Prepac Triple Wall Mounted Storage Shelf (BFW-0523) - Black


  • Storage shelf

    from Granby, Quebec on 22 juin 2019

    Good quality. Arrival date on target.

  • Adequate CD storage rack

    from Oshawa, ON on 27 mars 2017

    Storage rack is what I expected. It is typical pressboard and laminate but looks good once assembled. I have the same complaint as other reviewers who complained that the trim on the shelf dividers overlap and hide some of the CD's Mine is mounted in a storage room and not visible to the room so I may just remove the overlapping trim. A better design would be to have a trim that is flush with the dividers. I would give it 4 stars if it were not for this design flaw.

  • Fell off the wall out of no where!

    from Barrie on 13 janvier 2017

    This was mounted nice and strong in the wall one day out of the blue it fell off the wall and broke when inspecting it the back where it attached to the wall mount snapped there for letting go

  • Very stylish and holds alot of items!

    from North Bay, ON on 8 septembre 2015

    Very nice shelves and show off the collection really well! Shipped fast too!

  • Great media storage.
    by rocka1996

    on 26 novembre 2014

    This holds a great amount of dad's. It is so worth buying and I plan on buying another.

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  • Great

    from Windsor, ON on 3 mars 2014

    I love it. The only reason it gets a 4 is because of the design flaw that doesn't allow you to get all the media. On each side, and at the top, the lip hides one or two dvd's. Other than that, it's great

  • Flimsy, but looks okay

    from Brooks, AB on 11 février 2014

    I am disappointed in the quality of the shelf, but it is functional, and it does look good.

  • Great container looks great
    by krimsonwolf

    on 23 juillet 2013

    I was a little wary after reading the reviews on this product. I would say that I feel like the product is amongst the highest quality products I've ever purchased. It is made of cheap-pre-fab wood board, however the screws, tacks, and other pieces that hold it together are very high quality, and the reviewers with the concerns about hanging it on the wall were incorrect (at least in my situation). I am able to not only hang it on the wall (with just 3 screws into 3 studs), but it is currently filled to maximum capacity and can handle all the stress and punishment me and my cat can inflict on it. Jumping on it, leaning on it, jerking stuff on and off the shelves, it feels very stable to me. Besides all that it was easy to assemble and mount, although the instructions are a little unclear in a few places if you look at the parts carefully you can get it right your first time pretty easily, you just need to look at the direction that things face carefully. Other than that it looks great and serves it's purpose beautifully.

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  • Works for me
    by Sophie0814

    on 9 janvier 2010

    I needed for a very tight area at end of pull-out couch. Using it more for picture frames and a few shelves of CD's. I have it sitting on the floor but did mount to the wall to keep from tipping over. Be careful with assembly as the material chipped easy. I also had a hard time getting the backing to go on straight (not that it's noticed when full). I am very happy with the unit and would have bought another if they had one to fit the spot needed.

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  • Not so great
    by qdiddy

    on 15 septembre 2007

    Great look and finish on product but the mounting system is where this product lacks performance. The mounting system is not ideal for the weight that this shelf may hold. If you have a lot of media like I do, you probably want to get something that will be on the ground or risk this product falling off the wall and breaking something or hurting someone. All I put on this was cds and dvds and after the second week the weight and stress was too much for the beam that this shelf is mounted on and it started to thrust itself upward to fall off the beam. If you dont plan on putting a lot of weight (media) on the shelf then it may work for you.

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