Prince Royce - Llamada Perdida [VINYL LP]

Prince Royce - Llamada Perdida [VINYL LP]

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Prince Royce - Llamada Perdida [VINYL LP] Colored Vinyl, Gatefold LP Jacket, 140 Gram Vinyl, Ruby ; UPC: 196588346316 ; Label: Sony U.S. Latin; Ships from the United States with


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Prince Royce - Llamada Perdida [VINYL LP] Colored Vinyl, Gatefold LP Jacket, 140 Gram Vinyl, Ruby

Artist: Prince RoyceTitle: Llamada PerdidaFormat: VINYL LPGenre: TropicalUPC: 196588346316Release Date: 2024Record Label: Sony U.S. LatinAlbum Tracks


1. La Corriente

2. No Te Vayas

3. Sufro

4. Te Espero

5. Llamada Perdida

6. Champaña


1. Boogie Chata

2. Borrador

3. Los Lambones

4. Anestesiada

5. Cosas de la Peda

6. Si Ya No Volverás


1. Morfina

2. ¿Cómo Salimos de Este Lío?

3. La Vida Te Hace Fuerte

4. Si Te Preguntan

5. Matar El Sentimiento

6. Frío en El Infierno


1. Un Papel

2. Me Enrd

3. Otra Vez

4. Le Doy 20 Mil

5. Lao' a Lao'Prince Royce - Llamada Perdida - Latin - 2 LP VinylGlobal bachata icon Prince Royce is set to release his seventh studio album titled "Llamada Perdida" - a two-year creative journey that promises to be his most personal and uplifting release yet. The album is a celebration of overcoming obstacles, particularly in love, and represents the end of a chapter in life and embracing the excitement of a fresh start. "Llamada Perdida" takes a positive approach to heartbreak and its aftermath. The bachata album features 23 tracks, some of which include classical instrumentation like violins as a nod to his early days.Fans can expect to hear Prince Royce's signature sound while also experiencing a new and elevated level of artistry on "Llamada Perdida”. The album is a testament to Royce's growth as an artist, with more mature lyrics and a more self-confident sound. The songs are sewn together via voicemail messages, serving as interludes to certain tracks.© DirectToU LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Prince Royce
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Sony U.S. Latin
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