's branding is not visible and the unit itself is very noticeable, it doesn't blend well with my particular Samsung UN48j5500 smart tv. This unit would look and fit better if my TV was wall mounted as oppose to being placed on a stand. But this issue is worth it for the amazing sound it produces, a worthy tradeoff.

  • from Toronto, ON

Pleasantly surprised!

Just finished refinishing my basement, so when i went looking for a sound system I didn't want to spend a lot. Having a Bose Lifestyle system upstairs and used to the quality of the sound, I was a little worried that I might get a cheap sounding system. After reviewing multiple products, I took a chance on this system, and I tell you, for the money you can't beat it! The wireless sub woofer is easy to set up, and having blue tooth, I can play music from my phone. If you're looking for a system that sounds good and doesn't break the bank, than this is it!

  • from Mississauga, ON

Not Worth The Price

I got my just a few days ago. I tried it out. I hooked it to the PVR box supplied by Bell. The sound it produced was ok at best. Since it didn't have speech enhancement features to it, some of the dialogues from the TV shows were hard to hear unless you turned it up really loud. I am thinking of exchanging it for a one that has speech enhancement. I think it is over priced.

  • from Brampton, ON

Absolutely Amazing!

Do two things when you get this sound bar: hook it up to your TV and put the subwoofer in a corner of your room. Then sit back and enjoy one of the best audio experiences you can get. I had a 5.1 home theatre system from Sony prior to this but just the sound bar and the subwoofer from Polk sounds better than the 6 speaker system. Can't recommend this enough.

  • from Dorchester, ON

Great Unit, but...

Purchase this unit and found it of great quality. Crisp with good base. The only issue I found and it was my issue, was that I have difficulty hearing the voices unless I turn the volume up which bothers my spouse. We bought and compared a high end Klipsch from Best Buy and the difference was amazing. Very crisp voices with an agreeable volume. Had to pay more though to obtain peace in the household. Again, not a knock against Polk as this was indeed a quality unit especially at their sale price. Well packaged and easy to manage.

  • from Alliston, ON

Sounds great

Sounds great for a sounbar, lots of bass and not tinny at all. Love it! Just wish it wasn't as tall, it cuts off part of my tv when placed in front.

  • from Kitchener, ON

Doesnt work for long

I bought this soundbar at christmas 2015. Within the first month my sub was crackling, and now six months later the blue tooth doesnt work at all, very dissapointed considering the price. Would never buy polk again

  • from Burnaby, BC

Great Sound at a Great Price !

Amazing sound for the size of the unit and in my opinion way better than the bose or sonos sound bars i listened to. I am definitely not disappointed with this purchase and both the sound bar and sub are compact and look great.

  • from Saskatoon, SK

Good Deal

Would definitely recommend this Sound Bar. The only issue I have with it is the Led lights don't go out after it is on, unlike the LG.

  • from Scarborough, ON

Great product!

Bought this on boxing day..... great value! Very simple to set up, no need to read instruction manual! It can be paired easily with my iPhone with the bluetooth. This is the main reason I want to buy this item! Sound quality is very good and clear without cracking. The subwoofer is small. I can hide it easily anywhere.

  • from Vancouver, BC

Polk 6500BT Soundbar

Good solid piece of equipment. No problems setting up except programming my remote which I finally figured out. Very nice powerful rich sound. I don't think people will be disappointed with this product

  • from Chilliwack, BC

Good deal

Very easy setup and excellent sound . Great deal.

  • from Drummond, N B.

poke audio 6500

Beautiful sound, easy to hook up. Very pleased with it.

  • from Montreal, QC

Great Sound System

Sound system works great. Bluetooth feature is easy to use/switch to. Not sure I would pay full price for it though (I got it on sale).

  • from Saskatoon, SK

Very Nice-Easy Setup.

Purchased this sound bar during Best Buy Boxing Week sale online. This is the first Polk sound bar that I have purchased. Sounds great and was easy to set up. Would recommend if you want better sound than what your television speakers produce. Happy with the sound bar and got a great deal on it.

  • from Timmins, ON

Not Surround at all!

Purchased because of deal on boxing day. It would not be a good purchase at regular price. Does not outperform the average 200 dollar range soundbar and doesn't come close to a 5.1 channel multi speaker surround system. Advice is to get one or the other. This item is just your average soundbar and sub.

  • from Cambridge, ON

Fantastic sound

Super easy to connect. Great sound. Makes listening to crappy TV speakers come alive. Highly recommend. I got it on sale, awesome deal.

  • from Kirkland, QC

Polk Bar

The bar was easy to set up. Any Dolby 5.1 media sounds great. Note it will only play PCM or Dolby 5.1. So most blu ray DVDs will only be heard in PCM.

  • from Moose Jaw, SK


As soon as I turned this unit on I knew I had made a good choice. The sound is incredible. I found that movies and music sound excellent. Not much more to say but it was very easy to set up and doesn't take up much space.

  • from Toronto, ON


Bought it on sale. Sounds better than my old 5.1 says my wife. Great value for the money and the five year warranty is great feature too.

  • from Chilliwack, BC

excellent sound

Very good buy - on sale. Easy to set up and calibrate. Sound quality is great for normal listening (I haven't tried it for any extreme sounds). Would definitely recommend this sound bar.

  • from Fort St John , BC

Polk fan.

The sound quality is what I know to expect from Polk audio, I have been a fan for decades. Love the Bluetooth feature to the subwoofer, only concern is, the limited mounting options, most TV wall mounts now come with sound bar brackets, This was a Samsung TV and I found it a bit of a challenge mounting the sound bar to the TV. Would still highly recommend this product.

  • from Lachine, QC

dont buy it

The sub is not good at all its sound sometimes the bar sound is great quality but i inspect more from polk i return it and took sony wich was way better

  • from Thunder Bay, ON


Got this on-sale at a great deal. Have had it a week. I've turned it up fairly loud to see what it can do, and it was loud enough that I didn't even see where it peaks out. It's a pretty great system. You can play music on this thing with people over in a party setting as long as the room isn't too big and it'll do you proud. Very happy. No complaints at this point.

  • from Toronto, ON

Awesome Soundabr

Got this on Sale. Totally worth it. Must recommend this

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